California – Lesbian – Gay – Bi – whatever museum? The history of debauchery


This facility is not a collection of fine art or great architecture. Nope!

It’s about men having sex with men and women having sex with women.

This is not a history but an icon of achievement by the progressives.  It’s a symbol of achievement.  The trophy of a job well done.  The sick paying homage to their virus.  The army of the dead planting a flag.


Gay Rights Foe Randy Thomasson Calls GLBT Museum ‘Propaganda’

PUBLISHED: JANUARY 21, 2011 President Randy Thomasson has called San Francisco’s newly-minted GLBT History Museum a “propaganda porch.”

The first-of-its-kind museum in the United States showcases the history of gay culture. It opens with two exhibits: Our Vast Queer Past: Celebrating GLBT Historyin the main gallery and Great Collections of the GLBT Historical Society Archives in the front gallery. has railed against the state celebrating the contributions of gay rights leader Harvey Milk and called on former state Senator Roy Ashburn to step down after he announced he was gay.

Thomasson called the museum a sham.

“This is not so much a museum; this is a propaganda porch,” Thomasson told the Christian-based website “There [are] going to be some people who want to believe in lies while they’re visiting, but anybody interested in real history is going to find so many pages ripped out of that book.”

“Thomasson further argues that the museum fails to mention the truth about alternative lifestyles, as it omits information about the AIDS epidemic, sexual crimes, and molestation, as well as the trampling of fundamental and religious rights in the name of ‘equality,’” the website wrote.

“I believe they’ll have the money to keep this place open because it will become sort of a Mecca to them,” Thomasson said. “And it’s unfortunate – celebrating a lie instead of acknowledging the truth.”


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