Arizona – Tucson – Shooting victim, James Eric Fuller, arrested for “threatening the life” of a TEA PARTY founder – Trent Humphries – Both the result of LEFTIST issues with self – control and decades of the “do what feels good” mentality.


Seems like all the “hate” is coming from the left.  Lets face facts, “HATE” is not the issue.  SELF – CONTROL and discipline IS.

There are plenty of feelings.  Who cares about FEEEEEEEEEEEEEElings!!!!?

I sure don’t.  If you HATE me, I don’t care.  It’s what ACTIONS you take that matter to me.  Speech is a LIBERTY that is an American virtue.  Why?

Do kids get asked WHY?  in school?  Have they gone through the mental gyrations and argued the points?  Our schools are not teaching kids HOW to think anymore but rather WHAT to think.  But that’s another topic.

Freedom of speech is important, however, THREATS are actionable.  Thats what makes THREATENING speech different from your everyday exchange of information or ideas and concepts.

When once moves from the EXCHANGE of IDEAS, even ones that are OBJECTIONABLE to some, to another level that is ACTIONABLE, that is the LINE where THAT speech becomes an action.

The threat to life is a form of speech that is portending ACTION.  These can’t be taken lightly in any circumstance.  It used to be – over 25 years ago – that if one spoke of suicide that one would have the potential for arrest and institutionalized until the psychiatrist could assure the public that the person was no longer a threat to himself or anyone else.  The logic there is, if that person is able to make a threat against his own life, then taking someone else’s life would not be a far stretch.

The left seems to suffer from many an ailment.  One, inability to have control over ones own actions and two, the inability to fully reason a subject.  I dare say that facts seem to elude them and chronology and history are irrelevant.  Feelings are expressed without discipline.  They seem to have issues with self control.  Many of them are on drug like Prozac and other known agents of psychosis producing pharmaceuticals. It would be interesting to find out if this man was on one of these drugs or maybe some other drugs with similar effects for his leg wound.


All these years of the left screaming ” JUST DO WHAT FEEEEEEELS GOOD”, has brought up multiple generations, now, of people who have no discipline or self control.  These are some of the unfortunate examples.

How many other unfortunate things have occurred in your life, because of lack of discipline or self control, whether it was your own lack of control or someone else’s?  How many a divorce or “accident?” occurred because of unrequited FEEEEELINGS of this or that?  Ask yourself if this is not just the overt examples of a society that has lost the courage to talk openly about discriminating between right and WRONG.


Tucson Shooting Victim Arrested For Threatening Tea Party



In the wake of the horrific Tucson shootings politicians have asked that rhetoric be “toned down,” and this is a reminder that that request applies to people on both sides of the political spectrum. James Eric Fuller, a victim of the Tucson shooting, was arrested yesterday for making a death threat at Tucson Tea Party founder Trent Humphries. Fuller was in the front row as Humphries was interviewed on ABC’s “This Week,” and yelled “you’re dead” after Humphries suggested conversations about gun control should be delayed until all the dead were buried.

Fuller had campaigned for Giffords during her re-election, and told reporters after the shooting, “It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target.” He had been shot in the knee during Giffords’s “Congress On Your Corner” event, which he told the Times he attended to “give her a boost and to protect her from the Tea Party crime syndicate and to shout them down.” He has reportedly been calming himself after the shooting by writing out the Declaration of Independence, which he memorized 30 years ago.

Humphries hasn’t exactly taken the high road after the shooting either, telling the Daily News that worry over rhetoric is just “political gamesmanship,. He said, “The real case is that she [Giffords] had no security whatsoever at this event. So if she lived under a constant fear of being targeted, if she lived under this constant fear of this rhetoric and hatred that was seething, why would she attend an event in full view of the public with no security whatsoever?”

Fuller was arrested on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and threat charges, and was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. As he was being led out he reportedly yelled, “What’s the matter-with you-whores!” Humphries said of the threat, “This is another sad piece to add to an already tragic set of events. My hope continues to remain that we as a community be allowed the ability to heal and focus on those things that will best help our city and its citizens recover from this deadly tragedy.”






01-16-2011 6:35 am – Lew Waters
One week to the day after the horrific shooting spree that killed 6 people, including a 9 year-old girl and left a moderate congresswoman fighting for her life and wounding 14 others, a man attending an ABC-TV town hall meeting was arrested for issuing a death threat before the audience.

ABC News Anchor Christiane Amanpour was hosting the event, being taped for later viewing featuring victims, heroes, witnesses and first responders that were present at last Saturday’s “Congress on the Corner” event in the Safeway parking lot. The event was billed as “devoted to a recounting of what had happened that terrible morning” and carried the theme of “An American Conversation Continued.” Also in attendance were several dignitaries who were not present that day and locals.

Suggesting a discussion on gun control should be put off until after the funerals, a Tucson Tea Party founder drew the response from one attendee of “You’re dead.” Earlier, that same Tea Party founder, Trent Humphries was warned by Police to stay away from public places as numerous death threats were made towards him and his family.

State Rep. Terri Proud (R-Tucson) tried to explain current and proposed gun legislation in the state legislature, that drew her boos and groans and according to witnesses sitting around the one who had already threatened Tea Party founder Trent Humphries, infuriated and agitated the man more.

The man was taken into custody as the event was wrapping up by Deputies and as he was being escorted from the room, was heard yelling out “You’re all whores!” He has been charged one count of threats and intimidation, with one count of disorderly conduct pending.

Just a few days earlier, shooting victim J. Eric Fuller, a liberal Democrat who was wounded in the knee made news as he spoke to the progressive syndicated Democracy Now! And placed blame for the shooting on Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and other conservatives. Included in his interview was the claim House Speaker John Boehner, “subscribes to lunatic fringe anarchism.”

Today, it was J. Eric Fuller who was placed under arrest for issuing the death threat and acting out as the “lunatic fringe.”

At question now, was Fuller, a well known political activist for the left in Tucson, enticed and provoked into issuing a death threat due to the extreme partisan rhetoric emanating from leftist pundits all week?

Or, did he already possess such hatred and intolerance of those who think differently than he did and receiving a wound to his knee drive him over the edge?

I don’t expect to hear much about this in national news, but would the conversation be that Democrats, left-wing pundits and partisan rhetoric caused him to go berserk had he stood up and shot either Humphries or State Rep. Terri Proud?

Thankfully, we don’t have to have that conversation, thanks to Pima County Deputies.

I hope Fuller receives the mental health care he needs now before he goes off like Jared Loughner did last week and we do have to have such a conversation.

Maybe it is time the left took their own advice and actually toned down their own vitriolic rancor before others are hurt.


J. Eric Fuller, a survivor of last weekend’s shooting massacre in Tucson, gained national notoriety this week after claiming shooter Jared Lee Loughner got conservatives Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin their “first target.” The Blaze also brought you the story of Trent Humphries, a Tucson-area tea party leader who was warned by police to “stay away from public places” as his organization was being targeted with threats following the shooting.

Pima County police deputies immediately escorted Fuller from the room. The Sheriff’s spokesman, Jason Ogan, confirmed Saturday afternoon that Fuller has been charged with threats & intimidation and disorderly conduct.

The ABC News town hall meeting, dubbed “After the Tragedy: An American Conversation Continued,” is set to air on Sunday morning, but it was not clear whether Fuller’s comments would be included in the final broadcast.

Also in attendance for the town hall meeting were Mayor Bob Walkup, Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva, and former Congressman Jim Kolbe.



ABC News reported that as sheriff’s deputies escorted Fuller from the forum, he could be heard screaming, “What’s the matter–with you–whores!” Additionally, ABC notes that Fuller was taken to a nearby mental health facility.


A Pima County Sheriff’s spokesman has confirmed that Fuller was “involuntarily” admitted to a mental health treatment facility Saturday and will be held there until the hospital determines his release. If Humphries decides not to press charges, the charges will be dropped, Deputy Jason Ogan told KNXV in Phoenix.

In the days since last week’s shooting, Fuller has been spotted around town, visiting with reporters at the scene of the crime. Fuller also reportedly attempted to visit the parents of Jared Lee Loughner, showing up unannounced at their home on Friday. Though the Loughners were not home, Fuller took some time to speak to a local news crew.


The baby in this scene looked so comfortable in the 90° plus heat that I had to stop and say hi. The young woman told me that she was living in a homeless shelter with her husband and the baby. When I asked what she had named her baby, I got a big shock. Sativa I recognized instantly as part of the scientific name for marijuana, which is Cannabis Sativa. This child has been named after a drug. Sweet and befuddled might describe the mother’s demeanor. Heartsick and disturbed would describe mine. I’ve always felt very sad about what she revealed to me in our conversation. A very blue moment in a state gone blue.




With headlines like Angry Protests Mar Solemn Day, Both Sides Desecrate Vigil, and Rallies Rage in Downtown Duel, New York papers painted a scene of divisive struggle between roughly equivalent numbers of protesters at the anti-mosque and pro-mosque rallies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those at the Stop the Mosque Rally were well apart from the radicals and communists who marched and chanted political slogans on the streets of lower Manhattan.




12 Responses to Arizona – Tucson – Shooting victim, James Eric Fuller, arrested for “threatening the life” of a TEA PARTY founder – Trent Humphries – Both the result of LEFTIST issues with self – control and decades of the “do what feels good” mentality.

  1. John from Tucson says:

    Speaking as a personal friend of Mr. Fullers I would ask that everyone show some respect. Granted Eric has some very defined views however no one should be made a villain for his views. I will say Eric could have handled things differently but let us not forget he is one of the victims. Those of you who advocate the right to bear arms are asking us who disagree to accept your point of view. Well how about those of us do not believe everyone should have a firearm. Why are we made out to be crazy? And while it is obvious that Palin’s website was not the cause of this incident. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to tone things down a bit. No matter what side of the issues you are on, I think we can all agree that innocent American citizens do not need to die !
    We are all part of the same planet so it would be better to come to a middle ground than throw digs at each other. I certainly recognize your right to bear arms. However, I would be more comfortable if less people had guns. I also recognize that my opinion is my own, as is yours. I will offer this. The right to bear arms was written in a time when this was a very different world. Since our current world is vastly different, perhaps we should revisit the issue so that both you and I can exist in a community that belongs to us both.
    I certainly appreciate all of the comments, and I do agree that Eric has handled himself poorly. Additionally I am not an anti-gun person. I personally do not have an interest in guns but I do believe that if you indeed choose to have guns as a part of your life than more power to you.
    That being said, I offer you this. Just this morning I went to the local Circle K to get some coffee, and lo and behold, two middle aged men came in to shop. Both men were armed. Why do we need to be packing heat to go get a cup of coffee? And why as a patron of the Circle K am I not entitled to shop without the worry or random customers (who are strangers in my eyes, who is to say they may not snap) carrying firearms. Why did these individuals feel the need to be armed at a Circle K. Was there a threat of some kind?

    I am not a political radical, or a left wing extremist, I am just an average citizen who does not understand the need for everyday citizens to carry guns, just because they have a right to.

    And also, I have done my best to be respectful in my posts and I ask that you do the same. We are all entitled to our opinion.

    • txlady706 says:

      John from Tucson:
      Thank you for being respectful. I know how intense this subject is.
      The fact is, I grew up in NY and understand the anxiety that you and those like you have. This was my anxiety also, until I joined the military. You see, those of us who carry guns really ARE different. We are not the same people. There is much more GRAVITY in LIFE and respect for it. We are trained to live LIFE with a gun. The person carrying it, has to prove that they are disciplined with it and that is proven in the firearms training courses. As a citizen, you are now held to a different standard.
      The person carrying a firearm in the open, legally, is not carrying it to harm YOU but to protect you.
      You said that you were at a circle K, well, how different is that then being at a Safeway or a Wal-Mart? The person carrying the weapon, legally, will run toward trouble while you, or I – before military training and having a kid – would run FROM it.
      The right to bear arms, has been the single most effective way of KEEPING your freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom to property, liberty. Yet, you take it for granted, because you don’t really understand how thats helped. Look all around the world and back through history. The first thing that was taken away from people is there ability to say “NO.” This is being eroded and Political Correctness is a weapon that will disintegrate truth and therefore LIBERTY but the last stance against it is the gun. The GUN in a Citizens hand standing next to you. Who will stand next to you when they come for you. When a thief break in to you house in the middle of the night and your neighbor, who is that gun totting Neanderthal, comes out because he heard or saw something unusual and saves your life, because the cops don’t come FOR the emergency, they come afterwards to document the issue. You see, the authorities are not there FOR you during the crisis, they are there for you to clean up the crisis and to try and ensure that it doesn’t escalate beyond just YOU. But who is going to take care of you in the 1 to 2 seconds before that person shoots you. If you are unprepared, at least know that maybe someone standing next to you maybe the angle that you were praying for.
      The people who legally carry are not the ones who snap, anyone can “snap,” but the people who do are usually not the licensed conceal carry people, they usually have guns ILLEGALLY. If the guy didn’t have a gun, then he may have used another weapon; a knife, a car, or a bomb. But the people who were hero’s that day were 1 – prior military, 2 – young conceal carry licensed gun carrier (who didn’t use deadly force), and 3 – a grandmother who understands that sometimes you have to stand up and DO something to ensure that life continues.
      Please, think about what they have been teaching in colleges about if there is a shooter. They want you to throw a book (offensive positioning)at the perp, yet a single conceal carry gun owner (carrying a gun) could stop a mass murder. The book thrower is meat in to a grinder. Please, consider this and then evaluate who you should really fear. Those who choose to disarm you, or those who choose to empower you? Those who want you to be able to defend yourself or those who want to be the source that YOU DEPEND on? Dependency HAS a price. ARE you willing to be the chicken kept alive with a weight on either side of your head? Thats an old chinese way of explaining that the chicken is content to lay eggs even though she can not move, as long as she is fed, she will lay eggs for the rest of her life never moving from that spot. I know chickens are stupid, but well thats an old proverb that I recall….
      Anyway, the bad guy doesn’t obey laws and will have a gun anyway. When one creates LAWS, the laws are followed only by the LAW abiding. A person bent on law breaking will not be phased by that technicality.

    • J.D.Emerson says:

      John from Tuson, I’m John from Minneapolis and I think the actions of your buddy and the left are just the reason they were shown the door in the last election. They’er always lying and threatening any one who dosrn’t agree with their Utopian way of life. The 2nd amend. is just as important today as when the founders put it into our Bill Of Rights, in fact I think its even more important today. How did you know those two in the store were not just detectives? Personally a couple armed guys in a store with me would make me feel more comfortable and safe. But the point is is the left is so quick with their lying BS in the face of a sad tragedy to further their anti-American agenda. The left want to rule over every-one and tell us how to live while they do as they want. I’m sorry, hommie don’t play that. I’m not a subject but a free citizen and I intend to stay that way. All the gun laws in the world will not stop a lone nut and the left know this, so ask yourself what is their motive then to take our God given freedoms from us? When the left held the majority it was all about ignoring the people and locking out the right from any discussions. Now that they were given the boot, its all about can’t we all get along and act in a bi-partisan way? You people on the left are hell bent on destroying the country I grew up in and I don’t want my elected officials compromising with any of you anti-American, anti-freedom, lying hypocrites.

    • arlenearmy says:

      My reply to John (Eric Fuller’s Friend):

      1. In 1 sentence you said:
      “if you indeed choose to have guns as a part of your life than more power to you.”

      2. and then in another sentence you said:
      “I am just an average citizen who does not understand the need for everyday citizens to carry guns”

      But you answered your own question when you said:
      “because they have a right to”

      BTW, your friend, Eric Fuller is no hero. Eric Fuller is not even an average citizen. But the real hero who wrestled down Jared (the shooter) was carrying a fire arm. Do you not think that this gun packing hero (albeit unlike you) was also average citizen? That’s a rhetorical question, so no need to answer it.

  2. J.D.Emerson says:

    The tea party that is so hated and demonized by the left in our government, are nothing more than our friends, neighbors, family members, and people we meet every day on the street and shopping malls etc. They are just regular people fed up with the left elitists that are destroying our country as we know it. They are saddened and scared at the evil that prevails in Wash. DC now. They are we the people of our Constitution that the left feel is no longer relevant even though they swear an oath to up hold it as the law of the land. If the left can’t be trusted any further then the oath they take, then ignore, how can they be trusted to work in our government for us? Not us working for them like they would like us all to believe.

    • txlady706 says:

      You are SOOOO right about the tea party people. I can’t really call myself a tea partier, because I don’t belong to any group at all, but I do associate myself with it. I believe in the Conservative principles that founded this country and the AGREEMENT created by the CONSTITUTION and the bill of rights. See, THAT is our CONTRACT and in my opinion, any time any of these VERMIN (right or left) trample the Constitution, they should be held up to the demands of it and punished for breech of contract if they don’t adhere to it.
      And those that put us in danger by weakening our defenses during an a period when we are being assaulted be foreign enemies (foreign in ideology or geography), should be examined for treason and brought to question for sedition.

    • arlenearmy says:

      See, all this vicious attack after the AZ shooting spree was initiated by the left. The left in its sick wisdom seized that moment, not just to attack Palin & the GOP. There primary target was the tea party. Ita the tea party that got the house in the majority. And the left knows this.

      Remember, the cops told Humphries to not attend the “so-call” memorial. Yet, the left scolded Boehner (a republican) for not attending that event. Why was this? Humphries is not a Palin staffer. He’s not GOP politician. Humphries is the head of TeaParty of Tucson. And now we hear that his life has been threatened by Eric Fuller.

      And btw, I have no sympathy for Eric Fuller … even though I am a veteran myself.

      • txlady706 says:

        I’m prior military myself and my opinion is that he brings down the image of the military. He probably served his time begrudging every day that he was in. He is the type that brings that takes Esprit de corps down. Everything has probably been handed to him and he is the type that thinks that he is DUE something. Well, unfortunately, the Army and Marines used to weed those types out or pulverize them in to real people. How unfortunate that standards have fallen so far.
        I appreciate your service to our country. Hoorah!Semper Fi!

  3. […] Arizona – Tucson – Shooting Victim, James Eric Fuller, Arrested …Arizona – Tucson – Shooting victim, James Eric Fuller, arrested for “threatening the life” of a TEA PARTY founder – Trent Humphries – Both the result of LEFTIST issues with self – control and decades of the “do what feels good” ……[Read More about Shooting Arizona Fuller ] […]

  4. street fighting uncaged…

    Arizona – Tucson – Shooting victim, James Eric Fuller, arrested for “threatening the life” of a TEA PARTY founder – Trent Humphries – Both the result of LEFTIST issues with self – control and decades of the …

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