NJ – Chris Christie – Appoints Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim to the States Supreme Court – CAIR approved!



Who got to him?

What is this?

Why is he doing this?  This guy was, in my mind, the genuine article.

Now he’s just another one of the feeble minded dolts.

Corruption abounds.


Christie Taps Muslim For NJ Bench

By NewsGuy – January 15, 2011


NJ governor Chris Christie and Sohail Mohammed talk at the American Muslim Union



New Jersey governor Chris Christie has nominated a Muslim lawyer who defended Islamic terror suspects after 9/11 for a spot on the state’s top Court.

Sohail Mohammed “worked in the aftermath of the attacks to try to foster trust between American Muslims and law enforcement, particularly federal officials,”reports The New York Times.

Christie apparently met him at an annual Ramadan dinner at the American Muslim Union some time ago, and spoke very highly of the Muslim lawyer.

Mohammed gained noteriety while defending The Fort Dix Six, a group of would-be Islamic terrorists from Yugoslavia and the Middle East who plotted to shoot up the Fort Dix military base back in January 2006.

”If these people did something, then they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” Mohammed said of his clients at the time. “But when the government says – ‘Islamic militants,’ it sends a message to the public that Islam and militancy are synonymous.”

Sohail Mohammed

“Don’t equate actions with religion,” he said.

According to an online CV, Mohammed works mostly on immigration issues. He has also arranged job fairs that encourage Muslims to find employment in the FBI and other police forces, and has given many lectures on Muslim culture and Islam to the FBI.

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), praised the nomination.

“It’s just more evidence of the growth and maturity of the American Muslim community and our contributions to American society,” The Daily Reporterquotes Hooper as saying. “We have a large number of young Muslim attorneys coming up through the legal system, which is a fairly recent trend. It used to be that Muslim parents wanted their children to become doctors or engineers.”

Mohammed was on former New Jersey governor John Corzine’s short list for the position but was never appointed. If confirmed by the State Senate, he would serve on the Court in Passaic County.



61 Responses to NJ – Chris Christie – Appoints Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim to the States Supreme Court – CAIR approved!

  1. kaafir says:

    Chris Christie is one stupid ARSEHOLE..What is the matter with these stupid people anyway. Why not just give serial killers a badge and a 9mm pistol? How stupid can you get?

  2. txlady706 says:

    cute little icon – reminds me of porky pig in some way.
    Yeah. I don’t get it. Christie was one bright light and now —- wow. Just wow. I don’t know what he’s thinking. He was sounding like a guy that could really stand his ground, but now? He is faltering in confusion. I’m surprised and glad that we see him NOW instead of later for who he really is.

  3. Lynn Ferguson says:

    Hi is out the next election. Hold a noose around his ability to get anything done. We can not have muslims in government. end of story. they are wanting a caliphate government and shariah law. study history. do not listen to what they say as everytime their lips \are moving they are lying. They read the Koran…come on. WAKE UP AMERICA!! This is the real thing. ISSLAM is the biggest enemy the world has ever faced…Hitler was a kitten by comparison. WAKE UP!!!

  4. txlady706 says:

    Lynn Ferguson:
    I agree. Islam has been a threat to civilization and not just the WEST. India and many other countries have been assaulted by the likes of Islam. I believe that the reason CHINA is the way it is, is, in part, due to the Islamic incursions in to it. Be that as it may, I am taken aback by the Christy thing.
    There is something that stinks about it. Something not quite on the up and up.
    This is some sort of trick. I’m just not sure who’s pulling it or why. It took me by surprise, so that means that there is MUCH more to it.

  5. proud2beMuslim says:

    Txlady you are the most racist simple minded person I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. How could someone blame everything on a single religion…Islam preachers peace and honor and those islamic terrorists just hid behine there so called “religion” the fact that you blame all your woes on Islam is indeed pathetic and just goes to show what our socity has come to..a bunch of closed minded assholes trying to find a scapegoat for their problems

    • txlady706 says:

      Racist, racist, racist, yeah, yeah, yeah. That has no meaning to mean. Try another tactic. I don’t blame all my owes on Islam. You don’t know all my owes. Islam doesn’t preach peace. The QU’RAN is full of hate and that is the last note. Submission and Conquest. That is the lesson of the book. It’s a nasty, offensive, guide for MALE domination. The WEST is not closed minded, and if the west was, as you allude, it would NEVER have let the likes of ISLAM come into the language of AMERICAN society. The British moniker of BARBARIAN was the description given to Muslim invaders. They were accurate. Weren’t they?

      • Anonymous says:

        Your etymology of barbarian is incorrect. The origins of the word predate Islam. It is derived from Greek, its original meaning was anyone who is not or does not speak Greek. Just an fyi.

        • txlady706 says:

          The literal word indicates the geography, YES. Don’t be dense. Don’t try and alter the conversation. What I said was that the NEGATIVE connotation of BARBARIAN (not the direct meaning of the geographical placement of an individual)was canonized with the invading armada of the Muslims invaders and the pirates that ruled the seas especially from the 1400’s and onward until the English with the help of the NEW WORLD helped to eradicate the “Barbarians” of the seas.


    • Bassist says:

      ok Proud2bmuslim…what does the Quaran teach about spreading the muslim religion…if not by peace, then by….? Is not the Quaran peaceful in the first half of the book, and not so peaceful in the second half of the book. And isn’t it know (as taught in the Quaran), if there is a dilemma between two different verses in the Quaran, you are to take the latter…? Is it not OK to lie, according to the Quaran, if your defending yourself or your religion?
      Go to religionofpeace.com and tell me how many murders have been committed to jihad in the last year….two years…ten years…you’ll be astounded by the numbers on this website.
      How many christians have killed in the name of their religion in the last year…?

      • txlady706 says:

        yeah, but your pointing things out that he/she chooses to obfuscate. Reminds me of the see no evil / hear no evil monkeys. But instead of only blinding themselves they blind others or try to

    • Kelly Kafir says:

      Yeah, racist… cause 1400 years and 270 million dead people in the name of your moon god was committed by just a “few fringe” right? And MoHAMmad (piss be upon him) didn’t personally kill over 800 Jews… oh yeah, we see by the evidence that Islam is “peaceful” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!!!!!

    • baldeguy56 says:

      proud2bemuslim, You don’t know much about your own religion, do you? You throw racism out there when racism is not the issue. The issue is that Islam has in its’ Koran racisim, child molestlation, wife beatings, honor killings, world domination by its’ religion, etc. I believe, there is no such a thing as a moderate Islamic follower. This is the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, but as history has proven, it is the bloodiest. Done by such Islamic followers and not a few. We don’t blame all our woes on Islam, but just stop your lies. BTW, ever heard of stealth jihad?

  6. proud2beMuslim says:

    You keep speaking of allowing Islam in…this country was founded on freedom of religion…have you ever actually picked up a Quran and read it? With the way your speaking I can bet that you haven’t.. You might get your sources from people who fabricate the truth and they take a bunch of irrelevant words mash them together and quote my holy scripture in the negative but what your saying sounds uneducated and offensive not only to Muslims but to humanity as a whole….you are an intolerant low life that has nothing better to do then take all your hate and fear out on innocent god fearing people…this is why us texans get termed racist and bigots…I’m as patriotic as the next person and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for America…but how is a female Muslim like me going to view her country when we have people like you trying to repress us? You sully the picture of equality and acceptance that america is trying to paint

    • txlady706 says:

      I actually have. It made me sick and my kid sick. I made her read it, so that she could see the words for herself. It sickened me within the first 3 pages. It’s slime!
      The source IS the bloody KORAN. Don’t you get it?
      I HAVE read it. Your the one who’s brainwashed. Or you are trying to use a tactic to sway my judgment. My judgment comes from the very source. The actual words of the book from a mind of a disturbed retarded mind of a male who never developed past the age of 13.

    • proud Infidel says:

      HAHAHAHA YOU dare speak of intolerance…. oh that is ironic. Why dont you scold your Muslim brothers for thier hate and intolerance? ( thousands of Christians in Muslim countries attacked and killed nearly on a daily basis, even in thier places of worship and not a peep from your community to denounce it )and you want to call Americans bigots? LMAO…. THAT! is why we cant take you serious! Let is know when Christian Americans start storming mosques and killing the worshipers inside…..hmmmmmm? LOL

      Islam is not only a religion it is a political ideology and cultural identity as well. THAT is why there is a clash. YOUR religion is NOT confined to your place of worship.. it is part of your culture and infringes on our rights to be free from it! I always wonder.. If Islam is so great and the west is sooooo evil then why do so many Muslim people migrate to western countries to live with us infidels? Hmmmm? Really.. why? If Islam is so great then why dont these countries have thier acts together instead of killing each other on a daily basis over being shiite or sunni…..I mean it should be an Islamic paradise in these countries right? I can think of only one reason CONQUEST

  7. proud2beMuslim says:

    Another thing I forgot to mention is wasn’t speaking in the plural in the first comment I was referring to you on a specific note…I’m am an American Muslim..note the use of American first…you act as if this isn’t my country as much as it is yours

  8. Aaron Mireles says:

    This thread has become so incredibly racist and ignorant. I will NEVER be reading this blog again and will tell people to steer clear of this hatred. Txlady706 and Lynn Ferguson, you should both be ashamed.

  9. MidWestGuy says:


    I apologize for these simple fools who offended you. Tolstoy once wrote, It is better to keep quiet and have people assume you are a fool than to speak and have them know you are one. taxlady is a fool, and even worse, she is none the wiser.

  10. txlady706 says:

    Tolstoy came out of Russia. The land of ???? Not free speech.
    Welcome to America.

  11. Robaby says:

    txlady706 have you ever read your bible, it is disgusting and heinous:

    They fought against Midian, as the LORD commanded Moses, and killed every man……..Now kill all the boys [innocent kids]. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man. (Numbers 31:7,17-18)”

    1 Samuel 15:2-4
    2 Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I remember that which Amalek did to Israel, how he laid wait for him in the way, when he came up from Egypt.
    3 Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.
    4 And Saul gathered the people together, and numbered them in Telaim, two hundred thousand footmen, and ten thousand men of Judah.

    A praise for dashing little children against rocks as a form of revenge:

    Psalm 137:8-9
    8 O daughter of Babylon, O destroyed one, O the happiness of him who repayeth to thee thy deed, That thou hast done to us.
    9 O the happiness of him who doth seize, And hath dashed thy sucklings on the rock!

    I find it to be absolutely ridiculous that the bible feeds us all kinds of lies and contradictions about “love your enemy”, and yet, we see mass slaughter of suckling infants and innocent boys, girls, unarmed men, women (old and young), and innocent domestic farm animals by the tens of thousands! It is clear that the inconsistent man-altered, man-corrupted and morally corrupt bible is nothing but a false book, and can not be a Divine and Perfect Holy Book!

    • txlady706 says:

      You have you beliefs. I have mine. You choose interpretations that suit your ideology. I choose mine. Survival of the fittest. Isn’t that what Darwin would say. We will see who’s stands the test of time.

      • llmc says:

        I just love it when people bring up the Old testament lmao! They sure can pick out those verses can’t they? We, as modern Christians, live by the New Testament (grace) so let’s pick out some verses…
        Leviticus 19:18
        18 ” ‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.
        Psalm 85:10
        10 Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other.

        The Love Chapter – 1 Corinthians 13

        Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
        And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.
        And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.
        Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,
        Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;
        Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;
        Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
        Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.
        For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
        But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.
        When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
        For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.
        And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity

        1John 4:7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.
        There are some in the Old Testament as well; but for this post, I picked the New Testament. Jesus died for us so we could live and be forgiven of our sins. He has never said kill for me so you can live.

        These are a few–so Robaby, please find the verses where it tells Christians to kill nonbelievers.

        • txlady706 says:

          I am Jewish and not Christian. I believe that Isaac was spared from being a sacrifice on the alter Because G-d wanted to make a point that human sacrifice to appease the g-ds (elohim – plural for g-d) was NOT acceptable.
          There are many things that are initially established for the specific instruction of reversing.

    • Bassist says:

      Robaby….that was thousands of years ago….lets look at the violence today…! religionofpeace.com
      Go to this website and tell me the numbers are wrong!
      How many Christians are killing on a daily basis in the name of Jesus Christ (Prince of peace).
      Now how many muslims kill in the name of Allah…?
      each day….each year….each decade…?
      I dont believe any religion is perfect, but at least Christianity teaches forgiveness…the Quaran is only about half forgiveness…the other half….not so much. Not a very forgiving religion.
      And Yes, I have read the Quaran…twice.

      • txlady706 says:

        Why put yourself through that – twice? Once was painful enough.

        • dumbass says:

          Great TXLAdy is jewish and no doubt supports teh United States of Israel. I am fine with giving the zionist a chunk of Southern Arizona but get them out of Israel. They are NOT a just society, and I have actually lived all over the Middle east and not on army bases.

      • dumbass says:

        Do your numbers count all of the innocents we have killed in Iraq, that never attacked us, or AFghanistan, or any number of the dictators we supported in the name of the cold war that were happy to kill their own people such as Saddam Hussein. We are not a peaceful people we kill people all over the world for the benefit of Israel, farmers, bankers, Industry in General, do I really need to go on?

        • txlady706 says:

          I know you are but what am I?
          You ability to reason is juvenile.
          First, it’s much more complicated then you are making it out to be.
          You don’t have a foggy idea about what the HISTORY is. Long before America ever existed the Muslims were warring against those with whom they lived. This is how Islam was birthed. It’s core is Conquest and it’s longevity is Submission.
          One point that I only half heartedly agree with you about is the fact that we should not have engaged Saddam Hussein like we did. This was, in my opinion, the blunder of a generation who have been deprived of HISTORY. This is not to say that Bush senior was any wiser. I think that the whole administration was ill advised or educated. They didn’t really understand their enemy. This is not an enemy to them. Islam is an enemy. I am not referring to the people, rather the ideology of Islam. The Religion of Islam is really a mute point. The Religious aspect of it is about 1/5th or 1/6th of what the TOTALITY of Islam is. They recognize the fact that the WESTERN CIVILIZATION is what they are warring against. They recognize that. Yet, you still refuse to. You would rather “look inward” to find the faults. Your brainwashed in to always blaming yourself and those around you. You refuse to see beyond the shadows. Yes, there are globalists. That factors in. But the Globalist is not YOU. YOU will never be one of them. It’s set up so that YOU never could be. They have set you up. They have brainwashed YOU. Some of what you believe is true. But in just so much that they can use to continue to maneuver you. They USE your fears. They have none. They don’t care about the Muslim people, just like they don’t care about ME. They use countries not “people.” Those are the Globalists. Those are seen more clearly, because they are more tangible to you, but what you don’t see is covered with your own biases, with your own bigotry. The Muslim is very CLEAR. The road is to dismantle WESTERN CIVILIZATION.
          The bankers and globalists can be dealt with, but once your laws are changed, there will be nothing left for you to do. Whats scary, to me, is that you are the type of person who believes that YOU have a right to you judge ME badly for telling the truth. Our enemy is ISLAM. Not the people of ISLAM. ISLAM!

    • ever read the New Testament dumbass…and millions witnessed many miracles of christ…but noone ever saw any of mohhameds self claimed miracles…gabriel did not give him the koran quaran..no one saw him fly on his so called donkey lmao..he was a perverted pedophile wanna be prophet.a narcissistic pos.a murderer a rapuist..a bloodthirsty man ..even his little child he married felt it odd that when he asked allah of favors it was always granted..like when he told her he wanted another wife..he said he asked allah and allah said it was ok..lmbo..dude was a liar.like i said…no one ever witnessed mohammeds meetings/miracles…many were fed and saw christ feed the multitudes from a few fish.he raised the dead (witnessed) put the ear back on a soldier (witnessed) arose from the dead (witnessed) ascended into heaven (witnessed).again i could go on.your religion (backwards ignorant evil and illegitimate barely acknowledges him as a prophet only..where do you jackasses come off with that..you been brainwashed..christ taught nothing of hatred..only love forgiveness and peace..i could go on for hours at this…i have read the books even your shit books including the hadith and sura..have you?if you wanna say some one came from heaven to give him the koran…i suggest it may have been satan himself to pass on such hatred and intolerance of beliefs..it is pitiful to think that god would wish or want for anyone to raise a hand or kill that which he created..your religion is ignorant animalistic perverted and barbaric.

  12. […] Sami Al-Arian to a defense of Imam Quan­tani, even when he was no longer act­ing as his lawyer– Sohail Mohammed always seemed ready and will­ing to con­demn the government’s legal cam­paign against […]

  13. […] Sami Al-Arian to a defense of Imam Quan­tani, even when he was no longer act­ing as his lawyer– Sohail Mohammed always seemed ready and will­ing to con­demn the government’s legal cam­paign against […]

  14. llmc says:

    Again, he word “racist” comes up. What is racist about what we have seen and heard about radical islam? Islam is a religion, Aaron, not a race. Many races make up Islam. So, pls quit using that word. I’ve read the Koran, and I can’t agree with men being able to marry girls if no women are available. Hmmm..@Proud2be..you’re an american muslim…are you female? If so, do you drive a car? If you’re male, do you believe adulterers should be stoned? Do you believe females should be covered in burqas? You may be living the American way, but the American way is totally against Sharia law! A young girl in my town was killed by her father in an honor killing…that’s peaceful? This also happens to other young muslim girls here living the American way, so…there’s too much evidence against Islam that would make me think it’s a “religion” of peace. According to Anjem Choudary, to be a muslim, you must submit completely to sharia. He feels if you’re not, you’re not a real muslim, so which one are you Proud2be?

  15. […] foreigners in their own lands, and from the beginning they have not wanted this large influx. This immigration policy carries with it all the signs of a totalitarian concept of rule from the political elite of […]

  16. […] in their own lands, and from the beginning they have not wanted this large influx. This immigration policy carries with it all the signs of a totalitarian concept of rule from the political elite of […]

  17. […] NJ – Chris Christie – Appoints Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim to the States Supreme Court – CAIR a… […]

  18. kaafir says:

    I thought that islam said we all are fools? Ibraham Hooper from CAIR said in one of his YouTube videos that islam is not a religion but an ideology. And it needs to be stopped and Christie will be gone.
    It was said and I quote.. “Txlady you are the most racist simple minded person”. That is not true. I was called that and an arsehole and a bigot. I am the most simple minded racist person and proud of it. At least I am not muslim. When muslims in america stand up and fight aginst what the so called Radical muslims are doing then I will change my attitude for muslims, but until then..Islam suck and moo-ham-mad is still a ‘pedophile’. Ever notice how they hate ham and pork products but about half of the men have “HAM” in their names? Why is that? Peace to all non-muslims

    • txlady706 says:

      I am very simple minded. Why make things complicated? The only reason that people WANT to make things complicated is that they WANT to confuse the situation. I have found, as I go living life, that if I get confused about what I’m being told or things don’t seem straight forward, that there is something there that someone is trying to HIDE. That is my cue for getting out my lie detector sniffer.
      I am not a racist or a bigot. I have no contempt for Christian Egyptians or anyone from the middle east who are not ISLAMISTS. I have an issue with ISLAM. Islam is evil and even if you could make the argument that it is a Religion, then you could not dismiss that it’s only 1/5th Religion and the rest is Politics, Culture, Law and IDEOLOGY. They are EXCLUSIVE and another word for EXCLUSIVE is bigot, discriminatory, and RACIST. So, when fighting FOR ISLAM one is fighting FOR BIGOTRY, Discrimination, and Racism on a level that is sanctioned BY the Officials of those states that are ISLAMIC.

  19. akhan says:

    wow you guys gotta relax. I consider myself a practicing Muslim and a good citizen of the U S of A. Don’t fall into the same mistakes of the past. Remember how the Japanese, Jews and African Americans were treated before? Now we realize it was a mistake, but at that time they were probably saying things that are very similar to what many of you are saying now.

  20. Nurse Nancy says:

    Sorry this is so long, but there is so much here that bears addressing!

    TxLady, what happened to you personally to make you so full of spite and venom toward Islam, and men? Would you like to talk about it, dear?

    Kaafir, Lynn, Bassist, you people are ugly, ugly souls, and the rest of us are made less as thinking human beings by even having to read your posts.

    TxLady, CHINA? BARBARIANS? Stick to what you know, which I suspect is not much, and stop trying to talk your way out of it when somebody corrects your mistakes. You make yourself look even more foolish, dear. You do excel at name-calling, though.

    Proud2B, TxLady’s soul is clouded with hatred of men for some reason, and she is unable to use logic or reason to form an effective argument. Sad, isn’t it?
    She is also completely lacking in any capacity for self-realization.

    ProudInfidel, “thousands of Christians in Muslim countries attacked and killed nearly on a daily basis”? Really? Get a clue. AND if _Christianity_ is so great, why didn’t those Irish “have their shit together” instead of spending 80 years killing each other over Catholic or Protestant, or those Yugoslavs “have their shit together” instead of killing each other over Serb or Croat, or…or…or…

    llmc, Robaby, you are both right. We can cherry-pick the Old Testament for just as much violence and intolerance as anywhere in the Quran, and good Christians, but unfortunately not all Christians, live by the New Testament. Good for you if you do. Have either of you ever heard of a fundamentalist CHRISTIAN movement in THIS COUNTRY called Dominionism? Google it. The leaders want to abolish the Constitution in favor of a Biblical Theocracy, with jurisprudence based on Mosaic Law, to include the stoning of adulterers, etc. Sensible people know that there are REAL and DANGEROUS fundamentalist extremists in every religion, but don’t work themselves into hysterics by seeing this as a monstrous existential threat. BTW, llmc, honor killings are not unknown in some _Christian_ Mediterranean societies-Sicily, Italy-where the people are all “good Catholics”…just like the Mafia.

    TxLady, I understand the distinction you are trying to make between Muslims and Islam-as-a-system, but I think your reasoning is not sound enough to ride that line successfully. I’m not sure you believe the argument you’re trying to make yourself. Honestly, you just come off sounding like a hate-filled bigot, as so many have said here.

    Akhan, when you believe that YOUR way of being a good American is the only right way to begin with, it only takes a little help from the conservative fringe echo-chamber, in the form of distortions, generalizations, and outright lies, to hate The Other. Again, sad, isn’t it?

    Finally, to all of you “GOOD AMERICANS,” a little reality check from the Constitution, which you think you’re such great defenders of (against the likes of that evil President Obama, who we all know is a Muslim anyway, right? Puh-leez!)…from Article VI, Third Paragraph: NO RELIGIOUS TEST SHALL EVER BE REQUIRED AS A QUALIFICATION TO ANY OFFICE OR PUBLIC TRUST UNDER THE UNITED STATES. That’s the way we do it here. If you don’t like it, take your hate and hysteria somewhere else, and get over it.

    • txlady706 says:

      Nurse Nancy :
      Islam speaks for itself.
      “She is also completely lacking in any capacity for self-realization.”
      Your the one who makes no sense.
      Islam doesn’t qualify as a Religion. It’s a politic, a law, a culture and an ideology. It it’s a Religion, then it is one in “name” only.
      Islam is Conquest and Submission from it’s foundations and it has not changed. It’s NOT a Religion, because all the other faces of Islam outweigh ANY aspect of Religion by any standard, save it’s own.
      When you choose not to see reality. You are the one who is willfully blind. That makes you willfully ignorant. Reality is that ISLAM is as violent as it has ever been. Thats it’s consistency.

    • boy are you misinformed..stick to nursing..iv been to war with islamists..iv studied the books..ive heard their imams preach…i been there..have you?

  21. Nurse Nancy says:

    How many Muslims do you know, or have you spent any time around? I have worked in the Middle East and know many Muslims in this country too. I can tell you from _personal experience_ (not from watching the negative sensationalism on Fox, or reading the NONSENSE passed around the internet) that Muslims are generally a modest, righteous people, concerned with community and family values of the kind that YOU moan about not finding in America nowadays. Some are pious, some are secular, some are observant, some not so much, just like any other religion. They long for change but view violent extremists as part of the lunatic fringe just like any other SANE person would. They are not “Islamists,” they are PEOPLE who identify themselves as Muslims.

    • RiDebata says:

      I live in MUSLIM country and it’s very painful, as non-Muslim we have no right, do You understand what we feel nurse nancy? WE HAVE NO RIGHT HERE even for build our house worship, pray in our own house, government permission, and many other thing that’s You don’t know.Terror is our daily routine, If they attack us, government always protect them, MUSLIM always says that they are peaceful, but see them in reality, they are LIVE “KILLER SERIES”.
      nurse nancy, You really have no idea how the feeling.
      They smile on face but hiding knife on their back.

  22. txlady706 says:

    Nurse Nancy:
    I have known MANY in my time. They are usually as you describe, until something happens that causes them to make a moral judgement call or if they judge YOU in a certain light, then those people become violent. You see it by the aversion of their eyes at first, then they begin to show their outward disgust. Then, you may fear for your life. One true thing in life is that as strong as LOVE is, it can become HATE with as MUCH force as the love. Islam is an ideology and a belief. They CHOOSE it. They are the product. Look at the Muslim countries and you see the product of this INSANE ideology.

    • Rabbi Ben says:

      It is as simple as this. “Your” people have been persecuted so long it finally feels good to turn the tables doesn’t it?? Go nuts you clearly need it. I will make this clear: you do not represent the feelings of most Americans. Pause and reflect on your hate filled rhetoric.

      • RM says:

        Rabbi Ben:
        Taxlady reflects the enlightened Jewish opinions and it is people like you, much like the Jews of Germany in the early days when Hitler rose to power, who turn a blind eye, give them the benefit of the doubt, uphold political correctness and stick their head in the ground, that are the most dangerous. Not all Muslims are actively on a jihad, but those that don’t speak out against it are just as guilty.

  23. childcare training…

    NJ – Chris Christie – Appoints Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim to the States Supreme Court – CAIR approved! « Politics, Religion, and Family…

  24. lizzeesbooks says:

    You don’t seem to have a point of view as to the wisdom of appointing a Muslim to the bench.

    I have one. I think it is crazy. Muslims have their own laws that they absolutely must abide by according to the Koran. One of the tools that Muslims use, is taqiyya, that means relitgious deception. They may, with Allah’s blessing lie about anything if it will advance Islam. The biggest lie, repeated often is “Islam is a Religilon of Peace.”
    There is nothing peaceful about it. LOOK AT THE MIDDLE EAST.

    Any appointment, any act, approved by Cair has to be evil. This man defended and aided in keeping members of the Muslim Brotherhood in our country, rather than sending them back where they belong.

    Your article while it contains a few facts, doesn’t say anything.

  25. I never really wanted Christie to be president, but I have to admit it, he’s got the balls to stand up to the idiots like you who see every Muslim as an automatic terrorist. You talk about the nominee defending terrorists after 9/11, but you conveniently forget to mention that all of the people he defended later had *all* charges against them dropped! FFS, are we living in Stalin’s Russia now, or Hitler’s Germany, where you’re guilty just because the government police say so? THIS IS AMERICA! people are *not* guilty because of their religion, the race or anything else besides whether they have convicted of committing a crime. Conservatives often suggest liberal and others who don’t agree with them should just get out of America. So, If you don’t like the idea of “innocent until proven guilty”, I’d suggest you go someplace where the legal system functions as you seem to think it should. I hear Iran has a system where you are guilty just because the government says so, maybe you should consider moving there.

  26. Proud to be Muslim, you need to go back to a country and be proud there. Have you read the Koran? Perhaps you have one of the “rewritten versions”. There is nothing peaceful about Islam and it is not a religion. It is a political agenda, and this country already has a political agency, we don’t need yours.

    You are not a Muslim anyway, you’ve just put on a scarf and said you were eieth that or you are ignorant.

  27. Dreamhost says:


    […]NJ – Chris Christie – Appoints Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim to the States Supreme Court – CAIR approved! « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

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    […]NJ – Chris Christie – Appoints Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim to the States Supreme Court – CAIR approved! « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

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    […]NJ – Chris Christie – Appoints Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim to the States Supreme Court – CAIR approved! « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

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    […]NJ – Chris Christie – Appoints Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim to the States Supreme Court – CAIR approved! « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

  32. Anonymous says:

    There goes the nieghborhood,remember 9/11 we didn’t start it….

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