Wisconsin – Oconto County – Step daughter (14 year old girl) attempts to kill pregnant step mom with ANTI-Freeze. Chyanne Otto is a disturbed female.

Should we now consider a age requirement for buying anti-freeze?

Chyanne is on her way to a personal hell that she created.  If she’s lucky.  This would mean that she has remorse and a conscience.  It doesn’t sound that way from her diary.  The below statement is admission that she was FULLY aware of the fact that this was REALLY WRONG.

“I so want to kill Dawn, but she is pregnant. So I am going to kill her and the baby or just her and wait until October,” the complaint claims that Chyanne Otto wrote in her journal.



She understood that the step-mom was pregnant.  She also didn’t CARE.  The fact that she says pregnant describes the step mom in a CONDITION.

This in my opinion is the result of our oversexed society and repeated instruction to young woman to visit “Planned Parenthood” to get their abortions and contraception.  There is NOTHING about “planned” in PP.  They don’t give advice to women if they are pregnant and WANT THE BABY.  THAT too is PLANNED.  Keeping the baby is a PLAN.  They offer nothing related to that.  They offer nothing on problems CONCEIVING.   This name should be revealed as a DECEPTION.


The constant barrage of mis information and DEHUMANIZING an unborn CHILD is part of the reason why there is little empathy for a pregnant woman.  There is a sense of disconnect.


This young woman, yes fourteen is not a child, is on her way to monsterhood.


We have more empathy for someone killing a dog, then a woman (pregnant no less)

This story didn’t even get much local attention.  Just a little.

Teen accused of trying to kill stepmother

Girl allegedly put antifreeze in drink



A 14-year-old Oconto County girl is accused of trying to kill her pregnant stepmother by putting antifreeze in the woman’s sports drink.

Chyanne Otto of Suring is charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, a felony. A criminal complaint filed in Oconto County Circuit Court alleged that the teen in May 2010 slipped anti-freeze into a bottle of PowerAde, and that her stepmother, Dawn Otto, drank from it.

“I so want to kill Dawn, but she is pregnant. So I am going to kill her and the baby or just her and wait until October,” the complaint claims that Chyanne Otto wrote in her journal.

The complaint also alleges that the teen wrote, “Dawn won’t die, I gave her a bunch of junk of stuff out of the garage last week and she is not dead, so I am doing it again with only antifreeze, so hopefully it works.”

Dawn Otto drank from the bottle, noticed an unusual taste, and phoned her husband thinking he might have been using the container to store chemicals.

The complaint stated that the teen’s family became suspicious of the girl in the fall, after receiving a call from the parent of one of the girl’s classmates. The Ottos then checked the girl’s journal, the complaint said.

Someone convicted of attempted first-degree homicide can be imprisoned for up to 60 years.

Chyanne Otto is scheduled for the balance of her initial appearance Wednesday. She was released on a $50,000 signature bond under the conditions that she live with her grandfather and have no contact with her stepmother.




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