Amtrak – New gun rules allow weapons – Uselessly, unloaded, but allowed. The criminals load their weapons, but the average citizen is a hostage

The average citizen is the criminal always.

The criminals go around with guns loaded, but the average, out in the open shmuck gets told that he’s “incompetent,” but the criminals are apparently more competent.

A gun is a tool.  It can be used to kill a rabid dog or a violent criminal.  But the decision is made by the person using it.  Just like a kitchen knife.  Maybe we should outlaw that too.  Whats next?

Maybe they should put us all in a padded room and call us crazy.  The insane are not allowed weapons either.  The criminals, however, HAVE RIGHTS.  Even when they are not citizens of this country.  Yet, we are subjectively determined to be incompetent to know the difference from right and wrong by the government that is not even competent to know that IT’s only real job is to defend AMERICA—- NOT the world.  Because if they defend the world, then who’s defending us?  The politicians and the government have disarmed us on many different levels. If they are not defending America, then they may indeed, dismantle America.  Other governments defend their property.  If there is no one to defend us, then, we will cease to exist.

Our View: No more risk in Amtrak’s new gun rules

A closer look shows decision is not out of line; same policy in place for decades on airlines.


Amtrak’s recent announcement that it would allow passengers to bring unloaded guns on trains that offered checked baggage service must have struck many in the traveling public as odd.

After all, the announcement comes soon after another federal agency began conducting full-body scans and intrusive pat-down searches at many of the nation’s airports. But a closer look at the Amtrak rules show that they aren’t out of line.

Pushed by the National Rifle Association, Amtrak’s gun policy matches those already in place for airliners, even in this era of heightened security. Airlines allow unloaded guns packed in hard-sided containers to be stored in lockers.


Train passengers planning to check their guns must give Amtrak 24-hour notice. For law-abiding travelers who want to transport their guns legally, the new rules are fair and reasonable.

But let’s be real here — they are no deterrent to determined criminals.

Millions of riders board trains and subways loaded with bags and backpacks. They don’t pass through metal detectors and are not subject to pat-down searches or bomb-sniffing dogs.

So it’s impossible to know who’s packing now or not.

Make no mistake: We are not advocating airline-like security measures for trains. It would cost a fortune and slow public transit to a halt.

Most Americans recognize the reality. In an open society, terrorist targets are endless.

Any place the public gathers in our nation — trains, ferries, subways, malls, stadiums, schools and Christmas tree-lighting ceremonies — there’s the possibility of terrorists taking advantage.

Although the train gun rules are new and startling to some, the policy does not increase public risk a bit. (This editorial originated with our sister newspaper The Sacramento Bee.)

Editorials are the opinion of the Merced Sun-Star editorial board. Members of the editorial board include Publisher Debra Kuykendall, Executive Editor Mike Tharp, Editorial Page Editor Keith Jones, Online Editor Brandon Bowers and visiting editor James Bennett.


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