The Qur’an (KORAN )Is A Selfish Meme

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The Qur’an (KORAN )Is A Selfish Meme, posted with vodpod


3 Responses to The Qur’an (KORAN )Is A Selfish Meme

    • txlady706 says:

      Thank you. It’s nice to see what kind of twisted logic that you and the Communists (globalists share). I suspect that you are a Muslim. The Communists don’t care as much about Religion. They would rather ignore it and try to make it go away. This is however replaced with the BELIEF that the Natural law is the ONLY way. What they don’t get is that it’s a belief in and of itself. That is why they align with the Muslims at this point. They believe that once there is only the choice between Communism and ISLAM, that the only choice that people will make is Islam. They believe that any belief in G-d is “below” them. They are already the G-D’s of their own destiny. They believe that they will be able to simply DISMISS the Muslims, just as they have annihilated the Christians in Europe and the Jews everywhere else. You are a tool to them just as much as you “believe” that they are YOUR tools. But thanks for the info and a gimps into the logic that is the ILLOGIC of reason.

  1. I’m gratified by the manner in which covers this kind of issue. Generally on point, often polemic, always thoughtful and stimulating.

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