Indiana – Fort Wayne – Muslim community – Opens Madrasa

The definition of Madrasa in Wiki is surprisingly lengthy (anything that has this long of an explanation that should be tiny has something to hide.  Duplicitous in it definition.  They are trying to be politically correct –lying!) –

The word madrasah is derived from the triconsonantal Semitic root د-ر-س D-R-S ‘to learn, study’, through the wazn (form/stem) (مفعل(ة mafʻal(ah), meaning a place where X is done. Therefore,madrasah literally means ‘a place where learning and studying are done’. The word is also present as a loanword with the same innocuous meaning in many Arabic-influenced languages, such as: Urdu,Bengali, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, Azeri, Kurdish, Indonesian, Malay and Bosnian.[1] In the Arabic language, the word مدرسة madrasah simply means the same as school does in the English language, whether that is private, public or parochial school, as well as for any primary or secondary school whether Muslim, non-Muslim, or secular. Unlike the understanding of the word school in British English, the word madrasah is like the term school in American English, in that it can refer to a university-level or post-graduate school as well. For example, in the Ottoman Empire during the Early Modern Period, madrasahs had lower schools and specialized schools where the students became known as danişmends.[2] The usual Arabic word for a university, however, is simply جامعة (jāmiʿah). The Hebrew cognate midrasha also connotes the meaning of a place of learning; the related termmidrash literally refers to study or learning, but has acquired mystical and religious connotations.

However, in English, the term madrasah usually refers to the specifically Islamic institutions. A typical Islamic school usually offers two courses of study: ahifz course teaching memorization of the Qur’an (the person who commits the entire Qur’an to memory is called a hafiz); and an ‘alim course leading the candidate to become an accepted scholar in the community. A regular curriculum includes courses in Arabic, tafsir (Qur’anic interpretation), sharī‘ah (Islamic law), hadiths (recorded sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad), mantiq (logic), and Muslim history. In the Ottoman Empire, during the Early Modern Period, the study of hadiths was introduced by Süleyman I.[2] Depending on the educational demands, some madrasahs also offer additional advanced courses in Arabic literature, English and other foreign languages, as well as science and world history. Ottoman madrasahs along with religious teachings also taught “styles of writing, grammary, syntax, poetry, composition, natural sciences, political sciences, and etiquette.”[2]




Swikar Patel | The Journal Gazette A Fort Wayne foundation has bought a Goshen Road building to house classes on Islam and Arabic for local children.


Published: December 18, 2010 3:00 a.m.


Islam classes for youth get new home

Rosa Salter Rodriguez | The Journal Gazette

A remodeled boat showroom on the city’s northwest side soon will house classes for children in basic Arabic, the Quran and Islamic history.

If all goes as planned, the Fort Wayne area’s Muslim community next month will open a new religious school at 2223 Goshen Road, site of the former Fort Wayne Boating Center.

The new facility, operated by the Universal Education Foundation of Fort Wayne Inc., will have 10 classrooms and a multipurpose room with a warming kitchen for banquets and special events, says Dr. Tariq Akbar of Fort Wayne, a gastroenterologist who is foundation spokesman.

The co-educational school, which will operate part time on Sundays with volunteer teachers, will serve about 150 children from kindergarten through high school age, he says.

Classes will be open to families who attend any of Fort Wayne’s Muslim centers, including Masjid Al-Quds Islamic Center of Fort Wayne at 1109 Chute St.; the Fort Wayne Islamic Center at 836 Lagro Drive; and a prayer room used mostly by Muslim immigrants from Myanmar, formerly Burma, in the Autumn Woods apartment complex on Fort Wayne’s southeast side.

<when a special area is set aside for prayer it is a teaching area, it becomes a MADRASA.>

Akbar says the area has a growing population of Muslim families who want their children to understand their religion.

“Most parents do provide the basic Islamic knowledge to their kids at home. But it just gives our kids an opportunity to learn with and from each other,” he says.

Sabah Saud, a leader at the Fort Wayne Islamic Center, says the new school will not replace any center’s weekend religion classes. The Fort Wayne Islamic Center has had such classes for children for about 20 years, he says.

But more religious educational opportunities for young people, including language study, are needed, Saud says.

“There has been a big surge in the population,” he says, adding that many new arrivals are from Myanmar or other countries where Arabic, which he called “the language of Islam,” is not spoken. At the same time, children born to Muslim parents in the United States may never have been exposed to any language but English.

“The community is large enough now that one facility and one institution may not serve everybody’s needs. So we’re trying to provide a variety of venues and platforms,” Saud says.

Fort Wayne’s Muslims hail from not only the U.S. but also many countries in Africa, Europe and Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bosnia, Egypt and Morocco, says Dr. Mohammed Ghazali of Fort Wayne, a foundation board member.

Organizers of the school say they do not know how many Muslims live in northeast Indiana, but some estimate there are 2,000 to 3,000. Sarah Thompson, communications coordinator for the Islamic Society of North America in Plainfield, says that group does not keep population statistics.

“But it’s a big undertaking to build a school or open one, so that in itself would be an indicator of growth,” she says.

According to its website at, the foundation bought 10 acres at 3320 Kroemer Road in 2008 to build a religious school and gymnasium. But that plan proved too ambitious and costly, so the group decided to renovate instead, Akbar says. The group no longer owns the land, he says.

He said the school is “absolutely” not a madrassa. The word in Arabic means any place where studying is done but usually refers to an elementary school, he says. It has come to mean a full-time religious school and particularly one that fosters a brand of radical Islam.

“It’s basically like a Sunday school that churches and other religions have,” Akbar says of the new facility.

Building renovations were expected to cost $270,536, according to a permit filed in July with the Allen County Building Department. They cover about 11,000 square feet, according to the permit.

The foundation was established in 2005, Akbar says. It reported to federal tax officials about $205,000 in income with a total of $331,000 in assets at the end of 2008, the last year available, according to, a group which tracks the federal tax returns of charities.

About $184,000 came from contributions that year, the tax documents say.

The documents list the foundation’s president as Shazia Ghazali of Fort Wayne, wife of Mohamed Ghazali, and the vice president and treasurer as Amani Elhefni of Fort Wayne. An administrative assistant for Fort Wayne Community Schools, Elhefni will be the school’s principal.

A pediatric cardiologist who is a native of Pakistan, Mohammed Ghazali says that though the purpose of the remodeled facility is educational, the group hopes it will also serve as a site for religious celebrations. The community has been renting space for such occasions, he says.

“This is not a mosque,” Ghazali says. “But now we have a facility. We’ve never had one where we could invite people to come to a space of our own.

“I think this is going to be a good beginning for us … to be part of the interfaith community in Fort Wayne.”



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    • txlady706 says:

      I’m Jewish. Not Christian. I don’t read any of the above. But – ONLY G-D knows whats in my heart. G-d judges me there, but he doesn’t judge me HERE – among society for things in my heart. G-d judges me by the things I DO, here in the life. So, the idea that he judges the same for what you think and what you do is INCORRECT.
      Freewill dictates that what you may want to do and what you DO may not be the same thing. Thats why it’s called discipline. You may WANT to be one WAY but you CONTROL yourself in spite of yourself. Thats called GROWING up. The concept of preemptive judgement is childish but worse it’s inspired to cause evil through malice. The thought police and the “would be crime” police are not Jewish – see the book of Judges for example of what happens under that sort of REGIME..

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  4. I’m very confused about what is the point of this blog. Are you saying that the school is a madrassa or it isn’t? Are you saying that it’s a madrassa meaning elementary school for which in certain countries even Catholic & Lutheran schools are called madrassas or are you saying it’s a Qur’an memorization & Alim school? No matter how you look at it the school is not a madrassa. It caters to all age groups like Canterbury the private school in Fort Wayne, so it cannot be a madrassa meaning elementary or introductory school children go to before junior high or middle school and in some countries before their version of high school. It also cannot be called a madrassa in the second version of the word because 1. The school does not have any Hifz (memorization of the Qur’an) courses or classes & 2. It doesn’t have any Alim courses or classes. Out of all the students of the school non have went on to become religious leaders. In Islam, just like in Christianity, good ministers go to college to become educated in the religion and none of the students there are educated enough to get good grades in Islam a class taught at IPFW. I’m assuming you are trying to make some kind of a point by making the text bold and coloring it. My favorite is the bold and highlighting of the word “Prayer Room” are you serious? Concordia Lutheran School, Canterbury Private School, Bishop Dwenger High School, Bishop Luers High School all have chapels. It makes no sense to have a school associated with a religion to not have a prayer area. “” How? That’s not even in the definition of a madrassa, that YOU provided. Maybe you should go there one Sunday and see what’s going on so you can write a new inflammatory piece. I’m not sure where you got your definition but here is the Mariam Webster Definition and it’s short

    Madrassa: : a Muslim school, college, or university that is often part of a mosque

    This school is not a 5 day a week school, nor is it a college or university and it is not affiliated with any of the mosques in Fort Wayne which is why it only has a “Prayer Area”. I’ve talked with Rabbi Cornspan & Rabbi Javier Cattapan and they don’t seem to have your attitude, they’re intelligent men who are willing to learn while you seem to be a person who is willing to point fingers and assume. Maybe you should attend temple more often.

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