Wisconsin – Mount Pleasant – WalMart send home employee for wearing a T-Shirt that supports Marines ON VETERANS DAY

Walmart can have a dress code and even a uniform, but allowances should be made at certain times.  Special occasions, such as Veterans day should be one of those times.

This is just so sad.  Where has MY America gone?

The Freedom of Speech amendment should apply here.  If WalMart had a specific dress code this might be different, but I think that since WalMart allows people to dress in whatever, as long as it’s clean and not obscene, then Freedom of EXPRESSION is in play here.

Walmart worker sent home for wearing Marines shirt on Veterans Day

Company claims management only wanted to talk

Updated: Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 11:44 AM CST
Published : Friday, 12 Nov 2010, 6:25 AM CST

  • Reporter: Henry Rosoff, WITI-TV

marine shirt walmart controversy

MOUNT PLEASANT (WITI) – People all over the country are honoring the veterans with patriotic clothing. One Walmart employee says when she tried to honor her son, a Marine who served in Iraq, she was told what she was wearing wasn’t appropriate.

Charyl Effle’s son Sgt. Aaron Nelson was a Marine deployed in Iraq for more than a year. During that time Effle worked where she still does at Walmart in Mount Pleasant, Wis. The employee of 12 years says what happened this Veterans Day inside Walmart is no laughing matter.

“The Assistant Manager came up to me, and said ‘You are not in work apparel. You need to go home,’” said Effle.

Fighting back tears and clasping a picture, Effle said how she was sent home five hours into her shift for wearing a black Marine t-shirt under her blue uniform.

In a statement a Walmart spokesman says the Associate Manager simply approached Effle about a dress code violation.

Another Walmart employee outside the store wouldn’t go on camera, but backed up the spokesman’s version of events.

Effle sticks to her story that she was told to leave and says this isn’t about her it’s about her Marine. She says she probably will not feel comfortable enough to go back into work tomorrow. She says anyway you slice it, as a veteran employee of Walmart she wasn’t treated right.



<via – http://www.fox11online.com/dpp/news/walmart-worker-in-dispute-with-company-over-marines-shirt-worn-on-veterans-day>


20 Responses to Wisconsin – Mount Pleasant – WalMart send home employee for wearing a T-Shirt that supports Marines ON VETERANS DAY

  1. Wisconsin – Mount Pleasant – WalMart send home employee for ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  2. Carrie says:

    Did this really happen and what do you know ?

  3. txlady706 says:

    As far as I know…. This came from a FOX news report, so it’s as credible as that. I believe it, as there is no other way for me to get information, I have to be able to trust in the news organizations that report it. I posted it, because I felt this was really a violation of the ladies free speech.

  4. proudK says:

    yes this really did happen. it is not fake by any means. and the assistant manager terry did tell her to go on, didnt not approach her to just talk. and the person who didnt want to come on camera, yeah he is a joke and works on the other side of the store and no one was around when terry came out to the sales floor and told her to leave.

  5. txlady706 says:

    Thank you for that. Were you there?

  6. John says:

    I can believe this happened I am a VETERAN – ARMY and PROUD OF IT. I will not shop at Walmart until I hear them say sorry for this act buy the ast. manager. Shame on you Walmart what she did is the same as wearing a flag pin.

  7. txlady706 says:

    I completely agree.

  8. proudk says:

    this woman, Charyl Effle, is my mother, and I am so proud of her for standing up and saying we need to honor our men and women serving this country! for all the work they do, and only get one day a year for recognition, we as americans should be able to honor them! (This has nothing to do with a dress code violation!)

  9. Ernie Carson says:

    You’ve got my backing! I’ve heard a lot about the actions of this company before, but this is a topper!
    I’d like a couple of answers here: Does the store have a flagpole?
    And would they have sent an employee home if they had a ‘WALMART’ t-shirt on under their uniform?
    This is a disgrace to the Marine Corp and a perfect example of the degree of inaptitude your company has from the top to the bottom! I say this because I don’t believe they thought this up on their own!
    I am sending this on to a fine group known as the, “Hollywood Marines!” Anyone, maybe all, or maybe even more will probably be in contact with you!
    As for myself? I will NEVER shop your store again……For maybe a few cents more we might get a bit more respect at, “Home Depot!”

    Ernie Carson
    Portland, OR

  10. txlady706 says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Yes. We absolutely should honor all the men and women in the services. I, myself am a vet. I’m tried of being disregarded and told that I’m a racist or a bigot. I’m neither. I’m sure that your mother is neither also.
    I understand why your mother wore the shirt. I’m not saying that the reason for HER wearing it is to test some sort of dress code. What I am saying is that WALMART’s dress code is such that it doesn’t preclude that which she was wearing.

  11. txlady706 says:

    Ernie Carson:
    Semper Fi brother. Prior Army here and I limit my shopping to only a FEW Walmarts. Only the ones that I know try to do the “right” thing. Don’t boycott all for the acts of a FEW

  12. Lew Derwith says:

    I’ll never darken the doorframe of a Wal-Mart again!
    Wonder who the dummy was that sent that employee home………….hope he/she is no longer employed there!

  13. Ernie Carson says:

    I heard about this from an Army friend who didn’t post a remark and I forwarded it to a group called, “The Hollywood Marines” who evidently didn’t reply to this either.

    This is happening a lot in everyday life and the idea of somebody else will do it is becoming a WAY of life!

    I’ll still not do business with Walmart for many other reasons too!

  14. txlady706 says:

    Ernie Carson:
    I appreciate that you are spreading the word. Thank you. It is a travesty and a slap in the face to ALL Americans.

  15. txlady706 says:

    Lew Derwith:
    I hope that the person who sent the employee home gets a good lesson in American history and a splash of honor and loyalty, which seem to have completely lost ALL meaning

  16. I myself am not stepping 1 foot in another WalMart. I was actually in a WalMart on Veterans Day and went to the car section because I talked to a guy in car who had a POW/MIA magnet on his car asked him where he got it. He said right in there but doesn’t think they carry it anymore. They had nothing for patriotic things for cars. The Merrill Wisconsin took down the the POW/MIA flag that our local chapter donated to them and called our chapters president to get the flag. They said right out they are not going to fly anything that shows support for our troops. Well I lost a child for this country and if you can not support our troops then please stand in front of them. I even called corporate head quarters of WalMart and have a huge following of Veterans who are doing the same.

  17. txlady706 says:

    Gold Star Mother:
    Wow! I’m soo soo sooo sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the grief and sadness. May g-d keep you well and may he bless you and your family. I get all choked up when I hear your stories. I cry EVERY TIME! Wisconsin, it seems has turned their backs on this country. Many of the states have Congressmen and Senators or Representatives that don’t believe IN this country. It seems like treason to me. I believe it is. I’m not a lawyer, but isn’t support defined as BOTH emotional and material? I have emailed my reps so often about the fact that I believe that they are behaving in a traitorous manor, that I think they know me pretty well by name now.
    I agree with you, that this is a horrible way to treat the people that have sacrificed ALL in the name of this country.
    Thank you and your child – may he or she rest peacefully.

  18. tattoos says:


    […]Wisconsin – Mount Pleasant – WalMart send home employee for wearing a T-Shirt that supports Marines ON VETERANS DAY « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

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    […]Wisconsin – Mount Pleasant – WalMart send home employee for wearing a T-Shirt that supports Marines ON VETERANS DAY « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

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