Texas – Amazon – Shopping online? State taxes may soon apply

That is the only advantage to shopping online

I would not do it otherwise.

What would be the point?

To be fair, this company does get special treatment if their customers don’t need to pay tax

This will stifle competition.  They may want to consider another tacit.

Amazon.com sues Texas for sales tax audit

Amazon.com Office in Seattle

Last updated January 19, 2011 2:41 p.m. PT

AUSTIN, Texas — Online retail giant Amazon.com is suing the state of Texas to produce the audit report on which the state based its demand for $269 million in uncollected sales taxes.

The state made the demand of the Seattle-based retailer in September, citing the sales tax audit. The Austin American-Statesman reports the comptroller’s office is withholding the audit report, backed by a Dec. 16 attorney general’s opinion that it was protected by attorney-client privilege.

The state contends that Amazon.com is on the hook for the sales taxes not collected on Texas online sales because Amazon has a distribution center in Irving, a Dallas suburb. Other companies with retail outlets or other types of physical presence collect sales taxes on its online sales.



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