Iran – WikiLeaks – Iran used ambulances to run ARMS, weapons.

Israel has always done the right thing.  No matter what.  WikiLeaks confirms everything that Israel has said in the past.

What reason is there to continue the lies about Israel?

Many.  Apparently, Israel is a problem to the dictates of the ME.  The Middle East thrives on tyranny.  The only Theocracy in the ME that is FREE is that of ISRAEL.  Make no mistake, Israel is a THEOCRACY.  This THEOCRACY, however, is based in the laws that have guided the WEST from the beginnings of time.  These laws have been the foundation of the WEST.  The EAST has China and Russia.  These have been, largely, tyrannies.  These can be, at best, described as dictatorships.  What good that has, in recent history, come out of these dictatorships, have come only as a result of WESTERN prodding.  Russia would not have even considered ANY dealings with the WEST, if the WEST was not SOMETHING to reckon with.  Russia is a vast land.  Don’t mistake that for weakness.  This is part of it’s strength, and also the US.  They KNOW this instinctively.  YET, the IDEOLOGY and LANGUAGE is the glue that binds.  When the US “diversifies” the language, the tower of BABBLE scenario is invoked.

WikiLeaks exposé: Iran used ambulances to run arms into Lebanon during 2006 war:

Top Iranian source told U.S. officials that medical staff loading Lebanon-bound planes in Iran noticed that the aircraft were ‘already half full.’:

By Haaretz Service

Iran used the neutrality of the Iranian Red Crescent to smuggle agents and weapons into Lebanon during Israel’s 2006 with Hezbollah, U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks revealed on Sunday.


Hezbollah fighters parade during the inauguration of a new cemetery for their fighters who died in fighting against Israel, in southern Beirut, Lebanon, on Nov. 12, 2010.

According to an Iranian sources mentioned in the cables, which were made available by the U.K. newspaper the Guardian, the IRC provided a cover for Iranian Revolutionary Guards members

“The only true Iranian Red Crescent officers dispatched to Lebanon were the doctors and drivers. Shipments of medical supplies served also to facilitate weapons shipments,” the Guardian quotes the source as saying.

The IRC source added that medical staff in Iran had seen missiles on a plane destined for Lebanon while delivering medical supplies to the airport, and that the “plane was allegedly ‘half full’ prior to the arrival of any medical supplies.”

In addition, the source revealed that an IRC hospital in southern Lebanon was handed over to Hezbollah control, alleging that “Hassan Nasrallah had asked Supreme Leader Khamenei to allow Hezbollah to run the hospital during Dr. [Mohammad Reza] Noorbala’s tenure as IRC president.”

Israel has long warned of Iran’s military links to the Lebanese militant group, with some officials estimating Hezbollah to be stronger now than it was prior to the Second Lebanon war.

Earlier this month, Channel 10 quoted the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyasa as saying that Hezbollah obtained a complete aerial array from Iran, including an attack aircraft and several unmanned aerial vehicles,

According to sources close to the Hezbollah military leadership, Hezbollah has at least three different kinds of UAVs and an Iranian aircraft that could reach long distances and attack specific targets on the ground.

The sources say that these are the “surprises” that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah promised his organization would use in any future conflict with Israel.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is responsible for the transfer of the aircraft to Hezbollah, sources say, and dozens of Iranian experts were allegedly sent to Lebanon to aid Hezbollah in building the aerial array and to train militants.

According to the report, Tehran allocated a very high budget for the project.

Western sources responded to the report, saying that they fear the aircraft could be an “important card” in a possible future conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.


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  1. Iran – WikiLeaks – Iran used ambulances to run ARMS, weapons ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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