Oklahoma – Shariah Ban, voted on by 70% of the people blocked by U.S. District Court Judge Vicki Miles-LeGrange


This Judge should be disbarred!

The people voted for the ban with 70%.  What gives THIS judge the right to put a temporary INJUNCTION on it?

“Today’s ruling is a reminder of the strength of our nation’s legal system” said Muneer Awad, in which he’s right.  The Judicial systems OVERREACHING and have become the de facto governing authority.  They wield more power than the people.  They were not given this right in the Constitution.  They have become predatory against the people.

For an organization such as CAIR to be able to use foreign powers against the will of the people of this country, something has gone drastically wrong.  The people’s voice is being squashed by a TERROR associating organization and our COURTS are allowing it!  This is wholesale TREASON.  This government is allowing itself to be used by foreign powers.  This is not the STRONG America that my parents fought tooth and nail to come to.  This is not the America that I choose for my home.  I WANT MY AMERICA BACK!



Oklahoma’s Ban on Shariah Law Blocked: Supporters Blame State Attorney General:


By Ed Barnes

Published November 08, 2010

| FoxNews.com

Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson, left, is accused of failing to respond to a lawsuit filed by Muslim rights activist Muneer Awad seeking to block the state's voter-approved law banning Islamic law in state courts.


A popular new law that bars Oklahoma courts from considering Islamic law, or Shariah, when deciding cases was put on hold Monday after a prominent Muslim in the state won a temporary restraining order in federal court.

Two state legislators were quick to blast the judge’s ruling and the Oklahoma attorney general, who they said did not stand up to support the new law.

U.S. District Court Judge Vicki Miles-LeGrange ruled that the measure, which passed by a large margin in last Tuesday’s elections, would be suspended until a hearing on Nov. 22, when she will listen to arguments on whether the court’s temporary injunction should become permanent.

“Today’s ruling is a reminder of the strength of our nation’s legal system and the protections it grants to religious minorities,” said Muneer Awad, executive director of Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Oklahoma, who filed the suit last Thursday, claiming the law violated his constitutional rights.

“We are humbled by this opportunity to show our fellow Oklahomans that Muslims are their neighbors and that we are committed to upholding the U.S. Constitution and promoting the benefits of a pluralistic society,” Awad said.

<As long as those laws that are being upheld by the US Constitution are that of Shariah.  The ONLY pluralism under shariah is the ability to kill more that one wife. Shariah doesn’t allow for ANY other Religions or LAWS.  To have Shariah Law would be to abdicate the Laws set forth by the Constitution and they would be REPLACED!  To support oppression is to be the OPPRESSOR.  To Allow evil is to BE EVIL.  ISLAM is NOT inclusive.  To support something that is not INCLUSIVE is to support EXCLUSIVELY, ISLAM. >

Shariah is found in the Koran and is the basis of law in most Islamic countries, though its implementation varies widely. It has been used in Iran and Somalia, among other places, to condone harsh punishments like amputations and stoning.

Supporters of the Oklahoma ballot initiative, which passed with 70 percent of the vote, would not comment on the impact of the ruling. But state Sen. Anthony Sykes, who co-authored the measure, charged that the judge ruled as she did because the state’s attorney general, Drew Edmondson, failed to respond to the suit.

<He’s a scared little man.>

“The attorney general failed to file a response,” Sykes said. “I am afraid that this might get written in stone that shouldn’t be because the attorney general is leaving and a new one is coming in.”

Calls to Edmondson’s office were not returned.

Oklahoma state Rep. Rex Duncan, who co-sponsored the bill, said he hadn’t seen the judge’s written ruling yet, but he was disappointed that “her words from the bench indicated she had completely embraced the plaintiff’s arguments.”

“They were pretty extraordinary statements from the judge,” he said.

Duncan and Sykes both said the state should have challenged whether Awad had the standing to bring the case.

“As far as we know, he flew into here from Georgia just to make the case,” Duncan said. “We don’t think he is an Oklahoma resident or plans to stay. We don’t think he had standing.”

Duncan and others who pushed for the measure argued that the ban “will constitute a pre-emptive strike against Shariah law coming to Oklahoma.” He said England has embraced 85 Shariah law courts and warned voters that “while Oklahoma is still able to defend itself against this sort of hideous invasion, we should do so.”

Opponents argued that the measure was unnecessary because state judges have no reason to rely on Islamic law. Most of the state’s newspapers opposed the measure.

At an impromptu news conference following Monday’s ruling, CAIR officials called on the sponsors of the ballot measure to repudiate hate messages they said have been received by Muslim institutions in Oklahoma following the law’s passage.





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