Connecticut – Petit Murders – Why YOU need a Gun and why WE need the death penalty

These men deserve nothing LESS then to be PUT DOWN.

When an ANIMAL goes crazy and is no longer capable of functioning in society, we say that the most humane thing that we can do, is to put the ANIMAL down.  We kill the animal, because it posses a danger to the rest of society.  What makes this any different?  After all, the g-dless liberals call HUMANS – HUMAN ANIMALS, so why should they contradict themselves about PUT DOWN someone that posses a threat ( a threat to life) to the rest of civilized society?

When g-d first allowed Israel to appoint judges, the judges were to be wise FIRST and JUST second.  Justice without wisdom yields what we have today – LAWS that protect criminals.  LAWS that are UNJUST, because there is no wisdom behind them.

G-d let HUMANS have freewill to CHOOSE g-d or to NOT choose G-d.  Without this CHOICE, then life would be meaningless.  G-d may guide, but he can’t make the choice of MAN.  By not providing justice wisely, is the same as not allowing for the idea that man has FREE WILL.  This is why it’s so attractive to liberals.  Liberals want to control ALL.  They want to Control, even the uncontrollable.  They want to say that the criminal will eventually find g-d while in prison and THEY will be the salvation for that one soul.  How arrogant is that?  What if the criminal NEVER “sees g-d?”

What about the victim, who is condemned to injustice?  There is an inherent SIN in that.  When a criminal is not punished by US, we sin against g-d who has told us to be JUST and WISE.  Yet, it doesn’t end there.  The survivors of the victim, are done an injustice.  WE create a secondary “CRIME”, because we then CREATE another VICTIM.  Those INNOCENTS who see NO justice carried out become witnesses to an INJUSTICE.    They become victims, because they now know that if something horrible ever happens to them or theirs, they will be equally treated with the injustice that they have SEEN and WITNESSED.

Doug Giles

The Petit Murders: Why You and Yours Need a Gun

The details surrounding the July 23, 2007 murders of the Petit family in Connecticut are about as grisly as the hordes of hell can concoct.

I know that as a Christian I’m supposed to hope that the murderers, Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky, “find Jesus,” get forgiven for their sins and make it to heaven and blah blah. I’ve got to confess that as of now, though, I couldn’t give a rat’s backside whether or not these pigs ever receive forgiveness. Call me weird.

On the contrary, I hope these two oxygen thieves experience hell on earth from here on out and then tumble into an especially atrocious, concentrated dose of eternal damnation for raping, torturing and murdering Jennifer Hawke-Petit (48), Hayley (17) and little 11-year-old Michaela. FYI: After raping and torturing Hayley and Michaela, Hayes and Komisarjevsky drenched the girls in gasoline and then lit them on fire. They died of smoke inhalation. The mother was raped and then strangled to death.

No, my prayers and concerns will remain with the lone survivor, husband and father, Dr. William Petit, who was nearly beaten to death by the culprits with a Louisville Slugger. I cannot imagine the brutal internal pain this man must be going through regarding what happened to his lovely wife and beautiful girls. Unimaginable. Heart shattering. As stated, I pray those two tools get theirs both here and in eternity.

Thank God it looks like things are going my way judicially and that squishy liberalism hasn’t sucked the sense of shock, outrage and justice from the Connecticut jurors who have now recommended the death sentence for Hayes, who was convicted of six capital felony charges, three murder counts and two charges of sexually assaulting Hawke-Petit. The capital offenses were for killing two or more people, the killing of a person under 16, murder in the course of a sexual assault and three counts of intentionally causing a death during a kidnapping.

Hopefully, the trial for uberpunk Komisarjevsky, the swine who raped Michaela and then took pictures of her before setting her ablaze, will end just as well and that beast will be sentenced to death. We’ll see. All we can do is hope and pray.

One of the many problems with this mind-bending cruelty is that these two perps are not the only Darwinian holdovers channeling violent demons out there. Yes, the unnerving fact is that as I type, some rapist/murderer is listening to “the voices” and trying to figure out how to duct tape someone’s daughter and get her into the trunk of his Impala for a little “Silence of the Lambs” party all because his mommy showed up late to his 3rd grade clarinet recital and wounded his inner child.

Over the past three years as I’ve watched this sad and infuriating crap unfold on TV I kept thinking to myself, if only the Petits had a gun and could have retrieved it during the altercation, knew how to use it, and weren’t afraid of doubling-tapping the center mass of these jackasses who sought to do them harm, this story would have had a much different ending—an ending in which the good guys lived and the bad guys died. That’s Xanadu in my book, people.

Yep, the big, scary, foul-breathed murderers would have found it hard to carry out their dirty deeds when their lungs had been turned into hamburger and were hemorrhaging and collapsing after two 130gr. Hydra-Shok .357 magnum bullets blew through them. Additionally, rapists, I’m told, find it hard to get an erection when their right and left ventricles have been morphed into steak tartar via a hearty, close-range dose of 7 ½ shot from a low brass 12 gauge dove load.

The gun is THE great equalizer, my friends.

Fathers, do you and yours a favor: Get your kids into martial arts (preferably Jiu-Jitsu) and make sure everyone in your household knows how to use a gun with deadly force should some D-bag like Hayes or Komisarjevsky ever show up at your house.


4 Responses to Connecticut – Petit Murders – Why YOU need a Gun and why WE need the death penalty

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  2. j says:

    they should be put to the wall and suffer as there victims did.

    not put to death in a humanitarian way
    that is not justice

  3. txlady706 says:

    I don’t care how those things get put down. In my opinion it’s the injustice of the victim having to shoulder ALL of the burden for JUSTICE to be done. That is not JUSTICE. It’s a perversion of justice. These are LAWS administered by MEN who’s wisdom has been perverted

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