Obama Should not be President – if POTUS OBAMA is not impeached he will have privileges that are inherent to prior presidents and will have an international voice forever.

Think of Jimmy Carter and the amount of power that post presidency has.

Who is he?


We are facing a Fascist Dictatorship within the next month. Wake up!

by Richard7499 of FL, Wed 11/17

Check out what they plan to force through, the nightmare amnesty is nothing compared to other treasonous legislation on the agenda. I asked my senators to vote against any legislation they are trying to force through in the lame duck session. Dream Act Amnesty is just the tip of the iceberg. Food Safety Modernization Act is absolutely criminal and unconstitutional. Anybody who votes for it is committing treason. The draconian legislation tsunami we are facing is incredible and totally unbelievable. They are out to destroy the USA now and must be stopped at all costs! Demanding Barry Soetoro’s(Obama)records he is hiding will prove his ineligibility and void all legislation he has signed, that is the only way out of this mess we are in.

The House members must demand that Soetoro/Obama produce his hidden documents which will prove he is not eligible to be president which will void all legislation and appointments by this criminal. It will also clean out many corrupt members of the house and senate. This is our only option to take our nation back as Soetoro will veto any attempts to stop his dictatorial takeover of the USA. He has stated recently he will be president 10 years from now in dealings with the Pakistani government. He is planning to call martial law and install himself as dictator through a military coup. This isn’t a joke, he must be stopped immediately.



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