Schools Chancellor Cathie Black and Margaret Sanger have much in common

Who is this woman to say that one kid deserve to live and another does not.

The inner city rats are, who recognize that they are part of the RAT race, don’t see how vast the world is.  They see schools (modern era daycare – a place to deposit the most precious thing you have) as crowded and over taxed and their answer is less children.  As if they are the ones who have caused the issue.  Currently, the WESTERN world is being wiped out.  The people having the children are not even in the US.  In the US, we have 1.9 to 2.1 birth rate.  This will not replenish OUR population.  This is why the DEMOCRATS and the governments of the west are OK with illegal immigration.  In the US, they are especially OK with it because most are HISPANIC.  The government and the CHURCH are OK with that, because they believe that the HISPANICS are all Christians.  They vote Democrat, because the policies created by the Democrats are advantageous to them and to their extended families.  The Church’s are OK with it, because they fill the pews.  But THAT is abating, but slowly.  Many of the Mexican crossers are not even HISPANIC.  Some statistics have 20% or more as OTHER THAN HISPANIC.

Having LESS children won’t solve the issue.  The issue is that the system.  These middle age people grew up not even contemplating that the system that they have bought in to, is an illusion.  It’s not a system that is designed to WORK the way that people have MISUSED it.  Schooling and children are not synonymous.   Schooling is to obtain knowledge.  Children a basic instinct for human procreation.  The basic instinct also has other requirements to be healthy.  Children have become “institutionalized.”

Even if the population decided to KILL most of their children, so that the birth rate was 1 to 2, then there would be an even BIGGER “overcrowding issue.  Why?  Because less kids, mean less schools.  Less kids, means loss of Social Security to the pile and the rest of the population gets squeezed for more work.  See when the birthrate is expanding, then the pockets are expanding, when it’s shrinking then the lowest get squeezed the hardest and the squeezing continues to the the top.

Oh there’s much more to it, but that’s just the surface of an epidemic brainwashing that has thrown the WEST into the current state of the DARK AGES.  —–Notice that there have been NO great inventions in the past 20 years?  Yes, some hype about medical break throughs, but those types of inventions were much more common place throughout the earlier history of the 1800’s and 1900’s.  We are into the second decade of the 21th century and what innovations have there been?  The DARK AGES.

These same proponents of abortion are horrified at honor killings.  How are they different?  Or gasp at FMG, yet believe a tubal ligation is OK?  Or a VASECTOMY

These things —- Children —- The blessings of an AGE of Wisdom are now the curse to women who would prefer to mutilate their bodies and are angry at the MUSLIM killing his kid?  or mutilating their vagina’s? 

Oh, they say it’s a Religious thing and therefore they are against it.  Yet, they believe in the fairy tales of global warming.  They have FAITH in that and yet they judge others?  Theirs is just as much FAITH as mine.  But I have seen the effects of my belief in the g-d I know.  The results have been good.  What has their faith done for them?  Aside from erasing their names from a legacy and torturing themselves with WORK that never gets done.  And for what PLEASURE?  They say that they are selfish for not having kids.  That they just want attention to themselves.  Yet, a child bring attention to the parent with out any prerequisite.  Yet, the left says that I’m selfish for having a child.  So, which way is it?  Am I selfish or selfless?

Parents fume over Black’s ‘birth control’ quip about overcrowding

By YOAV GONEN Education Reporter

Last Updated: 10:20 AM, January 15, 2011

Posted: 1:02 AM, January 15, 2011

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Schools Chancellor Cathie Black and Margaret Sa…, posted with vodpod

Now that’s Black humor.

Less than two weeks into her new gig, Schools Chancellor Cathie Black has riled parents and public officials by jokingly suggesting that “birth control” was the solution to school overcrowding.

The off-color quip came in response to concerns by public-school dad Eric Greenleaf, who said at a meeting of parents and officials at state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s downtown office that there will be “huge shortages” of classroom space in lower Manhattan in coming years.

“Could we just have some birth control for a while?” Black cracked. “It could really help us all out a lot.”

Margaret Sanger---"Although Sanger uniformly repudiated the racist exploitation of eugenics principles, she agreed with the 'progressives' of her day who favored incentives for the voluntary hospitalization and/or sterilization of people with untreatable, disabling, hereditary conditions the adoption and enforcement of stringent regulations to prevent the immigration of the diseased and "feebleminded" into the U.S. placing so-called illiterates, paupers, unemployables, criminals, prostitutes, and dope-fiends on farms and open spaces as long as necessary for the strengthening and development of moral conduct

The public-service novice, who has spent her entire career in media and publishing, also dropped jaws at the meeting by likening her task of satisfying space-crunch concerns in every neighborhood to making “many Sophie’s Choices” — a reference to the book in which a mother in the Auschwitz death camp is forced to decide which of her two children will live.


<Planned Parenthood – Launches new “initiative” to teach PARENTS how to PERVERT their kids. Margaret Sanger began PP as a Eugenics program.>



“Everybody’s face fell. You don’t want to hear that reference when you’re talking about children,” said Tricia Joyce, whose kids attend the perennially overcrowded PS 234 in TriBeCa. “She could have been nervous, it could have been the first thing that came to her mind.

“I just hope she chooses to do something much better than what she says.”

Some who were at the meeting said Black’s levity was especially inappropriate given that she was addressing a community whose complaints about the scarcity of public-school seats has for years seemed to fall on deaf ears.

They said they came to hear solutions, not stand-up comedy.

“Those kinds of comments show a lack of understanding of what parents are going through,” said Julie Menin, chair of Community Board 1.

“The parents I spoke with after the meeting were very concerned about the comments she made because we’re grappling with real issues.”

Cathie Black- “Couldn’t we just have some birth control for a while?” Black mused. “It could really help us out a lot.”

After initially declining to comment, Department of Education spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz emphasized that Black takes the issue of crowded schools seriously, which is what prompted her participation in the monthly task-force meeting.

“She regrets if she left a different impression by making an off-handed joke in the course of that conversation,” said Ravitz.

Still, the sudden speed bump came just as Black was trying to pick up steam after a rocky appointment process — and it raised new concerns about her lack of education experience.

“Overcrowding is not a funny subject,” said city Councilwoman Letitia James (D-Brooklyn). “Constituents have expressed concerns that Cathie Black is not qualified for this job, and my role is to stand with them always, as I do in this case.”


3 Responses to Schools Chancellor Cathie Black and Margaret Sanger have much in common

  1. Dhalgren says:

    Cathie Black might not be politically correct. But she has a point. I defend her remarks!

    • txlady706 says:

      Her remarks are right out of Mein Kampf. Eugenics and infanticide are the easiest tools of the Socialists, because they know that the system, as it progresses, can’t sustain it self. The instinct is to shrink the population, because the population, as it expands under Socialism, has more people burdening it then lifting the load. Yet, really, it’s a no win situation under Socialism. The reason that there is no winning is because if you shrink the population, then there is less burden, but shrinking it also diminishes the possibility that someone will come in to lighten the load. It’s a loose / loose situation. There are many other examples of “issues” with Socialist theories. There are few benefits that are logical and conclude positively.
      One has to examine logic and history. Go deeper that the history that they taught you in school. The history taught by a government entity, is a skewed history, indeed.

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