Pakistan – Mufti Abdul Qawi accused actress, Veena Malik, with insulting “Pakistan and Islam.” She tells him to be a good little Muslim and not stare at woman

There aren’t many ways that women can defend themselves



Pakistani actress slams cleric for criticism


The Associated Press
Saturday, January 22, 2011; 8:10 AM


ISLAMABAD — A Pakistani actress castigated for appearing to cuddle with an Indian actor on a reality show lashed out at a Muslim cleric who had criticized her during a widely watched television exchange this week.

The unusual outburst, punctuated by tears, came at a sensitive time in a country where Islamic fundamentalism is spreading and liberals are increasingly afraid to express their views.

“What is your problem with me? You tell me your problem!” an angry Veena Malik asked the Muslim scholar, who accused her of insulting Islam.

Earlier this month, a liberal Pakistani governor was shot dead for opposing the country’s harsh laws against blasphemy. In the aftermath, his killer was cheered as a hero among many in the public, shocking the country’s small liberal establishment.

Malik, 26, participated recently on Bigg Boss, an Indian version of “Big Brother.” Clips of the show on the Internet include ones in which she appears cozy with Indian actor Ashmit Patel. Those scenes, and her involvement with a show in Pakistan’s archrival India, prompted criticism online and on the air.





“You have insulted Pakistan and Islam,” Mufti Abdul Qawi accused her on the Express TV channel talk show via a television link. The exchange first aired Friday and then again Saturday.

A furious Malik shot back, saying Qawi targeted her because she is a woman, reminding him that the Quran admonishes men not to stare at a woman’s beauty beyond a first glance, and telling him there were bigger problems in Pakistan, including the alleged rape of children at mosques.

During the exchange, Qawi admitted he had not seen the clips of the show but had heard about it from others.

“What does your Islam say, mufti sir?” the actress asked. “You issue edicts on the basis of hearsay.”

Malik said she had read the Quran and she knew what lines not to cross as a Muslim as well as an entertainer in South Asia. She pointed out that she never kissed Patel, for instance.

“I am a Muslim woman, and I know my limits,” she said. The cleric seemed unable to respond to her flood of words.

Malik’s fierce outburst sparked a barrage of comments on Twitter. While some writers said they didn’t agree with her and one called her a “porn star,” others said she was brave for standing up to the Pakistani clerical establishment, especially when such an act can mean personal danger.

Wrote one supporter: “The only way to talk to these bloody clerics is to talk down to them. Veena Malik did just that, and how. Good for her!”

Associated Press Writer Munir Ahmed contributed to this report.



16 Responses to Pakistan – Mufti Abdul Qawi accused actress, Veena Malik, with insulting “Pakistan and Islam.” She tells him to be a good little Muslim and not stare at woman

  1. Zaryani says:

    She is from biggining the mother of Bitch and now she is an international bitch

    • txlady706 says:

      You must be a Muslim. You have little respect for women. You call her a bitch and she brings you anger, because you are jealous of her strength to stand up to this imam and you want to be the one who is sleeping with her. You know you’ll never have either. You will never have a WOMAN like her because she is more man than you will ever be and she is more WOMAN than you will ever HAVE. Your male weakness is HER strength. But only a Muslim sees things backwards. Because submission is all you know, as a petty little man amongst those around you. Because you have been victimized, you victimize those who you think CAN’T fight back. Islam sets it up for you that women can’t. Not because they won’t or can’t due to strength, but because the culture (which is, again, based on Islam) pits woman against woman and men against women too. Islamic males are dogs because they have never been mothered and the only have the male testosterone that drives them crazy. It drives you crazy, because you soul has never been nurtured. If you are lucky, then you only had a mother and a father. The issue is that Islam creates a culture where that is a very difficult accomplishment. A mothers nurturing translates to a NEED for a womans love for an adult man. That love is to become a deep love that goes beyond LUST is built on TRUST. That is not something that Islam ingrains. Trust going both ways.

      • To txlady 706.Thank you for your beautiful words which both articulated my own convictions far better than I could have myself; and deepened my own understanding.I hope you will exercise your voice and that you will be heard by many.But I also hope that the wounds I sense you have suffered will heal to the extent that you can speak your truth with enough empathy that those to whom you are speaking will be inclined to undertake to change themselves instead of hate you.

      • Mr. Roboto says:

        You must be white. You have little respect for other religions. You say Islam is evil, because you are ignorant of what it is really about and refuse to understand it. You don’t know how brave Muslims are, to fight with technologically advanced Americans and have the balls to blow themselves up. You watch FOX news, read reports on Islamic Extremists, and openly insult a whole religion. You automatically make assumptions of Islam, regardless if you took the time to learn Arabic and read the Holy Quran. You call all Muslim males arrogant woman-haters, yet refuse to admit that Veena Malik is a stuck up whore. You refuse to acknowledge her shameful whorish acts on public television, yet praise her for being disrespectful to an equivalent of a priest in America.

        Last, but not least, you have no life.

        • txlady706 says:

          Race is not religion. Race is not ideology or Politics. I have great respect for Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, and many others. I can’t speak for ALL others, because I have not looked at many others in great detail. I have read the KORAN and the some of the hadith. Mo was evil. Islam is EVIL. Even if she was a promiscuous person, what difference would that make? You are the example of what is wrong with the followers of he KORAN. The logic is that of a 13 year old boy with issues. It creates a culture with sociopaths.

        • Anonymous says:

          How is she a stuck up whore? Just because she is saying it is not right for her to be judged for a basic gesture of affection? Muslim men do not know what true love is, they only know lust and hate. I feel sorry for Muslim men because they will never live a fulfilled life because not only does Islam oppress women it oppresses men and distorts them, cuts them off from ever feeling the CONSENTIAL TRUE love of a willing women, and watching them flourish and achieve and living together in a beutiful union, absent of abuse. I feel sorry for you, and by the way I am a white Christian woman 😉 I am as happy as can be in my country and my religion, I also respect and like to learn about other religions too. But as much as I have tried to find goodness in Islam, I have even read the Quran, I cannot. I have only found hate.

        • Mahmoud says:

          Stuck up whore?

          a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in “cruel kindness” or “to make haste slowly.”

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  3. faheem says:

    ma kaisay deendar ban sakta hon mughay sub sa pehla kam kya karna paray ga

  4. Gora Ender says:

    This is typical of how low white trash really are, to comment like bigoted morons about an edited clip(thanks to Zionist kikes of MEMRI) on reality TV.
    Veena Malik is indeed a whore(not that you would know), the question why is a white woman in the conservative south US be so supportive of such promiscuous losers whom they would usually denounce as one of the fruits of “liberalism” and the big Hollywood elites in their country?
    It’s because you’re a racist, retarded, hypocrite, a typical product of right wing inbred white politics. You indeed are a racist, and don’t give me that shit that “I can’t be a racist because Muslims aren’t a race.” Yet the representation of Muslims are racist and reductionist to the extreme. So we ARE a race to trash like you.
    Muslim culture is pro-life, family oriented and pro-self defense(that’s why they are overthrowing western installed dictators and killing white terrorists). Sound familiar? White “culture” is pro-TERRORISM, anti-women, pro-pornography, pro-death, pro-abortion and based on secular materialist consumer culture, so don’t fool yourselves into thinking you are superior. Quite the opposite.
    Christians “conservatives” are no better, they are bunch of lying, war mongering, usury promoting scum. I can’t wait for the true Jesus(a.s.) to return and deal with you criminals once and for all.

    • txlady706 says:

      Gora Ender:
      Spoken like a true Muslim.
      The only points you’ve made are those that insult.
      Muslims are not a race.
      Islam is not a RELIGION – Anything that is 1/5th or less of anything can’t be classified as any ONE thing. Islam is Shariah Law, culture, ideology, politics and Maybe, if there is room, religion. However, since the vast majority is NOT, then it doesn’t qualify.
      I’m not going to answer your anger, so that was the only thing that I saw in you comment that was worth a reply.
      I’m not Christian. I am a zionist, and your a Islamist. Since, your anger is directed at that as well, please, understand that your ideology is EXCLUSIVE only to your point of view. THIS IS WHAT the issue is. I may not agree with her way of life, but the difference between what YOU believe and what I believe is seen directly through this example. YOU choose to punish her and take it upon yourself to be her JUDGE. I don’t choose to do anything unless she infringes on someones rights or liberties. She has not. She has done nothing of the sort. Thats why ISLAM is not compatible with the west. ISLAM allows MAN to be the JUDGE and EXECUTIONER – taking away any of g-ds authority to do that. THAT is anti g-d. Islam is ANTI g-d. It’s and ideology that enslaves. At it’s core MOHAMMAD was a Conqueror and a TYRANNIC person. He is the creator of Islam. All MEN are told to be like him and that he is the perfect MAN. ISLAMS perfect man is a pedophile, an adulterer, a murderer, an enslaver, and worst of all ANTI – G-D, who put LIFE above all else and creation and not submission and conquest.
      Your culture creates dust. Look around the ME. All the Muslim areas are parasitically in nature. The oil rich nations are only RICH as a result of the WESTS creations. The WEST pays for oil. The WEST created the OIC. The WEST created YOUR ability to prosper. Wait. Wait until the WEST decides that we don’t WANT to believe that we “need” the OIL and the OIC becomes a vague blemish of history. What will the Muslims do then? No more money for oil. Where does the food come from? or all the other life sustaining products? Relying on Iran? Thats a genie all right. Genies are evil. You should know that.
      I hope that you have a GOOD LIFE.
      If you want a conversation, then stop the venom.

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  6. hollywood actress…

    […]Pakistan – Mufti Abdul Qawi accused actress, Veena Malik, with insulting “Pakistan and Islam.” She tells him to be a good little Muslim and not stare at woman « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

  7. Md.Saim says:

    I would work hard for her happiness,if she was my sister . .But if she wanted to earn money by showing her body,then i would burn her. .Women of islam are not sex object

    • Anonymous says:

      How is Islam pro life when people say things like this? You should never burn someone for any reason. That actress is mot making money by showing her body. She is participating in a tv show as a
      Contestant. Nothing to do with sex. Muslim men are deluded psychopaths that are literally sexually derranged and obsessed with sex! Pig dog scum. You treat God’s daughters like pieces of shit, You are not men you are no better then insects crawling in filth.

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