Kreeft vs. Spencer: Is the only good Muslim a bad Muslim? – Jihad Watch

Robert Spencer was honest and truthful in this debate.  He was direct and addressed the questions and cut to the chase of what this debate was supposed to be.

The Professor did what most professors do when they are weak for the debate.  He is also a useful idiot to the Muslims.  He is debating Muslim doctrine with Christian Doctrine.  It’s not an appropriate argument.  It’s not a logical one.

The professor has no common sense.  He keeps talking and is talking about Islam NOT from ISLAM, but from his own Religion.  It’s irrelevant.

He said that if we could send saints to Muslim countries and they send their saints to ours, then everyone would win.  Muslim countries would never allow that.  End of wishful thinking.  The problem with LIBERALS is that they believe that their idealistic “truths” are above REALITY.

To TOLERATE intolerance IS to be INTOLERANT!

The Professor, by allowing the notion for Islam is against Pulrality, Liberalism, Multiculturalism and Religious INCLUSION

To allow Sharia is to denounce at least First and Second Amendments

Robert says the same thing that I have been saying:  The LEFT (global left) partners with Muslims because they believe that they will be able to defeat them when the battle becomes between the left (globalists) and the Muslims.  For now, however, they embrace each other to defeat a common enemy, the PEOPLE.

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