Muslims threaten family of child rape victim who was raped by a Muslim – the victim is a child and is Christian



Who dubbed Islam the religion of PEACE.  It’s more like the EVIL described in the BIBLE to cast out.  Everything that is EVIL is a tenant in this vile Ideology.

Religions are to bring people together, but all I see from Islam is Oppression and violence.  This is a political ideology disguised as a Religion, like a Trojan Horse.


Crickets is what I hear coming from the UN regarding these matters.

BAN KI MOON is a useful tool


Pakistan: Muslim threaten family of Christian child raped by a Muslim

In Pakistan, Christian and Hindu girls are raped and forced to convert to Islam. Police appear impotent to prevent intimidation of outraged Christian women and girls. Gulfam, a 9-year-old girl, was raped by a Muslim.

by Speroforum                                    Saturday, December 18, 201

Gulfam, a nine year old Catholic girl, was raped by a Muslim man in the district of Samundari Tehsil, in the district of Faisalabad, Pakistan. The child is in a state of shock and suffering both physical and psychological trauma.

Reports came from sources within the Church, expressing its deep concern at the conditions of the poorest Christian families: the victims of discrimination, violence and abuse. “The incident is terrifying. I met the victims and I expressed my regret to them. I believe we must consider a pastoral and legal strategy, in an effort to stem the phenomenon of the abuse of Christian girls,” said Bishop Joseph Coutts of Faisalabad in an interview.

Gulfam (“like a flower”) is 9 years old (her surname is not revealed out of respect for the family) and is enrolled in the third grade. She lives in village in the district of Tehsil Samundari. On December 10 she returned from school to bake chapatti bread with her sister-in-law. She went with her with her 7-year-old cousin to collect firewood in a nearby sugarcane field. After a short time, the cousin came home and reported that Gulfam had been dragged away by a man. When relatives arrived at the scene, they caught the rapist red-handed, who then immediately fled.

Gulfam’s mother took the half-naked girl home. Then the parents went to the police to report the rape, who then arrested the suspect. But the family is terrified because the village is mainly Muslim. The relatives of the rapist have already tried to intimidate Gulfam’s family withdraw the charges. The girl said when she refused the rapist’s offer of money, he then taped her mouth and assaulted her. The assailant reportedly told his victim “not to worry because he had done the same service to other young Christian girls.”

“It is shameful. Such incidents occur frequently. Christian girls are considered goods to be damaged at leisure. Abusing them is a right. According to the community’s mentality it is not even a crime. Muslims regard them as spoils of war,” local sources report.

Gulfam is now under the care of some Catholic women religious. The same sisters tearfully described their outrage and pain for little Gulfam and for other Christian girls abused by wealthy Muslims.

Other similar cases include the October 2010 rapes of Lubna Masih and Kiran Nayyaz. According to the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) abductions and sexual violence against Christian and Hindu girls are increasing in Pakistan. These often also involve forced conversion and marriage. Most cases go unpunished.

Source: FIDES


13 Responses to Muslims threaten family of child rape victim who was raped by a Muslim – the victim is a child and is Christian

  1. inayat says:

    comment deleted due to inappropriate language.

  2. Aamir says:

    I only say you fool that this act was individually and in islam, its punishment is death.

    stop anti islam propoganda.

  3. txlady706 says:

    I will only stop exposing the truth when it is no longer necessary and the truth is exposed or the evil is dealt with.
    Honor killings are a Muslim foot print. Acknowledge the evil and you will be able to move forward.
    This form of ISLAM is EVIL.

    • Alto says:

      Any form of such act (of Child Abuse) is evil. no religion no matter what it is does not promote such act of evil & perverseness. this is individual acts… and can be found in backward countries, there are many Islamic Countries all around the world… they consist of educated well cultured Individual & society such incidents are rare & forbidden beyond conventional punishment. However in this forum are some who blame the religion it self, for them i would like to point of the incidents of child abuse occur even in develop nations such as the USA, The link below suggest Every year 3.3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving 6 million children; The United States has the worst record in the industrialized nation – losing five children every day due to abuse-related deaths.

      I ‘d like to conclude, please do not blame any religion before Knowing the truth your self. KH

    • kbutler says:

      what about the priest, and pedaphiles who are christian around the world also a story that never made the new about a christian lady who pimped her 5 month old daughter out to a professor(who was married)please evil is evil stop blaming the true muslims for as a whole for the few who do these things also what about the U.S. troops who are raiding villages and raping little girls and their moms please get it together

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is only a prpegenda

  5. anonymos says:

    islam is a violent religion…this is not a propaganda………go to hell

  6. Anonymous says:

    My dear Christian bro…. Now listen how did Christian terrorists killed million and millions of people, his name was Adolf Hitler, he was a Christian terrorist, murderer, rapist etc. He was a CHRISTIAN…. plz note again he was CHRISTIAN… a bloody phsycopath…

    what do u say now !!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    its just a fake

  8. Anonymous says:

    hitler killed some million of peoples more than osama bin laden it means christianism is more voilent relision than islam….

    my friends dont decide looking at 1 muslim who is doing something wrong

    first read QURAN understand it after that tell that what type of religion islam is

  9. Anonymous says:

    don’t say a word about Islam before you learn the Quran first. okay?

  10. sonu says:

    Your quran is bullshit book so you all muslims are fucking your sister. quran makes terrorists so i piss your quran.

    • Anonymous says:

      Quran is good but these muslims don’t understand the words of quran..there is no doubts about muslims that they are their own mother and sister fuckers but still we people can save christin and hindu girls from muslims evil. now a days the biggest animal are muslims as terrorist. thats the reason they too not happy in any cheap muslim country.

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