UK’s HEROIN shortage is the reason why we are in Afghanistan STILL

It appears that the reason why we continue to be at “WAR?” or whatever it is, is so that drug addicts could get their dope and the UK can keep their society quietly anesthetized.

So, now it’s evident why we are in these bloody “wars.”

This is why American blood and English blood is being spilled to protect and farm the poppy, which is used by the drug dealers and users.

Heroin shortage in UK is ‘putting lives at risk’

HeroinUsers are overdosing on adulterated heroin or, in some cases, a combination of powerful sedative, caffeine and paracetamol. Photograph: PA

Hospitals are treating a growing number of drug users who have overdosed on heroin mixed with other substances by dealers because of a huge shortage of the opiate across the UK.

One of the most severe heroin ‘droughts’ for five years has been reported in areas across the UK, including, London, Lancashire, Surrey, and Stockton-on-Tees.

The shortage has been linked not to seizures of the drug by law enforcement agencies but to a fungus that has blighted this year’s poppy crop in Afghanistan, reducing it by half.

Users are overdosing on either adulterated heroin, or, in some cases, what has been found to be a combination of a powerful sedative, caffeine and paracetamol. Some have become unconscious very soon after injecting or smoking it, while others have reported vomiting, flu-like symptoms and amnesia, drug agencies say.

One of the most recent reports of overdoses and hospital admissions came last week from Hastings, where four users overdosed even though they had only taken a small amount of what they thought was heroin. Toxicologist Dr John Ramsey, head of the Tictac Communications drugsdatabase at St George’s medical school, London, said he had had about 50 recent requests to analyse adulterated heroin.

While sedatives of the type turning up in recent batches used to be found only in the occasional sample of heroin, there appeared to be much more of it around now, he said.

Gary Sutton, head of drugs at the charity Release, said: “There is a very significant heroin shortage across the UK at the moment. It has been going on for some time now, but the last two months have seen stockpiles exhausted.”

He expressed concern that what was being sold as heroin at the moment appeared to be adulterated with a powerful sedative and mixed with a high percentage of bulking agents like talcum powder or paracetamol.

“If people use this intravenously, perhaps on top of alcohol and methadone [the prescribed substitute drug for heroin], it is extremely risky. We have had many reports of people overdosing. It’s really important that accident and emergency departments understand that they may not be dealing with a ‘normal’ heroin overdose when people are brought in,” he said.

“When the drought ends, prices will rise. Heroin tolerance will be reduced, so the risk of fatal overdose will be much higher.”

Such is the alarm about the current situation that several drugs agencies committed to harm reduction held an urgent meeting last week to discuss setting up an online warning system about contaminated street drugs.

Neil Hunt, director of research at KCA, a nationwide community drug treatment service, said: “This ‘heroin drought’ appears to be serious and geographically widespread. Street heroin is in a complete and utter muddle at the moment, and users are collapsing unexpectedly. We need to standardise information about what’s out there.”

Among heroin users commenting in online forums about the drought, one long-term user said: “I’ve never known anything like it in 30 years.”


14 Responses to UK’s HEROIN shortage is the reason why we are in Afghanistan STILL

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  2. […] UK’s HEROIN shortage is the reason why we are in Afghanistan STILL […]

  3. paul gale says:

    i think the heroin drought is a great thing which could maybe give some people in the grip of the worlds worst addiction a real fighting chance to sort their lives out.its not the physicl but mental part of this addiction that needs to be conquered so no skag around can only be a good thing.

    • ian clegg says:

      i would have disagreed with you vociferously a few months ago
      accusing you of having an attitude akin to those ‘misinformed’ cops that think every smack bust cleans the streets up just a little bit more when in fact it only creates a localised shortage that leads to more desperation and crime.
      well like i said, i would have done.
      but now this shortage has continued out of all precedence, i myself, as a 20-year junkie, am seeing good things on the streets that were beyond the wildest dreams of the harm-reduction agencies even a year ago.

  4. txlady706 says:

    paul gale:
    the heroin drought is a good thing. It brings to the surface that there IS a problem. It does one other thing, which most people don’t think about and that is, it opens OTHER markets. Competition is always good, even in drugs. It will drive prices for somethings up and other things down. This thing can go both ways.

  5. james Howe says:

    As a recovering addict,I can assure you that a drought is NOT a good thing.The dealers further cut their supplies with adulterants,desperate addicts take any sedative going or attempt to aquire “legal” pharmaceutical opiates,either by buying on the street or stealing them from patients and/or doctors.All these factors cause health problems and cause the police more problems.Trust me a drought will not make an addict give up,that is fantasy!

  6. txlady706 says:

    There is nothing that will stop and addict. True. But we can stop our behavior in allowing it to become a national past time.

  7. ian clegg says:

    i like doing smack.
    every year i go after the ‘ornamental’ poppies that people have growing in their gardens round here.
    i try to wait 2 weeks after the petals fall off so that the opium is at a maximum in the plant but a mate of mine always fckng runs round the week before ripping the heads off them – paranoid that if he leaves them another 5 minutes they’ll all be gone.
    now, cos he rips them early, there aren’t enough on his estate to feed his brew so he sneaks over & robs ours meaning that me, crs & dz got nothing – when if he wait a week or 2 would be enough for all us all month.
    so that’s us boiling poppies off our neighbour’s doorstep & a good friend of ours fcks it evry year.
    evry year – even if we tell him: share.
    now what it like relying on the international trade?
    when we got our own fckng soldrs sprying ‘fungus’ on these poor fckrs crops?
    – b.t.w – i live near Brize – musta really fckng proper pissed someone off high-up when them taliban laughing about our own guys sneaking sht thru there.
    kinda pissd me off too tho – i helpd some scouse squaddie with the way home back to the m40 and the cnt probly sneaking fucking 40 kees past me up north.

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