Burqa Bans – Should be the LAW in the WEST, because it’s WEAPON


This brings new meaning to CONCEAL CARRY.  HAHAHHAHA!

But seriously,

It’s a weapon on a psychological level.  In my opinion THAT is the darkest reason, but the very basic reason is because it’s a weapon.  See the 2 stories below.


When people protest the burqa they have to be careful, because it might get them hurt.  That says something for FREE SPEECH.

Arrests after protests at anti burqa mural in Newtown

17 JAN 11 @ 02:56PM BY KIM SHAW
Sergio Redegalli in front of his Say No To Burqas mural when the mural was first painted in September last year.

Sergio Redegalli in front of his Say No To Burqas mural when the mural was first painted in September last year.


Seven men have been charged after a protest at Newtown on yesterday.

About 1.45pm, officers went to Station St and Enmore Rd to monitor an unplanned protest at the site of a controversial Say no to burqas mural’.

About 50 people had gathered in the area before making their way to Gladstone St where they continued the protest.

About 2.20pm, an unidentified woman allegedly threw paint at a wall before running from the scene.

The crowd turned on police when they went to arrest a 29-year-old man who had also allegedly thrown paint at the wall.

More police attended and seven men were arrested and charged with a range of offences including resist/hinder police and destroy or damage property, assault police and resist/hinder police.

Six of the men were granted conditional bail to appear in Newtown Local Court on Tuesday, February 8, while a 41-year-old man will appear on Tuesday March 1.

Police are continuing their investigations to identify and locate the woman who allegedly threw paint at the wall.



People shouldn't go around with their faces covered; it's a security issue. We're not allowed to go around with our license plates covered.


Burqa-clad man caught in ladies’ compartment:


KOLKATA: A 24-year-old youth was arrested on Tuesday after he was caught travelling in a ladies’ compartment of a Howrah-bound Tarakeswar Local, clad in a burqa.

Dilip Khetrapal was wearing bangles and even had nail-polish on. However, he rose the suspicion of two co-passengers, Shampa Sil and Anu Sashmal, who tried talking to him. When his reluctance to speak increased their suspicion, he sensed trouble and answered their queries. But his voice gave away his identity.

When the train entered Howrah station around 6 pm, the two women caught him and handed him over to railway police.

Rabindranath Mukherjee, the SRP Howrah, said the accused is a resident of Tarakeswar and is married. He reportedly works as a salesman but police believe he must have had some ill motive, as he disguised himself as a woman.

DRM Partha Sarathi Mondal said Khetrapal might have borrowed money and was possibly trying to give his creditors a slip.

Burqa-clad man caught in ladies’ compartment – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata-/Burqa-clad-man-caught-in-ladies-compartment/articleshow/7263512.cms#ixzz1BRy3mZgJ


Burqa clad women on stealing spree

Soumittra S Bose, TNN, Jan 19, 2011, 12.07am 1ST


NAGPUR: Cops were left in a tizzy after two recent incidents involving women tricking jewellers at Ganeshpeth and New Itwari Road. Two jewellers lost valuables worth more than Rs 1.56 lakh. In one of the cases, the women were clad in burqa. The city had witnessed numbers of such cases in the past. Cops were uneasy after it resurfaced on Tuesday at Sarafa market on New Itwari Road.

Owner Hariom Soni, along with his son and other employees, was left bamboozled after noticing that one of the two women who came to his shop had sneaked out with valuables worth more than Rs 1 lakh. Her accomplice had facilitated the theft by distracting the salesman. The women initially posed as customers. They pestered the shop owner and his employees demanding to see latest designs and kept on rejecting them one after another.

A salesman had also accompanied one of the women to an adjoining shop where she was shown more designs before they returned to the first outlet. The women left and shortly afterwards the theft came to notice. Police said the closed circuit camera installed in the shop could only capture the eyes of one of the women.

In another recent incident, a jeweller shop at Hansapuri was similarly robbed by two women, also attired in burqa, of valuables worth Rs 90,000. This too was captured by CCTV.

Senior inspector SP Nandanwar of Tehsil police station said that he intended to bring the owners of the jewellery shop together to find out whether the women in two incidents were same. The latest incident took place at Ganeshpeth where two women, posing as customers, sneaked out with valuables worth Rs 55,000. “These women put on customer act more convincingly than any real customers. The shop-owners and salesmen should be very watchful,” said a senior cop. The cops also said that women without burqa too had been involved in stealing from jewellery shops. A number of such gangs had been netted by cops too.

Read more: Burqa clad women on stealing spree – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/Burqa-clad-women-on-stealing-spree/articleshow/7315086.cms#ixzz1BRybbyXi




The ‘Burka Bandit’ strikes again: Knifeman raids third travel agent in less than a year
The 'Burka Bandit'


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