Texas – super-majority – Better walk the Walk and talk the TALK


These people may have the “super majority,” but not all of the Republicans are “conservative.”

Castro is just another disillusioned liberal who thinks that the Mexicans in Texas have been “repressed” enough by the DEMOCRATS to be duped in to actually believing that THEY are the DISADVANTAGED.

Well, maybe the Mexicans of 20 years ago, but the illegals, who came from Mexico have found that thier kids could BE legal, so they become “legal” and now they see that they don’t want to be invaded and taken advantage of.  The LAWS and the INSTITUTIONS have practiced anti-Americanism and it’s been against the AMERICAN people.  All RACES.  The AMERICAN is under attack.  It doesn’t matter what your race is, eventually you find that YOU are in the cross hairs.



New Texas supermajority ties hands of House Democrats

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New Texas supermajority ties hands of House Dem…, posted with vodpod


If the Texas Capitol these days looks as if it’s leaning slightly to the right, it’s probably because for the first time in decades the Republicans in the House have a supermajority.

With Representatives Allan Ritter of Nederland and Aaron Pena of Edinburg both announcing Tuesday they’re leaving the Democratic Party for the Republican Party, two out of every three members of House now belong to the GOP.

This means Republicans don’t need any cooperation from across the aisle to pass a bill, adopt rules, set the state’s budget, or even amend the state’s constitution.

“Their arrival not only gives Republicans the largest House majority that anyone can remember, but it also gives credence to our beliefs that people are increasingly drawn to our conservative values,” said Governor Rick Perry.

However, the House Democrats, who are left, disagree.

“I just don’t believe a lot of things the Governor and the Republican Party are putting out right now are consistent with mainstream Texans,” said Democratic Representative Joaquin Castro.

The Bexar County lawmaker said he worries with no road blocks the Republican Party might stray-away from focusing on balancing the budget and job creation, and venture out into more conservative social issues, such as immigration reform.

“What’s going to be important for us is to make sure Republicans stick to the issues that Texans are most concerned about,” said Castro.

Castro said while disappointed with his now former fellow Democrats, who switched parties, he believes the House will eventually balance out.




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