From NY – Robert Spencer – Radical Islam: How and Why It Threatens America -txlady706



Radical Islam: How and Why It Threatens America |


A long video but well wort watching. Barrack Hussein Obama and his tribe of progressives are leading us on to the demise of our nation. Congress, political correctness and our media are in bed with them. You must wake up, stand up or you will see your daughters dressed in garbage bags being treated as domesticated animals. You will see your sons banging their heads on the ground without a clue. You will be giving your freedom, that of your children and future generations to an evil ideology called Islam. These are the choices:

1: stand up and fight.

2: submit to the slavery of Islam. (Yes, Muslims are slaves to an evil cult of terrorism, death and destruction. We are at war. A war declared upon us for over 1400 years by Muslims in the name of Islam.)

3: be killed

There is no fourth choice.


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8 Responses to From NY – Robert Spencer – Radical Islam: How and Why It Threatens America -txlady706

  1. kaafir says:

    I Love this guy and anyone who stands up against islam and shows how sick this islam is. I will not bow before their sick god or their sick madman moohammad.

    Isn’t it weird how the name Muhammad has the word HAM and MAD in it? But muslims hate HAM and yes they are a MAD group of people, they hate theirselves. And I criticize islam, it sucks.

  2. txlady706 says:

    Yes, I supposed it’s a funny coincidence.
    Roberts a wonderful orator. He conveys his point simply. He uses their words and history to back any of his logic. It’s true and simple.

  3. Suspected anarchist bombers go on trial in Greece…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  4. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    Dear Miss US army veteran,
    Could you or any of your 3 followers please respond to the article below.
    Awaiting your response.
    You may not use my website for you personal disinformation route. If you have opinions, then they are welcome. This is my forum, however, and not your own space. Stick to the articles that I have chosen. This is not an outlet for YOU. Thank you. Please, remain respectful to ME. This is my site and not yours.

  5. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    Ok Miss Texas, have it your way!

    I do respect your wishes, even though you have removed my post. Last time I checked, there is no censorship under a democracy.

    I will respond the topic you have chosen. That is Report Spencer. This man’s work “superficially scholarly” and he inverts Islam’s true teachings by omitting text from passages he quotes and by using unreliable and extremist sources.

    Robert Spencer engages in selection bias by picking out the radical positions on apostasy, women, etc. and then attributing these positions to all Muslims.

    He has no academic training in Islamic studies whatsoever” because “his M.A. degree was in the field of early Christianity.

    French academic historian Ivan Jablonka said Spencer’s views lack academic seriousness and that Spencer does not substantiate the connections he draws between some data picked up from Islamic civilization of the Middle Ages and modern day activism. Jablonka also accuses Spencer of having a relentless intent to designate “new enemies for wars to come.”

    In my views, Spencer’s writing on Islam and its followers, adds insult, subtracts pleasure, multiplies ignorance, and divides attention.

  6. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    To txlady706 & Muslim critics, bigots, fear and hate mongers,

    Please read this statement below from the wire service. Get wet behind your ears first before you degrade Islam and its fellowers.

    -Removed – due to administrator rules.-
    ——again – I am not an outlet for your statements or your ideas. This website is not a public site. I am it’s creator. I govern it. Get your own. We’ve already had this talk. Next time you will be banned. —–


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