Italy – Vatican City – Benedict XVI – Certifies that Pope John Paul II performed a miracle and will be BEATIFIED after Easter


The negativity surrounding the Christian and Jewish religions are direct brainwashings of the Progressives and Communists.

They say that Religion starts war, yet ALL wars have been started as a result of TYRANNY of one sort or another.  Religion, historically, is the glue that brings people together to ANSWER the oppression of TYRANNIES.  The false analysis that Religion is the ROOT of WAR is the same as saying that a Child who is a Brat is acts that way and should not be stopped and when the parent disciplines the child it’s the DISCIPLINE thats wrong and the parent who is EVIL?

That is the brainwashing of the LEFT.  People want the selfish desire to do whatever they want at any given time.  Animals survive that way.  Yet any animal who delays gratification, even for a short period of time, rises to a higher level than the others that don’t:  Wolves, Lion, and many others.  Man, however,  is uniquely endowed with a memory and a history and language.  This allows for our HISTORY to be longer than any animal.  This allows us to “live” almost INDEFINITELY or until the truth is erased and FACTS lost.  Religion, has been the unity of many to be able to live together.  The ideology that allows for a commonality that allows for the relationships and bond building.  This is not good for a TYRANNY.  Therefore, religion is the ANTITHESIS to Communism and dictatorships.




Pope John Paul II will be beatified after Easter

Current pontiff Benedict XVI certifies that a miracle healing attributed to John Paul is genuine. The finding puts John Paul closer to sainthood, for which a second miracle is required.


Pope John Paul II

This picture taken on September 19, 1999 shows Pope John Paul II at a Mass of beatification of Anton Martin Slomsek on Sept. 19, 1999, in Maribor, Slovenia. (Gabriel Bouys / AFP/Getty Images)



By Henry ChuLos Angeles Times Staff Writer

January 14, 2011, 5:10 a.m.



Reporting from Manchester, England —

The late Pope John Paul II will be beatified this spring, the Vatican announced Friday after the current pontiff, Benedict XVI, certified that his predecessor had met the requirements.

The move puts the former pope a step closer to sainthood on what is already an unusually accelerated timetable that Benedict launched within weeks of John Paul’s death almost six years ago.

The Vatican said Benedict had approved findings by the church that John Paul had performed a miracle after his death, a prerequisite for beatification. A nun who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, as did the late pope, said she was healed of her affliction after praying to John Paul shortly after he died.


By Henry ChuLos Angeles Times Staff Writer

January 14, 2011, 5:10 a.m.,0,1088918.story




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