Middle East – Spielberg banned!



Freedom of speech is UNNECESSARY in the Middle East, yet each and everyday we hear that bashing and providing material support to Terrorist against Israel or the WEST is just a natural “freedom fighter” situation.  Gaza is just trying to survive.  Gaza is “surviving” by leaching off of the WEST and Israel directly.

Muslims are the lowest form of life.  From their indiscriminatory use of their children to be human bombs to the Female Genital Mutilation, they are BARBARIC.

Freedom is not something that the Muslim esteems.  Kindness is not even in the vocabulary.

The Cartoonists are issued Fatwa’s, so I wonder what Spielberg will get.  His support of Israel, indirectly supports Gaza, because Israel provide them with their ability to exist.  For this he is an enemy?  Islam DEBASES humanity.

Spielberg banned in Middle East after Israel war donation’

2010-12-18 14:10:00
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Steven Spielberg,Mikaela George Spielberg Pictures & Photos

Steven Spielberg and daughter Mikaela George Spielberg

London, Dec 18 (IANS) Films made by veteran Hollywood director Steven Spielberg were banned by 14 Middle East countries after the ‘Jurassic Park’ filmmaker donated $1 million to Israel during the 2006 war with Lebanon, according to a leaked US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.

A leaked dispatch from the US embassy in Damascus, Syria says 14 countries voted to ban the director’s films in response to his donation to Israel.


Israel and Lebanon were involved in a 34-day conflict that started in July 2006, which led to the death of over 1,300 people.


Spielberg was blacklisted by the Arab League’s Central Boycott Office after a meeting of the group in April 2007.



Actor Tom Hanks, left, and director Steven Spielberg, right, ended up having front row seats at a recent White House screening of the first episode of their HBO WWII miniseries. (Photo Credit: Pete Souza/White House photo)


Diplomats or representatives from 14 Arab states — Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Yemen — had agreed to ban all films and other products related to Spielberg or his Righteous Persons Foundation, according to the leaked cable posted in the Guardian.


Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia were also present at the meeting and voted in favour of the boycott.


At the same meeting, cosmetics company Estee Lauder was added to the blacklist while financial services company Merrill Lynch was placed on a ‘watchlist’.


The only Arab countries which did not attend the meeting were those who signed separate peace accords with Israel, namely Egypt, Mauritania and Jordan.


Marvin Levy, spokesman for Steven Spielberg, said: ‘While we can’t comment on a leaked cable, we know that the films and DVDs have been sold globally in the normal distribution through all this time.’


Steven Spielberg set up the Righteous Persons Foundation in 1994. Using his personal profits from the film ‘Schindler’s List’ and, later, ‘Munich’, the foundation is dedicated to helping create a strong Jewish community in the US.



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