South Korea warns north over attack – UPdate – Washington will invoke China’s help


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Russia and China quit the Dollar – The EU quit the dollar in January 1999 – China and Russia are 4 times or more bigger than the US. This is SIGNIFICANT!

Everyone is up in arms and watching these dog fights.

Obama is not America, but the politics are.

Washington has created an unwilling ally in China.  So, however the matter may go, China is beholden to the US.  This is a given.

Although, a WWII scenario is similar, it’s only similar in the respect of these two foes.  The rest of the argument (chess board is set up differently).  The outcome and the play must be different.

North Korea testing Obama:

Op-ed: Similarly to Nazi era, failure to respond to North Korean aggression could lead to war

All eyes in the international theater are currently on Washington. The White House also understands that the North Korean attack on the South Korean island is a challenge to the US no less so – and possibly even more so – than it is a provocation towards Seoul. Officials in Washington know that a failure to respond in this case would have grave strategic and international implications: Iran is closely monitoring North Korea’s conduct on the nuclear and sanctions front, and there are quite a few indications that Pyongyang serves as a model for emulation. On top of it, there is the close cooperation between the two states on the missile and nuclear development front.

Syria is in the same boat and draws from North Korea not only military and nuclear assistance, but also inspiration for provocative conduct vis-à-vis the US. Meanwhile, the concern shown by America’s traditional allies in Asia and in the Middle East is growing in the face of the weakness and helplessness displayed by Washington in respect to Pyongyang’s provocations.

Major question marks regarding America’s power and leadership are in the air, ranging from Riyadh to Tokyo: If this is how the White House conducts itself vis-à-vis the small, poor North Korea, would it have the power and desire to protect the oil states against Iran should Tehran decide, for example, to disrupt oil tanker traffic in the Persian Gulf? Can Japan and Taiwan count on the US to protect them in face of Chinese aggression?

And that’s not all. There is substantial danger that should North Korea’s provocation not be met with an effective Western, international response, it would provide Pyongyang with an incentive to embark on additional adventures with graver results – to the point of all-out war – as was the case with Nazi Germany on the eve of World War II.

We can assume that at this time, South Korea and the US would not be initiating military retaliation to the North Korean attack. It is also doubtful whether the US would adopt a grave step such as a total naval blockade against North Korea that may escalate to war. South Korea would be the first to oppose such move. However, the US still has two options on the diplomatic and economic front that may deter the regime in Pyongyang and make it think twice before undertaking the next provocation.

The Key: China

One option is to enlist China to the cause of exerting pressure on its ally, Pyongyang, to put an end to the provocations and return to the negotiating table. China has a substantial interest at this time in appeasing Washington, which is pressing Beijing to devaluate its currency and improve the balance of trade between the two countries. China also holds more than a billion-dollar worth of US bonds and has an interest in seeing an American economic recovery. Hence, China is attentive to Washington’s concerns and is uninterested in seeing the US completely losing its superpower status.

Another option available to the US is to convene the Security Council and pass a resolution that imposes further sanctions on North Korea and even threatens Pyongyang with Chapter VII in the UN charter, which allows for military action against a rogue state that jeopardizes world peace. China would then be facing an uncomfortable position, where it is forced to impose its veto power in defiance of all other Security Council members or endorse the resolution and become a party to sanctions against its ally. In any case, the key to restraining North Korea via non-violent means is currently in Beijing’s hands.

Should all this fail, the US has another possibility at its disposal: Redeploying tactical nuclear weapons on South Korea’s soil. Such move would not only make clear the seriousness of America’s intentions to Pyongyang, but also prove to China that it risks a nuclear war at its doorstep. This move would also signal to Iran what it can expect should it continue with its nuclear provocations.

Should Washington be able to prompt China to impose effective pressure on Pyongyang, or should the US deploy nuclear weapons in South Korea, this would have a restraining effect on Iran on the nuclear front. However, should the White House show weakness, the North Korean model is expected to repeat in our region, in a doubly dangerous fashion.

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South Korea warns north over attack, posted with vodpod

Washington spurns Tokyo’s demand for reprisal against North Korea:

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 23, 2010

roundly condemned the North Korean Nov. 23 artillery attack on the populated South Koreanislandof Yeonpyeong on the Yellow Sea border, calling on North Korea to halt its belligerent action and abide by the terms of the 1953 armistice agreement. But the Obama administration was clearly not about to meet Japanese pressure for joint military action in support of Seoul or reinforce its fighting forces on the peninsula – even as a deterrent. Two South Korean marines were killed and 17 soldiers and 3 civilians injured as the flames engulfed the targeted island.
A Pentagon spokesman also said it was too early to discuss redeploying US tactical nuclear arms to South Korea, a possibility raised by South Korea’s Defense Minister Kim Tae-young Monday when North Korea’s parade of its uranium enrichment and light water plants came to light.
The Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s second demand in his call to President Barak Obama after the North Korean attack was to convene an urgent UN Security Council meeting. That too went unheeded. The session France announced would take place Tuesday night was indefinitely postponed.

The Japanese prime minister maintained to Obama that North Korea must not be allowed to get away with two armed attacks on the South in the space of eight months without a military response. On March 26, North Korean torpedoes sunk the South Korean Cheonan cruiser. At least 46 seamen were lost.

DEBKAfile’s military sources reports fears that if no penalty is exacted from Pyongyang for its belligerent behavior, it will be encouraged to continue striking South Korea.

Although it is pressing its advantage, issuing a terse warning that If South Korea intrudes into its territorial waters “even 0.001 millimeters, the revolutionary armed forces of [North Korea] will unhesitatingly continue taking merciless military counteractions against it.”
The statement from the North’s top military command was aired by state media.

South Korea “should bear in mind the solemn warning of the revolutionary armed forces that they do not make empty talk,” it said.
DEBKAfile’s military sources report that US Seventh Fleet headquarters at Yokosuka in Japan, together with the naval forces stationed there including the USS George Washington aircraft carrier. They have been covering South Korea’s massive annual military exercises involving some 70,000 troops scheduled to last from Monday through Nov. 30.

Our sources add that closely in tune with Pyongyang, Tehran will be encouraged by the Obama administration’s inaction against North Korea to greater pugnacity against Israel whose position in the Middle East Iran sees as akin to that of South Korea in the Far East. Both are regarded in Iran as tied hand and foot by Washington and therefore in no position to defend themselves without the US sayso.

Earlier, DEBKAfile report that Obama’s lack of response to the Japanese call, despite the presence of 28,000 US troops on the Korean Demilitarized Zone border – even with limited military action – is bound to devalue the defensive umbrella against North Korea the US has pledged South Korea and Japan. US unresponsiveness is already resonating loudly in the Middle East and Persian Gulf which is beginning to take it as betokening feeble resolve in dealing with Iran and its nuclear weapons aspirations.


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