Arizona – Nine year old born from the attacks of 9-11 is the youngest dead in shooting

My heart bleeds for this little girl and her family.  The irony of her being born on a bloody day and her life being swiftly taken in such a bloody way, is overwhelming.  I’m type this crying.  My own daughter recently turned nine years old.  I was pregnant when the attacks occurred.  Wow!  Wow!

I can’t express the emotion.  It’s soooo sad.

This little girl came to life at the birth of the threat upon the soil of this nation.  Her life was taken in the violence and tension created by a nation that has still to reconcile this threat.

This 22 year old, Neo Nazi, is young enough to believe the garbage that the liberals throw around.  He didn’t believe in G-D.  He was the same as the HITLER youth.  Brainwashed.  The Nazi’s and the STALINISTS (COMMUNISTS) originally were at odds with each others ideologies.  The Ideologies are different.  But they become similar once the central powers become stronger and stronger.  See, the ONE thing that the Natiz’s, Communists, Maoist, Democrats, Republican’s and any other would be DICTATORSHIP have in common is the centralizing of POWER.  Once the power is centralized.  It doesn’t matter if your a MAOIST or a Republican.  The central power authority is ALWAYS – at the APIGEE – A TYRANNY.

This ignorant 22 year old MAN was retarded in his capacity to reason.  The ability to formulate logical thought gets squashed by the emotional need to release the fear.  The fear and anxiety created by the society where a MAN (which he was beginning to find out) has no role.  The ANGER of the WHITE male is a force not yet examined.  The White male that has been disenfranchised and made irrelevant.  This act of confused and misplaced anger can be viewed in a few different ways, but one thing is for sure.  THIS WAS NOT AN ACT OF TERRORISM.  This was the RESULT of a country not recognizing that there is an internal breakdown occurring and unwilling to own the FAILURE of the current anti – FAMILY and anti- G-d culture.  The first casualty in a long line of innocents ripped away.

This man didn’t care that he was shooting at a child.  This man didn’t care that he was shooting at a woman.  He didn’t care that the people were unarmed.  This young man had no qualities of a MAN.  ONLY of a scared and angry animal.

This MAN deserves nothing MORE than to be put down like a dog that has no conscience.  He is no longer human.  He is a rabid animal.  An animal, because there is no higher thinking only the BASE emotion.  Animals work on EMOTION.  Humans recognize emotion and ACT on the Conscious, higher level, of thinking.  The process of THOUGHTFUL execution involves squelching, at times, what one feels, in order to do whats right.  This is derived from having a good understanding of past events, so as to make predictions as to what the outcome might be of actions performed in the NOW.  THAT is why HISTORY is important.  That is also why having a good grasp on facts is important.  This MAN has been reduced by society, to the base animal.  He will never function otherwise.  He has proven that he is incapable of functioning in NORMAL society. He should never be allowed to exist among civilized human beings.

This little girls family and the families of the other victims need for US, the rest of society, to remove the burden from them.  We, as a society of laws and JUSTICE, need to remove this vile animal from the breathing.  Civil society can not survive if JUSTICE is not swift.  No society will TEMPER a LAW that is NOT JUST.  Without LAW, society will be reduced to tribal existence.  LAWS exist to keep society civil.  If it is not JUST, then the LAW will not be adhered to.  Tribalism and the de-evolution of society begins.

Let us, be JUST, for the families of the victims, because in the end, WE are victims of these crimes as well.  We are victims of this inhuman slaughter.  This man executed swift justice.  We should eliminate any idea that this will be tolerated in a civil society.  This man, who is no longer human, should be put down like a dog.  Let it be done swiftly.  This should not be a burden laid at the feet of the families.  These families have paid the ultimate price.  Let us not lay the burden on them to extricate justice from the toothless mouth of the current legal system.  Let us not commit a farther assault on them by having them do battle on behalf of their dead.  Let their battle be over.  Let them rest in peace.

Born on September 11, she died on another dark day for America

January 10, 2011

Shooting born of ‘anger, hatred and bigotry’

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik says political rhetoric helps create dangerous atmosphere in Arizona.

THE young girl represented the future of a nation in its darkest hour. As a baby Christina-Taylor Green featured in Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11, a book that emerged from the horror of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Now she is dead, the victim of a killing rampage that has left the nation reeling again.

Christina-Taylor was shot dead after accompanying a neighbour to meet Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords outside a shopping mall in her home city of Tucson.

”The neighbour, who also was shot, thought it would be nice if she brought Christina-Taylor up to the Safeway,” her uncle, Greg Segalini, said. ”[She] took one on the chest and she is dead.”

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Bystanders gather at the shopping centre where a gunman opened fire.Click for more photos 

Tucson shooting

Bystanders gather at the shopping centre where a gunman opened fire. Photo: AP

  • Bystanders gather at the shopping centre where a gunman opened fire.
  • The scene of the shooting in Tucson, Arizona, in which five people were killed and a US congresswoman was shot in the head.
  • Police speak to a man at the scene of the Tucson shooting.
  • Emergency personnel airlift the wounded following the shooting.
  • Police investigating the shooting of US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 17 others.
  • President Barack Obama speaks after the Tucson shooting.
  • US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, NASA astronaut Mark Kelly.
  • Killed ... District Court Judge John Roll
  • Nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green, who was shot outside a Tucson supermarket and died in hospital.
  • Christina Taylor ... a picture from the book 'Faces of Hope: Babies born on 9/11'. Now aged 9, she was one of those killed in the Tucson shooting.
  • Jared Lee Loughner, shown here in a yearbook photo, has been arrested over the shooting.

Her mother, Roxanna, told The Arizona Star: “She was born back east. September 11 affected everyone there and Christina-Taylor was always very aware of it. She was very patriotic and wearing red, white and blue was really special to her.”

Her mother said her daughter was aware of the inequities in the world. “She was all about helping people and being involved. It’s so tragic. She went to learn today and then someone with so much hatred in their heart took the lives of innocent people.”

Christina-Taylor’s father, John Green, told the newspaper his daughter had just been elected to the student council at Mesa Verde Elementary School and had been interested in politics.

Dead ... Christina-Taylor Green was a student council member eager to meet her congresswoman.Dead … Christina-Taylor Green was a student council member eager to meet her congresswoman. 

”She was a good speaker. I could have easily seen her as a politician.”

Christina-Taylor loved ballet, gymnastics, animals and, unsurprisingly, given her pedigree, was a keen baseball player – the only girl on a team called the Pirates, where she played second base. Her father is a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers and her grandfather, Dallas Green, managed the Philadelphia Phillies to the 1980 World Series championship.

In a statement, the Dodgers’ owner, Frank McCourt, said: ”We lost a member of the Dodgers family today.”

Christina-Taylor had recently made her first Holy Communion at the St Odilia Catholic Church in Tucson.

Bishop Gerald Kicanas wrote in a letter to parishioners sent from Jordan: ” ‘Let the children come to me,’ Jesus said (Matthew 19:14). Christina is with Him.”


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3 Responses to Arizona – Nine year old born from the attacks of 9-11 is the youngest dead in shooting

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  2. j says:

    it is sad that this little girl lost her life to the hands of this monster created by society.

    but in a positive way I think she died doing what she wanted to do, and that shows so much courage on her part. More than most adults in our society. she was 9 years old and she wanted to learn the ways of our founding fathers, she was the hope of this nation, gun down by this monster.

    in a way the loss of a childs life gives us an oportunity as a society to look to our future and the mission that we need to undertake. It is to cultivate our new generations in the ideas of our founding fathers and this greate thinkers of our past.
    we need to go and make this nation a strong nation, but for that we need to work on our youth.

  3. txlady706 says:

    Animals on the loose that are rabid get put down. This male is an animal without HUMANITY.
    This little girl didn’t deserve this. It’s a tragedy beyond the pale.

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