CANADA – Mississauga – LIBERTY inspiration

Mississauga is DEBT FREE!OBAMA are you listening?Want her number?American POLITICIANS please, grab your laptops and take some notes.

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Welcome to Mississauga, posted with vodpod



3 Responses to CANADA – Mississauga – LIBERTY inspiration

  1. angel5starr says:

    WOW!!!!! Thank you for posting this. I don’t smile much these days, you can just imagine why. This is great, I posted it on facebook.kudos to you!! Yea, obama needs to see this, the whole “government” must see…..especially Jihad Jane 🙂

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  3. txlady706 says:

    I post what ever positive stuff I see. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t focus on it. I believe, in my heart, that there are many more things that are positive than negative. The proof is around you. How many people and situations do you come across EVERY DAY that are positive? I come across more positive than negative. But if you were ONLY to believe the media, then you would be dejected. Don’t be. They WANT you to be. Be angry at the people that want to make you feel that. Center yourself to the reality of your own life. Imagine that MOST are the same and that these vile creatures are exploiting your isolation.
    Smile. Be happy. Look around YOU.

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