IRAN – 50,000 Quran schools in Iran alone.


Islam is not on the rise.  That would be an understatement.  Islam is like the blob.  It devours all others and gets bigger and bigger.  But what happens when the blob has nothing else to devour?

I’m sure that Iran is not the only place that the KORAN schools are being built.  I wonder how many schools get founded here with Hezbollah money that been laundered through Brazil or Paraguay or south America somewhere.

50000 Quran Schools in Iran within 5 Years:

The number of Quran schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education will rise to 50000 within 5 years.

50000 Quran Schools in Iran within 5 Years



(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Quranic affairs adviser to the Minister of Education Mohammad Bonyadi said the number of Quran schools is expected to reach 20000 by next year due to an increasing demand from all over the country.

Attending a live TV program broadcast yesterday, January 21, he said as many as 10000 schools devoted to the Holy Quran have been established since the current school year began.

Iranian schools overseas have also joined the program dedicating a certain time to an extra curriculum programs featuring Quranic activities, he announced, noting that there are enough experts and teachers for implementing the plan.

Bonyadi went on to say that the Quran courses, which have been arranged to be held in the afternoon, are not exclusive to school boys and girls, affirming that parents and families living around the schools are allowed to take part in the classes.

“The school year, as far as Quranic courses are concerned, is divided into two semesters, each including approximately 75 days. The first semester covers the accuracy while the second deals with the fluency of reading the Sacred Scripture. The latter for the present year is set to begin on February 4.”

During the TV Program called “Live Interview on Quranic News”, which is regularly broadcast by Quran TV on Fridays at 10 am, Bonyadi said all Quran courses are held free of charge.



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