Numbers USA – Congressional Candidates “who pledged to a full menu of immigration reductions”

Immigration is not BAD.

ILLEGAL immigration is Really Bad.

It needs to end for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that a nation, this nation,  is demoralized by the INABILITY to control it’s (our)  SOVEREIGNTY.  Americans are not known for weakness.  Americans are being made to look weak around the world.  OUR LEADERSHIP is not leading AMERICANS.  Our leadership, through the Socialist/Communist/Globalist agenda is steering us to the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT philosophy, where  we are JUST ANOTHER COUNTRY and we will need to get used to being JUDGED by those who have, also, supposedly renounced their sovereignty to the NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT.  We will be just like another state within the bigger ORDER, which will be RULED by a GENEROUS oligarchy of RULERS.

What tyrants, dictators, or kings have you ever known to have been generous and for how long?  Show me a Communism or Dictatorship or even a Socialist nation that is the utopia that these so called planners have in store for us.  Seriously.  This has been the argument of EVERY dictator throughout the ages.  Failure is where it winds up and oppression is the effect upon the masses, the common people.

We are Blessed to have been born in a time when America exists.  Will it go to the HISTORY novels as being a failure?  History is, after all, in the eye of the one left standing.

Number of TRUE REFORMERS Doubled for Next U.S. House (‘tigers’ who will lead others to form ‘reduction majority’)

By Roy Beck, Friday, November 5, 2010, 12:00 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA

The number of True Reformers in the next U.S. House of Representatives will double. We had 38 True Reformers in the current House. We count 73 Representatives in the new Congress pledged to a full menu of immigration reductions — and we think that number is going to grow before Congress convenes in January. These are our tigers who are pledged to claw out some actual improvements in immigration policies the next two years, leading other anti-amnesty Members to follow them. These are Members of Congress who have publicly committed themselves to nearly all policy changes that would virtually end illegal immigration and that would dramatically reduce legal immigration to  level that doesn’t significantly threaten U.S. workers and their families. We count more than 200 Members elected Tuesday who have promised to support stronger enforcement and to oppose an amnesty. But the 73 listed below are the elite strike force of those 200. In one way or another they have pledged to work for all or nearly all of the 12 immigration policies on our Candidate Survey that we believe are necessary to make immigration once again serve the national interest. Our list of 12 includes a pledge to work to:

  • stop mass legalizations and long-term work permits for illegal aliens (amnesty)
  • end chain migration
  • end the visa lottery
  • support local law enforcement in removing illegal aliens
  • end birthright citizenship
  • support significant overall numerical reductions in legal immigration
  • mandate electronic verification to drive most illegal aliens from their jobs to put millions of Americans back to work.

Folks, the elected officials on the list below have made some amazing promises. Here are some additional markings to tell you why these made the True Reformer list:

  • ASTERISKS:  The names with asterisks are already Members of Congress who have demonstrated through their actions their commitment to aggressive reform.
  • (5/5): These are current Members who co-sponsored all 5 of what NumbersUSA promoted as the greatest immigration bills in this Congress (unfortunately none of the bills was allowed a vote).
  • *(S): An (S) next to an asterisk means the incumbent not only took great actions in this Congress but  also took our survey and pledged in the next Congress to work for all or nearly all of the 12 major immigraion policy positions NumbersUSA advocates.
Everybody else on this list is a brand new Member of Congress elected last Tuesday.  And every one of them sent us a signed survey that they support all or nearly all of the 12 major immigration policy positions we believe are needed to protect U.S. economic justice and environmental sustainability, as well as individual freedoms.
Mo Brooks
  • Spencer Bachus*


  • Tim Griffin
  • Steve Womack


  • Paul Gosar
  • Trent Franks*
  • Ben Quayle
  • David Schweikert


  • Elton Gallegly*
  • Gary Miller *(S)
  • Ken Calvert*
  • Dana Rohrabacher*(S)
  • Brian Bilbray*(S)(5/5)
  • Duncan Hunter*


  • Doug Lamborn*
  • Mike Coffman*(S)(5/5)


  • Steve Southerland
  • Rich Nugent
  • Cliff Stearns*(S)
  • John Mica*(S)(5/5)
  • Daniel Webster
  • Dennis Ross
  • Bill Posey*
  • Allen West
  • Sandy Adams


  • Tom Price*
  • Rob Woodall
  • Paul Broun*(5/5)
  • Phil Gingrey*(5/5)


  • Steve King*(5/5)


  • Raul Labrador


  • Donald Manzullo*(S)


  • Dan Burton*(5/5)


  • Tim Huelskamp


  • John Fleming*(S)


  • Andy Harris
  • Roscoe Bartlett*


  • Dan Benishek
  • Candice Miller*
  • Tim Walberg*


  • Todd Akin*
  • Vicki Hartzler


  • Alan Nunnelee
  • Steve Palazzo


  • Walter Jones*
  • Virginia Foxx*(5/5)
  • Sue Myrick*(S)(5/5)
  • Patrick McHenry*(S)


  • Steve Pearce


  • Dean Heller*(5/5)
  • Joe Heck*


  • Bob Gibbs


  • Tom Sullivan*


  • Thomas Marino
  • Lou Barletta
  • Todd Platts*


  • Jeff Duncan


  • Phil Roe*
  • Charles Fleischmann
  • Scott DesJarlais
  • Diane Black


  • Ted Poe*
  • Mike Conaway*
  • Bill Flores
  • John Faulk
  • Randy Neugebauer*
  • Lamar Smith*
  • Kenny Marchant*(S)(5/5)

<John Carter represents Williamson County.  He is not on the list.  He’s getting an email from me. He’s probably tired of reading emails from me. >


  • Rob Wittman*
  • Scott Rigell
  • Bob Goodlatte*(S)(5/5)


  • David McKinley

This list does not include the True Reformers in the Senate.  I’ll write about them next week.  All of you who contacted these U.S. Representative candidates through the year and encouraged them to take a strong stand on immigration, we at NumbersUSA salute you.  In fact, all million activists of NumbersUSA owe you thanks for sending Representatives to Congress who have been willing to pledge such strong actions these next two years. As soon as the new Congress convenes, we will be giving you an opportunity to remind all of these of the pledges they have made and encourage them to sign on to the key bills as fast as they are introduced. ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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<via email from>

My email to John Carter:

Congressman Carter:

I received an email from Numbers USA and was disappointed to discover that you were not on their list of Texas Congressmen who support tough immigration standards.

I am an immigrant to this country.  This is why, maybe I am so passionate about this land, but am a CITIZEN and came her legally.  That was very difficult I might add.  America should be treated like a lovely Maiden.  She is very young, after all.  She should not treat herself as a woman of ill repute to allow every man to use and abuse her generosity and make her beauty become ugly, because of disregard.  This is what has tarnished Americas image.  America needs to have more dignity and not less.  She should demand respect of all who deal with her.  She should require JUSTICE for her citizens and Freedom within her borders.

Illegal immigration is dangerous and demoralizes the people within the country where her Sovereignty is questionable.



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