Enhanced Pat Downs at airports passed due to Muslims outcry of Racial Profiling are now refusing the Pat downs as well, due to Religious Requirements, yet YOU are still subject to the RIDICULE

UPdate –

Pistole says that there would be no exceptions for Religion or anything else about “don’t touch my junk” at airport, but Janet Napolitano says that Muslims may have special privileges


This is Discrimination against everyone who doesn’t wear a HIJAB.

Islam is a POLITIC more than it is a RELIGION.

Don’t these fools understand that this is being used as a WEAPON.  It’s deception.

If airlines don’t profile, don’t use the pat down and don’t x-ray these people, then I would not feel safe flying.  If I don’t feel safe because there is a Muslim in a Burqa flying, and the airlines have been precluded from any security regarding Muslims, then I would like to be able to request that my vacation or trip be refunded by the airline.

Why are Muslims given SPECIAL STATUS?  They are using POLITICAL Correctness as a WEAPON that their WOMEN can use, but it’s a well established fact that under that Burqa, there could be many things lurking.  It may not even be a woman.

If I go skiing, should I then be able to wear a ski mask and ski suite?

Shariah is a LAW.  To allow THEIR LAWS to replace our laws means that we have surrendered our LIBERTY and OUR country to a foreign ideology.  ISLAM is multi dimensional and only 1/5 of it can be put in the category of Religion.  ISLAM is at is birth and CORE a THEOCRACY at which the core is Conquest and Submission.

The entire reason that the PAT DOWN was implemented is because Muslims were not to be RACIALLY or Religiously PROFILED.  The ridicule that this intrusive government has proclaimed for us to endure came about because of the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WEAPON that MUSLIMS love to wiled.  Now,  THEY object to the ridicule that they have FORCED upon all of us?

FAIR?  How is that FAIR?  HOW is THAT NOT DISCRIMINATION?  By levying burdens on the American people, the government is acting in an UNCONSTITUTIONAL matter.  They are ESTABLISHING a religion.  If all, but the Muslims, have the SPECIAL NEEDS and this GOVERNMENT is PROVIDING for their SPECIAL needs and not doing like for other IDEOLOGIES, RELIGIONS or Beliefs, then they are indeed establishing a RELIGION of the LAND.  But in this case, since that “religion” is also a THEOCRACY, then they are actually REPLACING civil LAWS as well and they are being replaced with SHARIAH.


READ THIS REPORT ON SHARIAH :” The process of settlement is a “Civilization Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions…(emphasis added.)”


According to Paul Williams at Atlas Shrugs: “special agents of the [FBI] are now compelled to undergo sensitivity training sessions so that they will not offend practitioners of Islam—even radical Islam—in the course of a criminal investigation.”

Muslim Group Advises Women Wearing Hijabs to Allow TSA ‘Enhanced Pat Downs’ Only on Head and Neck Area:

Friday, November 12, 2010
By Penny Starr

(CNSNews.com) The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has issued a travel warning to Muslim airline passengers on U.S. aircraft in response to the Transportation Safety Administration’s  “enhanced pat down” policy that went into effect in late October.

CAIR said Muslims who object to full-body scans for religious reasons should know their rights if they are required to undergo a pat-down, including asking for the procedure to be done in a private place. In addition, CAIR offered a “special recommendation” for Muslim women who wear a hijab, telling them they should tell the TSA officer that they may be searched only around the head and neck.


Muslim women wearing hijabs. (AP Photo)

In the “special recommendations for Muslim women who wear hijab,” it states: “Before you are patted down, you should remind the TSA officer that they are only supposed to pat down the area in question, in this scenario, your head and neck. They SHOULD NOT subject you to a full-body or partial-body pat-down.”

It also states: “Instead of the pat-down, you can always request to pat down your own scarf, including head and neck area, and have the officers perform a chemical swipe of your hands.”

The new TSA pat-downs involving “head-to-toe” screening techniques follow recent airliner bombing attempts.  Passengers who reject a full-body scan or who are selected for secondary screening may be searched using the enhanced pat-down.

“Pat downs are one important tool to help TSA detect hidden and dangerous items such as explosives,” a TSA statement issued on Oct. 28 stated. “Passengers should continue to expect an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams, among others.”

Posted on its Web site under “TSA’s Head-to-Toe Screening Policies,” the agency said how people are dressed may lead to closer inspection, including baggy or loose clothing. Those policies also include individuals being searched by a “professional” of the same sex.

“It is TSA’s policy that passengers should be screened by an officer of the same gender in a professional, respectful manner,” the policy reads.

In February, the Figh Council of North America, a group of Islamic scholars, issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, that full-body scanners violate Islamic law.

“It is a violation of clear Islamic teaching that men or women be seen naked by other men and women,” the ruling states. “Islam highly emphasizes haya (modesty) and considers it part of the faith. The Qu’ran has commanded the believers, both men and women, to cover their private parts.”

CAIR endorsed the fatwa, according to a Feb. 21 article in the Detroit Free Press.



4 Responses to Enhanced Pat Downs at airports passed due to Muslims outcry of Racial Profiling are now refusing the Pat downs as well, due to Religious Requirements, yet YOU are still subject to the RIDICULE

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  3. XieDe says:

    If Bush hadn’t killed 150,000 women and children in Iraq we wouldn’t be needing this level of security. I say, “man up” and let us all fly unprotected. It is still safer than driving!

  4. txlady706 says:

    I believe that Bush did the right thing by going in to capture any and all terrorists, however, NOT this way. We should not be in those countries “CREATING” them. Carter had already started that by dismantling our energy industry and creating OPEC. He also eliminated the SHAH and INSTALLED the Ayatollah.
    So, no, I don’t agree with YOU, but I don’t quite completely disagree.
    To the second point. I believe by treating all Americans as convicts and letting the MUSLIMS have special privileges, that action, creates a degraded status for the AMERICAN and makes us form of Dhimmitude. There are many other ways that would be much more effective for REAL security. This is just a demeaning power grab (pun intended!)

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