Obama Should not be president – Talk show host, Tammy Bruce calls for Obama’s impeachment due to HIS involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egypt debacle.

Obama has a very seedy history.

Obama does have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, but it’s his family connections that are even MORE telling.

Obama graduated from Columbia University in 1983. He then worked in the NY  area until 1985 and then got a community organizing position which was paid for by Bill Ayers with the Woods Fund funded.

Donald Warden (who is Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour) in 1987, was picked to raise money for BHO’s Harvard Law School.  Al-Mansour is a devout Muslim, black supremest, an outspoken enemy of Israel, and mentor to the BLACK PANTHER founder Huey Newton and also Bobby Seale.




Malcom X’s attorney, Percy Sutton, said in an interview on YOU TUBE that Mansour (Don Warden, a black panther founder) had been a supporter of Obama for a long time.  Mansour had contacted Percy to help get BHO in to Harvard.  (video here –  )

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There is a connection to the Muslim Brotherhood by way of Malcom X, the Black Liberation Army, and Kenyan and American interests.  And Obama’s Muslim family is heavily involved in huge political interests in Kenya.  He’s even given our tax payer money in support of his family TIES:


Kenya – Obama violates federal law and sends YOUR (US) tax payer dollars ($23 million and counting), while in a major recession, to SUPPORT abortion in Kenya’s new Constitution.


There is MUCH, Much more, but that detracts from the post below.



Talk Show Host: Obama Could be Impeached over Egypt




A nationally syndicated radio talk show host has called for Barack Obama to be impeached if he is secretly pushing Egypt to become an Islamist country ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood.Tammy Bruce called for Rep. Darrell Issa to investigate whether the Obama administration is helping the radical Islamic fundamentalist organization rise to power after the departure of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Media reports indicate a member of the Obama administration has met with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the United States may havesupported a plan to take down Mubarak since at least 2008. “If it is found that Obama secretly facilitated or *encouraged* an Islamist takeover of Egypt, an ally, he should be impeached,” Bruce wrote.

Her call came in the form of four separate tweets, which she posted on her Twitter feed this afternoon:

  • “If it is found that Obama secretly facilitated or *encouraged* an Islamist takeover of Egypt, an ally, he should be impeached.”
  • “Impeachment? We have a President in up to his elbows in an Islamist takeover of Egypt while he ignores a Fed Judge order to void ObamaCare”
  • “The House impeaches–if there are grounds it should be done. @DarrellIssa needs to *immediately* determine Obama’s involvement w Egypt”
  • “@DocBruceP It’s more than *losing* Egypt, if Obama *facilitated* the overthrow of an ally in favor of our *enemy* that’s impeachment”

A Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt could have widespread and devastating effects throughout the Middle East and around the world. A leading member of the Brotherhood, Muhammad Ghannem, reportedly told the Iranian television channel Al-Alam that Egyptians should prepare for war with Israel. He added activists should close down the Suez Canal, which carries eight percent of the world’s seaborne trade. The investment bank Barclays Capital has estimated closing Suez would remove 2-3 million barrels of oil daily. Gas prices have already crept up with news of the unrest, but they are nowhere near what they could be following a third Suez crisis. Two previous Suez closings threw the world into turmoil in the 1956-57 and 1967.

If the president is involved in promoting this agenda in any way, Congress may deem this animpeachable offense.

In response to Tammy Bruce’s tweets, the George Soros-funded Media Matters quickly labeled her a “Right-Wing Radio Host.”

Anyone familiar with Tammy knows how ridiculous this characterization is.

Bruce describes herself as “a gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, Tea Party Independent Conservative.” She was the youngest-ever president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and served on its national board of directors. A registered Democrat until 2008, she currently chairs the Advisory Committee of GOProud. Needless to say, she is anything but a party-line ideologue.

Her radio show, “The Tammy Bruce Show,” airs on weekdays from 2-4 p.m. EST.

Click here to sign the petition to impeach Obama. Click here to learn more about the Impeach Obama Campaign.




8 Responses to Obama Should not be president – Talk show host, Tammy Bruce calls for Obama’s impeachment due to HIS involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egypt debacle.

  1. Obama Should not be president – Talk show host, Tammy Bruce calls ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  2. Jim Addis says:

    I desperately hope that some day we get a black conservative president.

    I fear that many white people will knee-jerk reject ANY black candidate,
    saying “Look at what Obama did! I’ll never vote for another black!”
    His skin color is NOT relevant! It’s his ideology!

    To tie his skin color to what he has done would be tragic. The Democrats’
    destruction of the humanness of blacks (you know what I mean) has made
    it VERY difficult for us to EVER have a truly color-blind society (which is
    the NAACP’s worst nightmare). Also The Ministry of Truth’s grotesque and
    ubiquitous misuse of the word “racist” has made my dream even more unlikely
    to happen.

    Here’s email #325 to The Ministry of Truth. I rarely put words together and am
    satisfied that my words say EXACTLY what I mean. This one comes close.

    Thu, February 3, 2011 4:42:49 PM
    WAY too uppity!!!
    The Emperor [Chat now]
    Add to Contacts
    To: _Anthony Weiner ; _Steny Hoyer ; _Washington Post ; _Washington Post letters ; CBS Letterman ; CNN Anderson Vanderbilt … more
    Convince yourselves that you respect black Americans.
    Convince your children that you respect black Americans.

    Try to purge yourself of your fundamental beliefs:

    . Blacks simply cannot make it without help from the Democrats.
    . All blacks want is for the government to satisfy their needs.
    . No black American cares about his self-esteem.
    . No black American wants to excel in anything.
    . And your most disgusting belief: any black who DOES succeed
    must express his gratitude to the Democrats because without
    them he would have failed!
    . Then review your answer to the question: Do you RESPECT blacks?
    Would you like revise your claim?

    Which country has the most black millionaires?
    Which country has the most black billionaires?

    Here are some of this black Tea Party Patriot’s words.

    “No white president could get away with boldly and arrogantly thwarting the will of the American people and ignoring laws. President Clinton tried universal health care. Bush tried social security reform. The American people said ‘no’ to both president’s proposals and it was the end of it. So how can Obama get away with giving the American people the finger? The answer. He is black.

    The mainstream liberal media continues to portray all who oppose Obama in any way as racist. Despite a list of failed policies, overreaches into the private sector, violations of the Constitution and planned destructive legislation too numerous to mention in this article, many Americans are still fearful of criticizing our first black president. Incredible.

    My fellow Americans, you must not continue to allow yourselves to be “played” and intimidated by Obama’s race or the historical context of his presidency. If we are to save America, the greatest nation on the planet, Obama’s progressive agenda must be stopped.”

    Lloyd Marcus (black) Unhyphenated American, Singer/Songwriter, Entertainer, Author, Artist & Tea Party Patriot.
    Share This With America!!! That’s what we’re doing.
    Lloyd Marcus is one of the strongest voices in the Tea Party movement.

    • txlady706 says:

      I could care less about his color.
      I am Jewish and a woman.
      I am a minority.
      I can’t get away with the crap that Blacks do, and those who do things in the spirit of advancing blacks get away with.
      I, nor any of my family, have ever had slaves. We were slaves under egypt, then under Communists, and probably some unnamed in between.
      This is the only freedom that my lineage has EVER known. I will die defending it.
      Liberty is worth defending.

  3. don lee says:

    i would like to have your e-mail address, phone number to put into my files

  4. don lee says:

    thank you very much

  5. Tammy, Let’s keep this brief: See my profile and comments on my Face Book – about THE NEW AMERICAN PIONEERS PARTY that has asked me to run for President when Americans awaken to what has happened by their casual- ity. We have a way to abolish all so-called U.S. Debts overnight and restore America fast. That I won’t print publicly (ASK ME) but it’s WHY they want me to run for Pres -My platform. Rwoodward28@gmail.com

  6. Who in America would think of having anything but two parties to vote for? You have been brainwashed into 2 parties despite Jefferson, Adams and Franklin advising only ONE! WHAT? Right, because an adversarial system of govt uses up time, fights to the death on any differences,One party many advisers is the answer. Know what we New American Pioneers Party have as an answer to the stolen national debt of 16 Trillion? Thought you’d never ask! We could all be on easy street within 24 hours if Roy’s Presidential Platform details went into effect tomorrow. Controversial? You bet and better than lying Federal Reservers.and cowardly Congressmen


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