Houston – Wal – mart times two size Planned Parent HOOD (AKA – abortion center) – “Can you super-size that?”

In the era of BIG and the town of “everything is bigger in Texas”, this infanticide crazy world has produced a mega – repository for human wasted flesh that is torn from the womb and discarded as waste in a place that facilitates the Eugenics whet dream, called PLANED PARENTHOOD.

HOOD is right.  HOODWINKED is even more right.

But of course to women like this, abortion is just the right thing to do –

Schools Chancellor Cathie Black and Margaret Sanger have much in common

This article – explains all about abortions.  It’s very graphic and NOT for the squeamish.  But, in my opinion, if your a big supporter of it, then you should be able to stomach watching these murders aka “procedures”.

Abortion – What does LATE-TERM abortion mean? – Graphic

Ten thousand protestors rally against Planned Parenthood’s ‘abortion supercenter’

  • January 20th, 2010 1:02 am ET

picture of 19-week old baby in the womb

Six stories high and 75,000 feet in capacity, Houston has donned a new ‘abortion super center’ that has Christian leaders and other pro-life advocates fighting against a Texas-sized trend for Planned Parenthood.

Aptly held on the eve of ‘Martin Luther King Jr. Day,’ a protest against the new abortion center in Houston, Texas brought ten thousand protestors and key leaders in the battle for lifeLou Engle of The Call organized the day, and other leaders like Matt Staver from Liberty Counsel, Tony Perkins from Family Research Council and Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference came alongside for the cause. “We are a voice rising out of Houston declaring that we don’t want this’,” says Lou Engle. “It’s time to let the unborn go free and spare pregnant mothers the agony of guilt.”

This facility is planted right in the heart of a minority community where protestors believe PP is targeting the mostly black and Hispanic neighborhoods because of the percentage of unwanted pregnancies. Staver stated: “Unfortunately, the badge of racism is carried on through the prenatal racial genocide perpetrated by Planned Parenthood. Worse yet, the federal government funds Planned Parenthood with several hundred million dollars each year. African American and Hispanic communities have been particularly hit hard by Planned Parenthood’s genocide.” In a Houston Chronicle article, the PP spokeswoman Rochelle Tafolla said the location of this “flagship”, which will open in April, is due to accessibility and space. However, she added the reason for more minority abortions: “This is because minorities often have more unintended pregnancies. Perhaps because they do not have the same access to birth control,” Tafolla said.

This massive headquarters is being protested as the largest abortion center in the Western hemisphere. PP counteracts by explaining that only two floors will be used for “clinical space,” while the rest of the floors are used for administrative offices and services like birth control. This facility is licensed to perform abortions up to the twenty-fourth week, but will perform abortions up until the nineteenth week.

In the nineteenth week of fetal development, the mother will be able to feel her baby flutter … The baby can make a fist with its fingers … The baby begins to hear …

Perkins expressed concern that the Houston center was a prototype for future facilities. “Planned Parenthood’s Houston abortion super center will most likely become the prototype for so-called ‘preventative care’ centers under President Obama’s health care plan,” he noted. “Already, Planned Parenthood is counting the millions, if not billions, of dollars the organization will receive under the current Obama plan. And that’s just federal funding. As the legislation stands now, Planned Parenthood would be considered an ‘authorized care provider’ by private insurers, which would flood the organization’s coffers with even more money regardless of its predatory record against minorities.”

Protestors gathered locally to protest PP at the “All Women’s Health Center of Orlando” located in Altamonte Springs, in unity with the Houston rally.

Engle wants Houston to be known for “adoption, pregnant mother’s care, the alternative to abortion trafficking in America.” In that spirit, he told the story of a pastor from the tiny town of Possum Trot, Texas. As noted in a World Mag.com article, in this church of 200 in a poor county, congregants have adopted 72 children out of foster care.

Joining the rally was Abby Johnson, a former PP worker who had a change of heart after witnessing an abortion. Compassion is what the workers need, she exhorted. “They are misguided. We need to keep coming out here every day and praying for them.”

Ten thousand protestors rally against Planned Parenthood’s ‘abortion supercenter’ – Orlando Christian News | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/christian-news-in-orlando/ten-thousand-protestors-rally-against-planned-parenthood-s-abortion-supercenter?cid=parsely#parsely#ixzz1B92NtZWx


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