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Lebanon Faces The Hidden Enemy

December 11, 2010: Wikileaks confirmed yet another suspected, but never confirmed, relationship between Lebanon and Israel. American diplomatic reports from 2008 detail discussions between the Lebanese defense minister and American officials. The Lebanese minister discussed how Israel could hit key Hezbollah targets, and cripple the Iranian backed Shia force. The minister also believed that Israel could take out Hezbollah without enraging the rest of Lebanon if the fighting was confined to Hezbollah held areas. It was also important that targets in Christian Lebanese areas not be bombed. While most Lebanese are hostile to Israel, they are also uneasy about the Iranian supported Hezbollah militia. Hezbollah gunmen basically control most of southern Lebanon, and the government feels unable to take on the Iranian backed force. Moreover, Lebanese don’t want to fight another civil war, like the 1975-90 one that wrecked the country. This conflict led to the creation of Hezbollah, which appears to continue the civil war, and may put the Shia minority in control of the entire country (which is dominated by the 40 percent Christian and 20 percent Sunni minorities.)

——- lets examine a few things before continuing the above article——-

Before 1980


Iran’s war – the Islamic revolution – created the opening for Hezbollah.

This is IRAN prior to the Ayatollah’s re – introduction:


Iran in the 1970s before the Islamic Revolution Iran in the 1970s before the Islamic Revolution Iran in the 1970s before the Islamic Revolution


Iran in the 1970s before the Islamic Revolution Iran in the 1970s before the Islamic Revolution Iran in the 1970s before the Islamic Revolution

Needless to say the Sha was nothing good either.  The people living outside the city were in crushing poverty, but at least, the ideology was not exported to other countries to any degree.

How did the Ayatollah come to power?

It appears that he was a major religious leader who was exiled – but the question is – HOW did he come back?

Revolution Against Monarchy
During, 1920, Reza Shah Pahlavi, the Emperor of Iran started following the model of Kemal Ataturk, working to secularize the Iraniansociety by curtailing the powers of religious leaders and fundamentalists. The Western governments often extended their support to Iran monarch Reza Shah Pahlavi and his leaders to promote modern policies by violating the existing Islamic traditions. Reza Shah Pahlavi, with the support of Russian government overthrew Iran’s first constitutional government in 1921.  Like many Iranians, the interference of foreign actors in Iran also infuriated Khomeini.
In 1941, Reza Shah Pahlavi was succeeded by his son Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. He continued the task of promotingsecularism and modern ideas. In the early 1960s, Shah proclaimed a “White Revolution” and introduced many Western ideas, such as equal rights for women and secular education for all. The proclamation of White Revolution raised the anger and disappointment among the religious leaders. In 1962, Khomeini launched a campaign against the Shah’s regime for conflicting with Islamic values. This led to the eruption of a religious and political rebellion on June 5, 1963 followed by Khomeini’s exile in 1964.
Khomeini used his period of exile to transform Shi’i Islam into an activist political movement. He emerged as a charismatic leader, who devised a revolutionary system to launch a revolution. The first objective of the movement was to overthrow the Shah. In 1977, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. The members of revolutionary movement came out in huge numbers raising slogans against the Shah. The movement compelled the King to denounce and leave Iran, forever.

Then came the Ayatollah and the Hezbollah from Iran:



Carter, the Democrats and Russia along with their Communists wanted the Shah to fail.  There is much conflicting viewpoints as to the reasons, but needless to say, Carter and the Democrats were on the SAME side as the Communists.  This continues to today.  The Democrats have practiced every underhanded trick in the book since their “ideologies” changed:


During his Presidency, Jimmy Carter didn’t only abandon support for the Shah for his alleged human rights violations. He also gave support to Khomeini. A Former Naval intelligence offer and CIA agent for the Carter administration told Mike evens that Carter gave Khomeini checks when he was in France [it’s in page 14 of Mike Evan’s book “Jimmy Carter The Liberal Left and World Chaos” and the CIA agent decided to remain anonymous]. In fact, the CIA agent was involved in giving him the checks [it is in page 14 of that same book].

Read more: http://socyberty.com/politics/carters-role-in-khomeinis-rise-to-power/#ixzz17qKIoJCr


So at this point America was actively engaged in installing Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, WHO would single – handedly REVERT IRAN to an ISLAM THEOCRATIC STATE.  THIS  gives rise to the second coming of the PERSIAN EMPIRE!


——Continuing with the article from above ———–

Hezbollah is the Lebanese arm of the Iranian Shia revolution. The Islamic radicals who run a religious dictatorship in Iran, carried out a coup in the 1980s, taking control of the government during a desperate war with Iraq (which had invaded Iran in 1980). The religious zealots in Iran believe the world would be abetter place if everyone were Moslem, of the Shia variety (which predominates in Iran and Lebanon, but not with 90 percent of Moslems, who prefer the Sunni, or other minor sects.) Iran also believes that Israel must be destroyed, and Iranian leaders have not been shy about repeating this again and again in public. Hezbollah leaders repeat this demand. This basic Hezbollah goal, the destruction of Israel, makes negotiations with Israel difficult.

The Shia Arabs are so feisty in Lebanon because, for the last thousand years, they have usually been persecuted by the majority Sunni. When Iran underwent a revolution in 1979, and was taken over by Shia clerics, it became the major supporter of Shia resistance movements everywhere in the Middle East. Iran became an ally of Syria, mainly because both of them were enemies of Iraq. Hezbollah received money (up to a hundred million of dollars a year) and weapons from Iran. This enabled the 1.5 million Lebanese Shia (about 40 percent of the population) to hold their own against the wealthier Christians and Sunnis during the civil war. Syria has nearly three million Shias as well, and is ruled by members of the Alawite religious minority (an eccentric Shia minority that is considered heretical even by some Shia). So getting cozy with Iran and the Lebanese Shia seemed like a good idea to Syria.

In addition to helping the Shia defend themselves, Hezbollah also addressed the relative poverty of the Lebanese Shia by using the Iranian money to set up schools and medical clinics. They also organized the production of opium and heroin in southern Lebanon, creating an operation that provides another hundred million dollars a year for Hezbollah operations, and jobs for Shia Arabs.

The Iranians got something in return, the ability to send organizers from Iran to recruit Lebanese Shia for a terrorist organizations. The Iranian Islamic radicals believe that Israel must be destroyed and the world converted to Islam. This puts them at odds with Sunni Islamic radicals, who also believe the world should be forcibly converted to Islam, but to the Sunni version of Islam. Shia only comprise about 11 percent of all Moslems, so the Sunnis don’t take Iranian Shia radicals objectives seriously. In the meantime, Sunni and Shia radicals sometimes cooperate in their effort to kill infidels (non-Moslems.)






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