Pigford – If your Black and have a potted plant your a farmer.

Are blacks really so sub – talented that one must lower the bar to this level?

Thats exactly what the American government believes.

The black is so sub-talented that a definition of farmer must be lowered to what the black is capable.  The government lowered it to the ridiculous.  Is it any surprise that our education is lowered in the same way?  Lowered to the LOWEST common denominator.  This lowering IS racist, because the government has assumed that the black is incapable of the same standard.


Blacks have been very effective in the practice of extortion.  They were slaves?  Ok.  So, was I.  I’m white and Jewish.  Yet, Christians and Europeans were slaves also, unless they came from Royalty.  During most of European history, the “little people” have been enslaved by  the feudal system of the middle ages.  So,  why do the blacks get a pass?  Most races and cultures have been oppressed in one way or another.  The blacks in the WEST were not enslaved BY the white, they were enslaved by rival tribes in Africa.  When they were brought to Europe, most were NOT used in the same manner.  They were used as servants.  Most had similar positions as WHITE indentured servants or those who were not independently wealthy.

Affirmative action is legal RACISM against mainly white males and extends to white females and even other races at times.  It is unconstitutional and UNCONSCIONABLE.  It establishes a superiority of ONE race or gender over another.  It is not LAW and is a POLICY that pits one against another.

Our government has been abusing “The People” and discrediting the Constitution.  Their lies have created “political correctness” instead of discourse.  They have shut down speech instead of upholding the SECOND AMENDMENT.  The FIRST AMENDMENT has come under attack, because that is the last foothold to freedom.  Disarming the PEOPLE will create a TYRANNY like at no other time in HISTORY

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POTTED PLANT FARMERS, posted with vodpod

Although the Pigford settlement story is a complex one that has major political implications, at the heart of it is a very simple question: does the settlement contain a significant amount of fraud?

If the Obama administration is telling the truth and there are only three cases of fraud out of 15,000 settled claims, then there’s no story here. If the fraud does exists, the attempt to silence people like Rep. Steve King or Andrew Breitbart aren’t just wrong but are a clear sign that some people will say anything to keep the truth about Pigford from coming out.

But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.  Eventhough the mainstream media has been silent on this story, there are witnesses. One brave whistleblower is Arkansas farmer Jimmy Dismuke, who recently sat down for an extensive, exclusive interview about Pigford. That entire interview will be made available on BigGovernment in the near future but today’s clip is powerful testimony about how simple it was for people — and by extension, their lawyers — to collect those $50,000 Pigford payments.

<via- http://blazingcatfur.blogspot.com/2010/12/progressives-and-julian-assange-rape.html




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