Asia Bibi free! – This is WHY you should guard the FIRST AMENDMENT, Freedom of Speech, and get rid of LIABLE and Blasphemy laws.


I’m actually quite stunned that they negotiated this this quickly.

See the original story here:

The UN and the push in support for the Blasphemy laws which sentence people to death in the Middle EAST – another mother awaits death – Asia Bibi, a 45-year-old Christian woman
There are many of these types of stories out there and there only a few that come out unscathed.  I am glad for this woman and her children.

This is what it means to be a dhimmi.  Christians and Jews are considered “protected” in Islam.  This protection, however, is bartered in many ways.  The dhimmi who steps outside the boundaries that Shariah allows, is punished without any condition of HUMANITY.  The UN is hypocritical in nature, because the UN doesn’t apply the same standards.  These inhumane laws ARE Shariah.  Islam is inhumane.  Yet somehow that UN chooses to accept this beastly culture and treat it in the same moral caliber.  It isn’t. The core of all Major Religions is LIFE (CHAIM – in Hebrew).  Islam has Conquest.  To support LIFE, there must be LOVE in all major Religions.  In Islam there is only SUBMISSION.

Islam, maybe a religion, or NOT.  It may be an Ideology, or NOT.  It maybe a Culture, or not.  It may be any of those things or NONE of those things, but the ONE thing that it ABSOLUTELY is, IS A POLITIC.

Sharia is a LAW.

No two laws can co-exist.  By the definition of LAW, there can only be one.  If Shariah is allowed to exist, then the Constitution is NOT.






Asia Bibi – a woman of strong character who by the Grace of God will not enter our book of martyrs!


This morning at 09:00 I received a most satisfying and pleasurable report back form the dedicated European Spokesperson for the Newly formed Ministry of Human Rights.  Rubab Mehdi Rizvi confirmed that Asia had been set free after the emotional mercy please from the BPCA and the Christian Muslim Forum.    The speed of this decision and the immensely positive outcome is remarkable for a case such as this.  The result speaks volumes of the professionalism of Ms Rizvi  who ensured that every figurehead with power of influence receives the collaborative letter espousing the freedom of Asia Bibi.

This truly is a historic moment and one that will shock many Pakistani Christians around the globe.  This is a feather in the cap of the Ministry of Human Rights and a moment to savour for the British Pakistani Christian Association. Click the link below:

Plea Letter from newly formed Ministry of Human Rights

*****this letter was addressed to the President the Prime Minister and all the other figureheads featured in our previous blog story about Asia****

Asia Bibi is now free and aid agencies will be involved in her safe relocation and support for the family whilst they find there feet.  We shall also be sending across our donation to the family this weekend.  A tragedy has been averted and much of the glory should also fall upon those that endorsed our petition and sent us letters of support.

We are going to receive an official letter from the Ministry of Justice shortly that will confirm the decision and our work towards  ensuring a mother of 5 was returned to her family safely.  See email received today:

Dear Mr Wilson Chowdhry,

In response to your letter dated 17th November 2010 The Ministry of Human Rights acted upon your concerns and made representation to His Excellency Asif Zardari , the President of Pakistan.You will be pleased to learn that the President has stayed the execution of Asia Bibi.

We look forward to working with organisations such as yourself for the betterment of humanity.

Yours sincerely,

Rubab Mehdi Rizvi
Chief Coordinator and Spokesperson – Ministry of Human Rights


This new government has often spoken about how it wishes to address inequality in Pakistan.  Today by making this decision the President of Pakistan has illustrated his words are not just rhetoric, but are laced with real intent.  Please send as many letters of thanks to the President for the grace he has shown.

Again I reiterate my thanks to the Ministry for Human Rights and the Christian Muslim Forum for their support for our campaign – this success highlights the need for better dialogue with our religious counterparts!!!


6 Responses to Asia Bibi free! – This is WHY you should guard the FIRST AMENDMENT, Freedom of Speech, and get rid of LIABLE and Blasphemy laws.

  1. “Islam, maybe a religion, or NOT. It may be an Ideology, or NOT. It maybe a Culture, or not. It may be any of those things or NONE of those things, but the ONE thing that it ABSOLUTELY is, IS A POLITIC.”

    But its authoritative laws are from the Qur’an and do not support inhuman penalties. Were you aware that capital punishment is un-Islamic? See this

  2. txlady706 says:

    Kashif Shahzada:
    With all due respect that is an outright fabrication.
    The Q’ran:
    “Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. – 2:191”
    What about “Slay” don’t you understand? Well, and really, I’m glad that YOU don’t understand “slay,” but the rest of your Muslim brothers are a bit sharper than what you seem to be. Or is it that you are practicing “Taqiyya” – the beautiful deception?
    Sweaty, we are way passed these types of dutiful lies of yours.
    I can pull up many of KORANIC verses. I don’t really feel it’s necessary though.
    I believe I have made my point.
    If you believe that ISLAM is peace, then I don’t really want to shatter your impression, but ask yourself why it is that the more POWER that the MUSLIM population gains, in any one geography, that violence and terror become prevalent? India’s history is RED with blood due to ISLAM.
    Read the Calcutta Q’ran Petition and tell me after reading it, what the last few years of Mohamed meant? They were CONQUESTS. They were the MILITARY doctrine of how to Conquer a People and then MAKE them submissive. The doctrine says that you don’t want to kill the people, but make them your slaves, subdue them, and make they bow to Islam. Also, where ever you look, once the Muslim become the MAJORITY and the native population dwindles the population live for a short period of time in great opulence, being supported by the large slave population. Once the slaves become less and less the Muslim becomes harsher and harsher in their demands on the dhimmis. When the population of the dhimmis decrease to a level where they can’t support the Muslim majority, it becomes a desolate wasteland. An example of this recently is, France, and longer term the SUDAN. In the Sudan, the Muslims, thought that they would be OK, but they found out that they were the wrong color, once they became the DRAIN on the aryan Muslim. Their RIVERS ran with the blood of Black Muslims.

  3. rich05 says:

    in araq recently the muslim declared that is is ok to kill christian, as it was sentioned by koran, and 60 iraqi christian were killed, more to follow,

    if what they say is wrong, why is the muslim ulema not speaking out, and pointing out what is wrong, answere bec they too beleive it

    in islam its is clear u can rape ur slave and even kill them as u own them and no sins shall be yours

  4. Asia Bibi free! – This is WHY you should guard the FIRST AMENDMENT ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  5. txlady706 says:

    Yes, I know.
    This is why Islam is an EVIL Religion; a bad ideology. The brainwashing to eliminate the line of good from evil is political correctness. This makes it impossible for people to make decisions. In order to make decisions one MUST be able to DISCRIMINATE (discern good from bad.) Discrimination is a naughty word now. It used to be that those who could discriminate well and have positive outcomes, were considered WISE. I use this analogy: If I have 2 apples and I have to choose which one I feed to my child, then how do I choose which one to feed her? If one is rotten and has a bad smell and is soft, then do I feed her that one? Or do I choose the one, which is crisp and smells sweet? Granted, that not all decisions are that easy, but they can be. The reason why decisions become difficult is because the faults have been “politically corrected” and the decision making, as a result, is flawed. The lies have become so vast that even when one layer is pealed away, the stench is still so buried that it takes much more to get to the rotten core. It’s like having 2 apples and one has a bruise and the other is bright, shiny and perfect, but you know it’s been in the fridge for 3 weeks and the other one has only been there 2 days, but has that bruise. At that point you would want to slice it in half and peal away the layers. Once cut in half, one can see that the core is completely rotted away. So, the one with the bruise is the one that is a good apple. However, the “politically correct” crowd would then say that this was discrimination. Which is true. It is. How else is WISDOM tested? How does one decide how to gauge good or bad? Where is the WISDOM? LAWS of the POLITIC and LAWS of G-d, must be based in WISDOM. If the g-d that you believe your following causes harm, then is the g-d that you follow good or bad? Laws based in Wisdom create a society that all benefit from. Laws that contain wisdom are Just. Laws followed without wisdom are laws that create inequity and INJUSTICE. Wisdom, the ability to be able to discriminate good from evil, has been eroded. This is the cornerstone of society and the foundation is the family. Both of which, have been purposely targeted and demolished. This is to create chaos. Chaos creates the need for order and people will give up everything to the government to restore order. They will give away YOUR freedom to gain whatever control they might be able to obtain for themselves. The ones with Control become OLIGARCHS. The “little people” (the commoners)resort to a triablistic mentality. Then it’s too late.

  6. […] Asia Bibi free! – This is WHY you should guard the FIRST AMENDMENT, Freedom of Speech, and get rid… […]

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