Israel – Duplicity and negligence of the US Government against Israel.

The US would have you think that Israel is a way of life that is set out of the Amish Country.  This is Tel Aviv:

The double talk out of the wests media and the notion that Israel is a BACKWARD country is bunk!  It’s a LIE!  Propaganda seems to be the key element here!

See the video and read the article and the comment from just ONE person who seems to GET it.

The Unholy US/Muslim Alliance:

Dennis ”Avi” Lipkin, a Jew, in his book, Israel’s Bible Bloc, explained how he got over his hatred of Christians and came to embrace them as Israel’s best friend.

In 1991, as the IDF spokesperson, he was invited to speak to the Dallas Council on World Affairs. They were part of the famous or infamous Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He writes,

    “These are the people who control the economy of the US and the World. These are faceless people who decide who the President of the United States will be as well as leaders of other countries. They control the banks corporations and oil companies that control the world.”

The CFR includes among its members the power elites in both the Democrat and Republican parties and they include most Presidential nominees. They support world government and globalization. They are building a modern day Tower of Babel which denies American sovereignty and the supremacy of God from which our inalienable rights come in favour of a secular socialist utopia. Pres Obama is a member of CFR.

Lipkin spoke eloquently on how Israel had already returned 93% of the conquered land and on Israel’s need to keep the rest. Afterwards, he was invited into the “woodshed” with about 20 members of the Council.

    “You are a great IDF spokesman but you don’t know the realities. We here of the Dallas Council on World Affairs, are going to teach you realities.

    “First reality: America is tired of paying for your wars. Israel is going to make peace with the Palestinians whether it likes it or not. We don’t care if you have already handed over to the Arabs side 93% of the land you took in your wars. You are going to hand over, not 93%, or 97%, but 100% and more! You Israelis are all alone. And we don’t even care about the UN Resolutions 242 and 338 calling for new borders which are recognizable and defensible.”

    “Second reality. There is only one thing that made America great: the barrel of oil – the steady price of oil the steady supply of oil. Is that clear?”

To which Lipkin replied, after he picked himself up off the floor,

    “You know, we Jews never came in the way of America’s oil supplies. In fact we paid for your oil supplies with 6 million of our people in WWII. When the Arabs and their oil snapped the whip in the 1930’s and 1940’s, the U.S. and Britain decided not to give the Jews seeking to flee from Nazi Europe, visas to Palestine, England, the western hemisphere or whatever. It is true that Hitler and the Nazis physically killed the Jews, but the decision to industrially kill all the Jews was only taken in January 1942 at the Wannese Conference in Berlin because there were then over 7 million Jews holed up in the ghettos behind Whermacht lines and the world would not grant the Jews asylum. So we Jews were massacred so as not to get in the way of Arab oil. Breckenridge Long, US Under-Secretary of State for visas, made sure to it that no Jews would get visas to get into the US, Canada and Cuba.

    “And now you mean to say that it is going to happen again? You guys are going to sacrifice 5 million more Jews in Israel for the barrel of oil?”

They answered in the affirmative which meant they were prepared for a second holocaust.

What made him appreciate Evangelical Christians as Israel’s friend was that in response to their dire threats and warnings, two Christians who were with him in the room and not members of the Council, boldly stood up and said to them, one after the other, “You call yourself Christians? You say that what made America great was a barrel of oil? You should be ashamed of yourselves. What made America great was not a barrel of oil. What made America great was Jesus Christ.” and “Besides it says in the bible those who bless Israel are blessed and those who curse Israel are cursed.”

History bears CFR’s threats out.

The State Department was against the creation of Israel before its birth, forced Israel to retreat from the Sinai after she conquered it in ’56 and maintained an arms embargo on Israel throughout the War of Independence ending only after the ’67 war. The State Department negotiated UNSC Res 242 at the end of the war which allowed Israel to remain in occupation until she had an agreement for “secure and recognized borders”. But the Arabs refused to accept it. So two years later, the US came up with the Rogers’ Plan which required full retreat to the ’49 armistice line.

In 1974, President Richard Nixon told Syrian president Hafez al-Assad that Washington was committed to seeing an “Israeli withdrawal from all the occupied territories”.

A year later, Henry Kissinger met with Sadun Hammadi, Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs. A transcript of this meeting has been published which discloses Kissinger’s attempts to assuage the concerns of Hammadi.

    “We don’t need Israel for influence in the Arab world. On the contrary, Israel does us more harm than good in the Arab world. We can’t negotiate about the existence of Israel but we can reduce its size to historical proportions. I think the Palestinian identity has to be recognized in some form. But we need the thoughtful cooperation of the Arabs.”

Thereafter the US, at first surreptitiously and then openly, backed the PLO. She saved them from Israel’s coup de gras in Beirut and enabled them to be welcomed in the United Nations and into the US.

The US forced Israel to participate in the Madrid Conference in 1991 and insisted that Jerusalem be put on the table and that the PLO be included in the Palestinian delegation. All this pressure resulted in the Oslo Accords in 1993 and the re-entry into Israel of her mortal enemy, the PLO, headed by Arafat. Remember how sick Rabin looked when he was forced to shake the hand of the arch murderer, Arafat, on the White House lawn under the auspices of the smiling President Clinton.

Oslo ran its course and was superseded by the Roadmap in 2003. This Roadmap replaced Res 242 with the Arab Initiative which included the Rogers Plan just as the Dallas Council had underlined.

While the US maintains that the final agreement had to be negotiated between the parties, the US puts a “gun” to Israel’s head during negotiations. The peace process is all about reaching an agreement, pre-determined by the Saudi/US alliance.

If you think this is an antisemitic thing, it is not. It is about money and world domination.

Mordechai Nisan recently wrote that The U.S. has long sided with the Arab world. He pointed out that the US has supported the Muslims in the Balkans, in Cyprus, in Somali and in Lebanon at the expense of the Christians. The U.S. also turns a blind eye to the killing of Christians in Egypt and in Iraq and to discrimination against Christians in Saudi Arabia and in the territories under the rule of the PA,

The US brought Turkey into NATO and backs her inclusion in the EU. The US has also maintained an alliance with Pakistan for many decades. The US arms Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the PA. Now she is also arming the Lebanese army which is controlled by Hezbollah. Who else, but Israel, is the target?

Avi Lipkin adds to this list by informing that “In Indonesia, over a half a million Chinese were slaughtered in the sixties by the Moslems and the word remained silent. In 1975, the Indonesian army marched into East Timor and 300,000 Catholics were slaughtered”. This is the same Indonesia that Pres Obama recently praised so much. And let us not forget that the Turkish Moslems slaughtered one and a half million Christian Armenians during WWI, to little Western condemnation. This silence gave Hitler the confidence that he could slaughter six million Jews twenty years later.

Recently, Turkey turned Islamist, aligned itself with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas and still Pres Obama stands by Turkey.

Pres Obama’s much pursued Muslim outreach merely makes public what has been a covert reality for American policy for 100 years.

The Islamic countries can do no wrong. They have all the oil and money. Israel can do no right. They are a pain in the globalist’s butt.

You need not wonder anymore why the US embraces CAIR, invites Muslim immigration, integrates Muslims into the government, has sensitivity training for members of the FBI and calls Islam a religion of peace, notwithstanding 9/11. Or why the US permits the radicalization of most of the mosques in America by Saudi Arabia, their Muslim partner.

The establishment in America embraces the UN, the International Court of Justice and other international bodies. Plans are underway to create a North American Common Market (NACM) including Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. So why protect your borders? Why deport your aliens? It won’t matter when the NACM is created.

All of these things and many more international initiatives, require the relinquishment of U.S. sovereignty. But that’s OK. The establishment prefers Globalization and the New World Order.

Islam also denies sovereignty and democracy in favour of a World Caliphate ruled by Sharia Law. Thus the globalists and Islam make good bedfellows. Just as the Roman Empire co-opted the Catholic Church to control the masses, the Globalists employ Islam to do likewise.

Avi Lipkin understands this. He is advocating for an alliance between Israel and the Evangelical Christians as a bulwark to the plans of the unholy American/Muslim alliance. Only with such an alliance, can America and Israel, as we know them, be saved.

A Comment:

yamit82 says:

BB is or was listed as a member of the CFR.

Benjamin Netanyahu: CFR Member
Not new but increasingly relevant information, a blast from the past:

Who Owns the National Bank of Israel? [who gets the NIS seigniorage?] – Barry Chamish, February 21, 2006

[Note: Up to now, each Israelite was stolen of about 800,000 US dollars-equivalent of seigniorage]

Where CFR sell each other’s profits. [Barry Chamish continues with information from a reliable source]

I told you a couple of days ago that a CFR member, (Edgar Bronfman’s son Matthew who purchased it for the family), purchased 6% of Israel Discount Bank, with option to buy another 25% the controlling interest, listen to this:

November 14, 2005, there was a press release from the Israel Finance Ministry, with EHUD OLMERT as finance minister, to the effect that 9.99% of Bank Leumi’s shares had been sold to the “Barnea Investment Group” ( a Jewish enough sounding name, don’t you think?), in parenthesis the Cerberus-Gabriel group, with option to buy another 10%, which would make it the controlling interest in the bank, in this particular case.

Prof. Amir Barnea is the founding Dean of the Arison School of business, teaches at the Recanati School of Business, TAUGHT AT TAU, SPECIALIZES IN CORPORATE FINANCE AND IS A VISITING PROFESSOR IN THE US, IN PARTICULAR IN HOUSTON, AT RICE UNIVERSITY, and is a partner in the Singer Barnea investment firm.

What the press release failed to mentioned, and what the Knesset official release in January of 2006 – complete with picture of beaming Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, Stanley Fischer, and Jewish representative of the Barnea group – “failed to mention”, and what the Israeli Press the world over failed to mention, is that the Barnea group is a front for the Cerberus hedge fund, (the Cerberus-Gabriel group, according to my research, only appears on the internet in connection with this single transaction of Ben-Leumi; with other words, it doesn’t exist!). Who REALLY bought 9.99% of Bank Leumi, and who, by their own words, definitely plans to exercise their option to buy the rest, thereby making them the controlling interest of the “National Bank of Israel”? Well, the CERBERUS HEDGE FUND, WITH AT ITS HEAD NONE OTHER THAN DAN QUAYLE, BILDERBERG GROUP MEMBER, FORMER US VICE PRESIDENT, WHO FAILED TO OBTAIN THE LAST REPUBLICAN NOMINATION, WHO STILL HAS PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRATIONS, WHO REGULARLY VISITS THE WHITE HOUSE AND HELPS THEM WHENEVER HE CAN, WHOSE WIFE BELONGS TO A HOUSTON-BASED CHURCH.

More details: The Cerberus group was competing against six other bidders, and BID AS A STRATEGIC INVESTOR vs. FINANCIAL INVESTORS . With other words, Dan Quayle’s purpose is not to make a lot of money, but to be able to do whatever he wants and actively control the bank. Not only that, but he paid so much more for the deal than what it is worth that the whole financial and banking community was in shock!!



And [the reliable source] found the source for the donations. They were both American members of the CFR;

Council on Foreign Relations Membership List (L-R)
2893. OLIVER COVEY T,CFR ’84, 1988 annual rpt ,,
2894. OLMERT EHUD,CFR ’92,,,

2803. NEMAN RICHARD A,, 1988 annual rpt
2804. NETANYAHU BENJAMIN,, 1988 annual rpt

December 13, 2005
Cerberus-Gabriel hedge fund buys stake in Leumi Bank

Israel is on its way to privatization. The banking sector is amongst the first ones to take a step in this direction. Bank Leumi was in the market recently and attracted bids from several players. Bidder names include strategic investors like Lev Leviev, IDB and Bill Davidson and also financial contenders like UBS, Deutsche Bank and Citibank. However the winner was an American Hedge fund, Cerberus-Gabriel.

Cerberus-Gabriel has purchased 9.9% of the shares of the bank. The purchase of this stake was for approximately $500 million. The fund also has the option of buying an additional 10.01% in the bank. This will bring the total shares quantum to 20% and is roughly valued at $1 billion. This option of additional purchase has to be utilized with in the next one and a half years.

Ehud Olmert, Finance Minister of Israel, is reportedly quite satisfied with the outcome. He feels that this is a positive development and will help the over all Israeli economy. He is amongst the top promoters of privatization move. In his statement he also mentioned that the purchase will ensure healthy competition between the banks and will definitely contribute a lot to the local market.

Another person quite happy with the development is Yaron Zelekha, the treasury’s accountant-general, who led the tender. He sees it as fulfillment of the promise made to the people of Israel about privatization of the entire banking system in 2005. Ynetnews reports:

“Cerberus-Gabriel offered NIS 2.474 billion (about USD 500 million) for 9.99 percent of the bank’s shares, and has the option to purchase another 10.01 percent of the shares held by the State within a year and a half, and to reach a total holding of 20 percent of the bank’s shares.”


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