Mexico – Tamaulipas – 140 prisoners escape with staff assistance

Money talks and violence cracks heads.  Whats not to like?

The people have NO incentive to do the right thing.  They do what is least dangerous for them and if they get some money along the way, well then, all the better.

The cartels have the same attitude as HAMAS.  They want to overthrow the government in reality, but don’t want that flashlight on them.  They keep the “government” in place, because it’s easier to have a puppet government, then to have to PERFORM the services of the government and to have to participate in the above aboard negotiations.  They would rather keep JUST UNDER that radar.  It’s much more lucrative that way.



Mexico prison staff suspected in mass escape

Last Updated: Saturday, December 18, 2010 | 11:08 AM ET

CBC News

An intensive manhunt along Mexico’s northern border has failed to turn up any of the more than 140 prisoners who escaped from a federal prison.

The inmates apparently walked out unchallenged Friday through the main gate of the prison in the northeastern city of Nuevo Laredo.

Map of TamaulipasTamaulipas state security chief Antonio Garza told local radio that the prison’s director was reported as missing, along with the inmates.

Prison staff are under suspicion of being involved in the escape, the latest in a series of such incidents in Tamaulipas this year.

Garza said the vehicle entrance was used as the escape route, “presumably with the assistance of the prison staff.”

The last mass escape in Tamaulipas occurred in September when 85 inmates broke out of a prison in the northern border city of Reynosa.

The state has been plagued by a steady wave of violence tied to turf battles between the Gulf and Zetas drug gangs, but it was unclear whether members of those groups were among the inmates who escaped on Friday.



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