Canada – Libel suits – When political correctness becomes a way of life, then when someone says something is sometimes MORE dangerous then them doing something.


This is what happens when government runs amok.

People and companies are not judged by the things they DO but rather what they say or how they are perceived.  This is a very DANGEROUS road to go down.  The road to h%ll is paved with good intentions.  The good intention of allowing someone to come to the fore and file suit about what someone said or others perceived has UNINTENDED consequences.   People start to judge people before anyone actually DOES something.  Then, the thought police come out.  THAT is the “unintended” consequence and thats only ONE consequence.  I’m sure that others may think of quite a few more.

How sad!  To go from a powerful civilization to this.

Libel is another way of controlling speech.

The communists favor this, because, the elite are the only ones that can defend themselves from this and the elite in a TYRANNY of any sort are two types:  Government and those who are the filthy rich (and I don’t mean the 200k / yr – I mean the 200 mil / yr.).  This is another weapon in the communist tool kit.  The Muslims like it too.  The Islamic Theocracies are not too different.  I fear them more because they are TRUE believers.  One could buy the favors of a Communist, but the MUSLIM will tell you, I’m killing you for your own good.  The GREEN PEACE people are even worse.  They are true believers also.  Beware the “peacenicks” !


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Conrad Black libel case going to top court

Last Updated: Thursday, December 16, 2010 | 11:23 AM ET Comments24Recommend11

CBC News

A judge froze the assets of Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara Amiel.


Canada’s top court has agreed to hear an appeal of an Ontario ruling that confirmed the province as jurisdiction for a libel suit launched by Conrad Black.

Black, the former media magnate who served time in a U.S. jail for 2007 conviction on fraud and obstruction of justice, has been fighting in the courts since the Hollinger International Inc. media empire he headed collapsed in the middle of the decade.

Among his actions, he filed libel actions in Ontario about statements posted on the Hollinger website in October 2004 by six directors, advisers and an executive of the company who took control after Black was removed as chairman in January that year.

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled in August that the province was the right jurisdiction for Black to sue about the statements, which were widely reported by the media in Ontario and other areas.

That is the ruling which the Supreme Court of Canada will consider in a hearing set for March 22.

The defendants were directors, advisers and a vice-president of Hollinger International. They are Richard Breeden, Gordon A. Paris, James R. Thompson, Richard D. Burt, Graham W. Savage and Raymond G.H. Seitz.

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