EPA – An unconstitutional agency – controls what you breath and will control the AUTO industry, Farming, power plants, fishing, and ANYTHING else IT decides affect that AIR

This is a very dubious agency.  It’s life has literally been breathed in to existence by the politicians that seek to remain in office.  Governments are not nihilistic.  They don’t choose to decrease.  That’s why they seek to team up or get control of business.  “He who controls the purse strings…. “This is also how the TYRANNY begins.  Communism is a word.  History is full of dictatorships that began exactly this way.  Socialism doesn’t last in any form.  Communism only last for a short spurt.  It ALL turns to a Dictatorship of one form or another.

The EPA is a GOVERNMENT arm, which only answers to the EXECUTIVE branch.  They have NO oversight, and “the PEOPLE” have NO say over them.  Guess what that makes them?

Right!  An arm of the EXECUTIVE branch and all the POLITICS that are tied to it.

Our politicians have been derelict in their duties to not ATTACK this “agency” of the governments SINGLE branch of power.

Greenhouse gas curbs are weeks away for Texas

Loss of appeal means emissions rules begin Jan. 2
Dec. 11, 2010, 8:06AM

Environmental journalism supports the protecti...

The flower that is the POPPY of Emerald City - Deadly

A federal appeals court on Friday rejected pleas from Texas, some other states and industry allies to block nationwide rules ongreenhouse gas emissions slated to start next month.

The states, industry groups and free-market groups are suing theEnvironmental Protection Agency over its first attempt to regulate carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases from automobiles and large industrial sources.

The rules, they argue, would harm the economy.

But the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbiadenied the request to freeze the new regulations while the lawsuit is pending, ruling that the challengers failed to show that the harms they allege are certain, rather than speculative.

The decision of the three-judge panel clears the way for the rules to take effect Jan. 2, as planned. The federal rules require new controls on emissions from vehicles and industrial sources, such as power plants and refineries.

Such rules would have a profound impact on Texas, which pumps more carbon dioxide into the air than any other state because of its scores of coal-fired power plants, refineries and other industrial facilities.

With three weeks left until the rules kick in, Texas is the only state that has refused to include new limits on heat-trapping gases in permits for the largest industrial plants, as the new rules require.

In challenging the EPA, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has argued that the underpinnings of the new rules — that the gases blamed for global warming threaten public health — are based on faulty data. The new rules also will hurt business, he told the court.

But the Texas lawsuit had a “see-through problem,” said David Doniger, director of climate policy for the Natural Resources Defense Council, which supports the new rules.


By David Doniger--->Global Warming's Economic Destruction = 2 World Wars, Plus Great Depression

<This guy is an ideologist and is a global warming coo- coo head>

“You can say anything you want in a press release or a two-page lobbying letter to Congress,” Doniger said. “But when you go to court, you have to prove your case, and they didn’t. These cases were brought to dress up a political argument.”


Right-Wing Advocates Sue EPA Over C02 and Pollution Findings

<“NRDC has joined with four other environmental organizations and 17 state and local governments that have intervened to help defend EPA’s endangerment finding.” -> http://www.opposingviews.com/i/right-wing-advocates-sue-epa-over-c02-and-pollution-findings>

Al Armendariz, the EPA’s regional administrator based in Dallas, called the decision “a victory for science, clean air and Louisiana’s wetlands,” which are vulnerable to rising sea levels due in part to global warming.

Al Armendariz is betting on San Anto in the new energy economy. "“I think the standard is going to be consistent with what the medical evidence tells us it should be,” said Al Armendariz , regional director of the EPA, before addressing a gathering at Blue Star hosted by the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance. “What that really means to me is, we’ve got to go after the largest sources of pollution. When you look across the region, those largest sources are primarily the large utilities, big industry, and mobile sources — things like cars and trucks and construction equipment.” San Antonio has been averaging around 74 parts per billion of ozone, just a tick under the current standard of 75 ppb. However, by summer’s end the EPA is expected to announce a new standard, likely somewhere between 60 and 70 ppb."


< Pollution in china is almost triple that.  Give me a break.  This guy is blowing smoke and his ideology is what is getting in the way of imperial evidence.  Just like all the EPA “scientific” paperwork>

“a rural site near the Gobi deserts in northwestern China during spring 2008. Primary trace gases (CO: 265 ppb; SO2: 3.4 ppb; NOy*: 4.2 ppb; hereafter results given as means of hourly data) in the area were lower than in eastern China, but still indicative of marked anthropogenic emissions.http://www.agu.org/journals/ABS/2010/2009JD013659.shtml

<We have the LOWER emissions>

‘Misguided policies’

Texas officials expressed disappointment but said they are confident in their case as it proceeds through the court.

“Texas will do everything in its power to defeat the threat these misguided policies impose upon our state’s energy industry and the thousands of jobs it sustains, not to mention the cost they will inflict on Texas families,” said Catherine Frazier, deputy press secretary for Gov. Rick Perry. “Ultimately, we believe Texas will prevail.”

Scott Segal, a lobbyist at Bracewell & Giuliani, which represents utilities, refiners and manufacturers, said the court ruling is “unfortunate” because regulators will not be ready in time to impose the new permit requirements.

“The court may have ensured an effective construction moratorium for industrial and power projects,” Segal said. “Given the state of the economy, the decision is certainly not a welcome holiday present.”

Segal also said the denial is “hardly an endorsement” of the EPA’s position.

Still, the court’s decision is “an important rebuke to big polluters who want to avoid complying with standards put in place to protect people and the American economy,” said Michael Brune, the Sierra Club‘s executive director.




5 Responses to EPA – An unconstitutional agency – controls what you breath and will control the AUTO industry, Farming, power plants, fishing, and ANYTHING else IT decides affect that AIR

  1. angel5starr says:

    The main word for this entire hoax of

    STUPID is the word that comes to mind regarding “global warming”,the GREEN movement, and the epa!! IF there is SO MUCH WARMING, then why am I sitting here FREEZING?? Like I said,stupid, idiotic, and right up there in the ranks of extreme idiots..like. the tsa to name one of the top air heads. I gave up flying because of the legal molesters and major radiation gone wild, crazies. Well, I don’t have a vehicle cause I can’t find one that’s “affordable”,so I think I’LL start looking for a horse and buggy!! That is one advantage of living in Lancaster County, PA, I learned a LOT from all of the mennonites and amish. Giddy-up-hossey….. 🙂

  2. txlady706 says:

    heheheh. Wait. Not so fast. That horse is emitting too much methane. EPA, “Pull over that horse, he’s farting too much. You’ll have to get him on our approved, methane free diet. Get those emmissions down and then replace those shoes. One of them is showing too much wear. While your at it, the teeth need to get floated, because that new feed of ours is really sweet and he won’t be able to bite you if his teeth rot. Oh, yeah, don’t forget to exercise him, he’s showing a bit of a gut and if that’s the case we’ll have to TAX you for the roads more, because he’s overweight. ” I could keep going—–

  3. J says:

    global warming the new Kool-Aid…!

    Al Jimenez from San antonio is a turn coat. I can not belive he got elected.

  4. txlady706 says:

    There are many turn coats out there.
    Communism is a foot

  5. rice cooker reviews…

    […]EPA – An unconstitutional agency – controls what you breath and will control the AUTO industry, Farming, power plants, fishing, and ANYTHING else IT decides affect that AIR « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

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