Pennsylvania – Upper Darby is home to an Islamic Center – A mosque

How is it that there are so many Muslims that sit on come in to this country and are on PUBLIC ASSISTANCE and yet they have the money to constantly build “Islamic centers”, schools and Mosques?  Shouldn’t they be helping their fellow Muslims with a hand up instead of constantly reaching for a hand out.

These people get together in Mosques and they plot the demise of all of the west, and yet there is NO public outcry in these places.  They are too brainwashed that it’s not polite to say anything.  Their politeness and meekness will be to their detriment. Muslims are anything, but polite if you say ONE thing that is out of what they WANT to hear.

I wonder what they will say once the burqa’s start showing up and the the call to prayer 4 times a day.  When Christians will have to hush their church bells, because it’s offensive and loud.  When nativity scenes become eye sores and minarets stand tall like swords.  I wonder if they will be so polite.  I wonder.

The freedom to choose is now, while there is still a Constitution in tact.

Shariah is coming and it will force you to submit.  It won’t take long, but 10 to 15 years.  The Muslim is patient.

Upper Darby officials scrutinize plan for mosque:

Published: Tuesday, December 21, 2010


UPPER DARBY — Parking and impact on property values were prime concerns for residents of the Bywood section opposed to using a single home for a mosque.

The Keystone Islamic Center of Upper Darby sought a variance to permit religious assembly, relief from off-street parking from the 23 required to 14 spaces and relief from parking in the front yard.

The request for 7200 Hazel Ave., located at the corner of Keystone Avenue, drew a record crowd from the neighborhood objecting to the proposal.


Upper Darby, PA. A suburb

Attorney Robert Datner spoke in behalf of the applicants noting the three-story, four-bedroom home, under agreement of sale, would not be occupied as a residence but used solely for prayer service five times a day beginning at dawn and concluding at sundown.

Children’s education classes would also be conducted on weekends.

“The members of the religious organization are from Bangladesh,” Datner said. “The congregation numbers 64 to 100 people and 90 percent are homeowners living within four or five blocks,” of Hazel Avenue.

According to Datner, members would walk and not drive to the property for prayer services.

Zoning Chairman Jack Bierling challenged the size of parking spaces depicted as eight feet wide on the architect’s rendering versus the nine-foot width required by the township.

Fourth District Councilman Jack Shingle testified that he received multiple phone calls from residents concerned about parking, already at a premium, and the negative impact on the neighborhood.

“In bad weather no one will walk,” Shingle said. “As time goes on and the number of members goes up there will be a negative impact. We want it to remain a home, and we want it to remain a residential area.”


Solicitor Charles McDonald counted 31 when he asked for a show of hands of persons opposed to the variance, with 13 opting to testify against the proposal.

“Many of the neighbors are unable to be here due to the weather,” Margaret King, of Hazel Avenue, said on the night of the first snowfall of the season. “(The mosque) will dramatically change our residential community and open our neighborhood to other non-residential activities.

“Many on our street have shared driveways and some have no driveways,” King continued. “Parking is at a premium and is scarce. The increased traffic would pose a safety hazard. Non-residential use of the home will decrease property values of our neighborhood and cause a serious financial burden. The variance should be denied.”

Joe McMahon, of Hazel Avenue, described the section as multi-racial.

“We all get along,” McMahon said. “There are no problems. We are all friendly with each other. Parking is at a premium. Visitors scramble for parking on Saturdays and Sundays. I hope you leave it as a single family dwelling.”

Several petitions opposing the mosque were presented to the zoning board citing the negative impact on the neighborhood.

“Whether or not (parking concerns and property values) are valid or not, there are churches in every residential neighborhood in Upper Darby,” Datner said.

McDonald announced the meeting would be continued to the Jan. 27 zoning hearing to review parking and property values.


4 Responses to Pennsylvania – Upper Darby is home to an Islamic Center – A mosque

  1. su says:

    this would really bring down the neighborhood
    hope that it does not go thru

  2. txlady706 says:

    su :
    This is going on ALL over the US.
    They are growing in numbers so quickly that some places don’t look at all the way they did even 5 years prior. Their goals are much hastened now. They plan to infiltrate the court system and inundate it.
    Shariah should be made ILLEGAL
    The Burqa’s and NO minarets.

  3. Simply wish to say your article is as astounding. The clarity to your put up is simply cool and that i could assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine along with your permission let me to seize your RSS feed to keep updated with imminent post. Thank you one million and please continue the rewarding work.

  4. my own man says:

    Born and raised in Upper Darby. Sorry to hear that. All religion is bs but islam takes the case. Recently had a muslim call the police on me because I dared criticize islam. Nearly had my freedom taken from me(a non-violent, completely law-abiding American citizen) for exercising my first amendment rights. From the NSA MONITORING ALL CALLS AND COMPUTER ACTIVITY TO THE LOSS OF CIVIL LIBERTIES islam has won, NOW THEY have taken our free speech. Unless something is done all freedom loving americans are f’d. I never would have thought as a child that the America I love so much would turn into a police state controlled by the most wacked out religion the world has ever been plagued by. So sad.

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