Mexican, Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca, killed while attacking border patrol with Rocks. Guereca has a record of human smuggling

I understand a family wanting an investigation.  They are his parents after all.  Parents will defend mass murderers and call their children innocent.  I get that!

Here is the original story that I posted:

Illegal Mexican – shot and killed in El Paso


Why are these people being allowed to sue the US?

Why don’t we sue Mexico for all the people who have been murdered, flat out, murdered over there.

Whoever thought this was admisable should be investigated for Treason.

This puts our sovereignty in farther jeopardy.


Family of Mexican Boy Shot by Border Patrol Agent Sues for $25 Million:


click for video

The family of the Mexican teenager who was shot in the head by a border patrol agent last June is filing a lawsuit against the United States Government and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Attorneys for the family of Sergio Hernandez Guereca announced the lawsuit in a news conference in Corpus Christi earlier today.

They say his parents want justice, they’re asking for $25,000,000.

Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca was shot last June in Juarez by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.
His family says he was playing with his friends, the FBI says he they were attacking a border patrol agent

Attorneys, Bob Hilliard and Cristobal Galindo held a news conference speaking on behalf of Sergio’s family who is filing the lawsuit.

Sergio was shot twice, once fatally in the head.

Hillaird says the shooting was murder.

“It’s clear from talking to eye-witnesses and from reviewing the video tape that Sergio was murdered,” Hillaird said.

Hillaird says a full investigation would be done if an American teenager had been shot and killed by Mexican Federales on American soil.

Officials in Washington D.C. Say that Sergio Adrian Hernandez had been arrested in the past for human smuggling, but the lawsuit doesn’t mention that.

Hillaird says the border patrol agent intended to kill the teen.

“He was standing on the Mexican side of the border, he was unarmed and he was 15 years-old,” Hillaird said.

Galindo says the parent’s want their questions answered.

“They don’t understand how it works here in the United States. All they know is that their son was killed, they want to have an answer and they want to have it soon,” Galindo said.

Hillaird says the parents remain devastated and their son was their life.
“They’re worried that there won’t be justice, they’re worried that because they’re from Mexico that no one will listen to them, that no one will care that they lost a son,” Hillaird said.

The family’s attorney says Sergio was like many young teens in Mexico and that one day he wanted to become a soldier or a police officer.

We will continue to follow this lawsuit and keep you updated.





2 Responses to Mexican, Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca, killed while attacking border patrol with Rocks. Guereca has a record of human smuggling

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gringo idiota.

    • txlady706 says:

      I would not be such an idiot if American kids were crossing over TO Mexico and throwing rocks to attack your cops. Your cops are too weak over there though, because your government is weak. Ours is corrupt but yours is worthless

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