Azerbaijan – HIJAB ban is condemned by the bogyman

The “religion” of no PEACE speaks again.

Does that mean that there is a FATWA on Azerbaijan?

I’m sooooo sick of these THREATS.

The UN’s actions of sanctioning ISLAM and it’s IN HUMAN ideas goes to show how easily the masses are confused and tricked.

The evil of ISLAM is pervasive and the tongue of this devil is very sing songy.  Lulls all the “minds” to a stupor.

Women forced into their own prisons.  And why?  Because the UN is too weak for the truth?  This monolith is to weak to stand up and force the truth down these savages throats?



Ayatollah condemns Islamic hijab ban in Azerbaijan
Tehran Times Political Desk

<Islam is a human rights violation.  A move against something evil is —–>GOOOOOOOOD<——    chew on that Ayatollah !>


“Reportedly, Azerbaijan’s education minister has ordered the (relevant officials) to prevent the students who wear Islamic hijab (headscarf) from entering the schools and universities… I should remind you that this measure goes against the divine law and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights,” Ayatollah Sobhani stated.

The UN Declaration of Human Rights calls for respecting all beliefs and religions and friendship among all nations and races, he said, asking Aliyev, “Is it right that half of your society become deprived of education due to practicing virtue and adhering to God’s law or be forced to ignore the divine law and feel pangs of conscience (for disobeying God’s orders)?”

The ayatollah urged the Azeri president to order the revocation of the recent decree on hijab in order to restore unity and win back the public support


3 Responses to Azerbaijan – HIJAB ban is condemned by the bogyman

  1. kaafir says:

    Ayatollah Sobhani stated “Call me ARSEHOLE SOBHANI”
    Ayatollah recommends banning Islamic hijab in Azerbaijan, Saying they are evil and issues a FAYWA on anyone who wears one or tells others to wear one.

  2. txlady706 says:

    heheh. You are soo cute. Every time I look at your little icon I have to smile just a bit at least. 🙂

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