GENEVA – Muslims and Christians meet in Geneva to build a common future


Well, I guess the Catholics and Ahmadinejad agree on one thing.  It’s time for them to UNITE.

They will both turn from Israel:

UK – Israel banned from the UK due to SHARIAH LAW, the unofficial law of Briton



One World Government and one World Religion.

Sounds like the Communists and Oligarchies have it all figured out.



Muslims and Christians meet in Geneva to build a common future

High-ranking Muslim and Christian leaders as well as renowned scholars and interfaith practitioners, representing various Islamic and Christians organizations, will gather 1-4 November at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva for an international consultation on Christian and Muslim concerns.


The international consultation, which is called “Transforming Communities: Christians and Muslims Building a Common Future”, will identify and address issues of common concern and provide guidance for cooperation between Muslims and Christians, including faith-inspired approaches for joint Christian-Muslim action.


A joint statement will be issued at the end of the consultation on 4 November during a press conference.


The consultation will open with keynote addresses by His Royal Highness Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad bin Talal, personal envoy and special advisor to His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan, and Archbishop Anders Wejryd of the Church of Sweden.


Also participating in the consultation will be: the general secretary of the World Council of Churches, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit; Dr Muhammad Ahmed Sharif, general secretary of the World Islamic Call Society; Dr Abdulrahman Al-Zayed representing the Muslim World League; and Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Al-Tashkiri, secretary general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.


Rev. Thomas Wipf, president of the Federation of the Swiss Protestant Churches and the Swiss Council of Religions, and Sheikh Yousef Ibram, imam of the Geneva mosque, will also be attending.


The consultation, which builds on the solid basis of past initiatives and achievements by a variety of organizations and networks, is a joint Christian-Muslim initiative in planning, funding and participation. The conveners are the World Council of Churches (WCC), the World Islamic Call Society, the Royal Aal al Bayt Institute and the Consortium of A Common Word.


“Christians and Muslims have a joint responsibility to contribute the very best of their theological, spiritual, and ethical resources for the common good of humanity”, stated the organizers.


The group expects the consultation to “develop concrete ways of building a common future, in order to achieve more compassionate and just societies, based on equality, co-citizenship and mutual respect”.


The group will also visit St. Pierre’s Cathedral and the Islamic Cultural Center and mosque in Geneva on Thursday morning, where members of the group will meet with members of Geneva faith communities and the Geneva Interfaith Platform.


The 60 participants plus consultation guests will address three key issues in the present context of Muslim-Christian relations:

  • Beyond Majority and Minority
  • From Conflict to Compassionate Justice: Building ecologies of peace
  • Learning to Overcome; formulating educational tools to resolve issues


The first days of the consultation, 1-3 November, will be closed to the media and public; however, at the end of each day a summary of the discussions will be made available. On Thursday 4 November a press conference will be held to discuss the joint statement from the group.[tt_news]=1&cHash=db5ca7d46e747ea3615e2ba592fd9f05



The Papal throne to shift from Rome to Jerusalem

What dose Islam and the Papal religion have in common? More than you probably are aware of.

The present Pope sits in the Papal throne in Rome. The present Pope sits in the Papal throne in Rome.

They both see the Holy Land as occupied by Zionists. Non of them have Jerusalem as the present center of their religion. And they both need to shift their throne of authority to Jerusalem to overcome the Jews.

Islam lack a throne. Muslims basically bows down to worship in front of an empty throne. The Pope has a throne. And the Catholics visiting the Vatican either bow down to kiss the ring of the Fisherman, or fall down on their face and worship him.

Ayathollah Khomeini bows down and worship the empty throne in MeccaAyathollah Khomeini bows down and worship the empty throne in Mecca

Islam has no central leader who can reunite them. Since that Pope already has accepted that Islam is a part of God`s plan to save mankind, Islam will be able to accept the Pope, as the Prince of Peace. Shiite and Sunni Muslims will for the first time stand united and gathered in front of the new universal Papal throne in the Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem.

But the Papal throne must face southwards inside the Dome of the Rock. Towards Mecca. Otherwise, the Muslims will not bow down towards the throne.

What is the Papal throne?

Papal bishops worshiping the man in the Papal throne in RomePapal priests worshiping the Pontiff in the Papal throne in Rome

The Papal throne is nothing new to the Roman Church. It was last seen in 1978 with Papa Luciani. Now it back again used by the present Pontiff. Pope John Paul opted not to use a throne and so it sat in storage and then in the Lateran Palace museum until last December of 2006 when it was brought back into papal use. In the Catholic religion the Pope is infallible when he sits on his Papal throne or chair in questions about moral and true understanding of the scripture.

How will the Papal throne be moved from Rome to Jerusalem?

What do you think the Vatican and Islam are talking about when they met for interfaith dialogue?

They have already agreed on the most important issues:
1. The Holy land is occupied by Zionists and need to be liberated.
2. Both Roman Catholicism and Islam is included in Gods plan of saving mankind, since both represent the children of God of Abraham.
3. All religions expresses some truths about God, and needs to be included to make an fulfilled picture of the creator.
4. Jesus is the son of Mary.
5. World peace will first flow out from Jerusalem when the three present main religions are able to live in peace, and come together as one voice and offer God interfaith prayers.

How can Muslim pray in any other direction than Mecca?

Thats a good question. Let me first say that there are still certain issues the two main religions have not entered into agreement about. Thats why they keep on their dialogue .

But the challenges linked to your question has been solved. In 2006, the Pope entered into the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. There he joined his Muslim brethren in prayer. Some Catholics say the Pontiff only mediated, but thats beside my point. The head of the Vatican religion prayed or meditated in the direction of Mecca, with Muslims who prayed in the name of Allah.

Inside the Blue Mosque. The Pontiff prayed with Muslms in the direction of Mecca. Inside the Blue Mosque. The Pontiff prayed or meditated with Muslms who prayed to Allah in the direction of Mecca.

When the Papal throne is moved to Jerusalem, the Muslim will pray in the direction of both the Papal throne and Mecca. Than there should be no longer any problems for Muslims and Catholics to pray together.

And where will they pray together?

The Roman god Jupiters temple in Jerusalem, the Dome of the RockThe Roman god Jupiters temple in Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock

The Roman god Jupiters temple in Rome, the St. Peters BasilicaThe Roman god Jupiters temple in Rome, the St. Peters Basilica

Inside the Dome of the Rock. Waiting for the final renovation, and the Papal throneInside the Dome of the Rock. Waiting for the final renovation, and the Papal throne

And where will they pray together?

Do you think The Pope in May entered the Temple Mount to go for a stroll to the watch the beautiful view? It was both a display of new Catholic-Muslim unity, and a chance to debate the last practical solutions before a final agreement can be reached.

A nice view, and some time to look at the final details of disagrementsA nice view, and some time to look at the final details of disagrements

Questions like this still has to be answered and agreed up on:

How do we best move to renovate the Dome of The Rock without upsetting the Government of Israel?

Where are the Mullas and were are the Cardinals going to stand during the prayer service?

What shall be the level of the Papal throne? Shall it stand on the floor, or should it be elevated?

And in which name will they pray together?

They will probably officially pray to Allah in the name of «Jesus son of Mary». For the sake of World peace, both sides will be willing to compromise. In their view there is only one God, and how you pronounce his name is not so important. In specially now, when peace and universal brotherhood is at stake. Even the Iranian President Ahmadinejad believe in the return of Jesus. He will return and tell Christians and Jews to tell them to turn towards Allah.


Muslims will pray towards Allah in Mecca, in the name of Jesus son of Mary. For the sake of unity and World peaceMuslims will pray towards Allah in Mecca, in the name of Jesus son of Mary. For the sake of unity and World peace


How will they agree to make the Pope the new leader of the new Universal religion of all faiths lead to the same God?

Thats the easiest question to answer. Just like in the day of Elijah. He will call down fire from Heaven

Revelation: 13:13

«And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men».

Even Muslims understands who is the boss when fire comes down from Heaven. Than its all game, set and match. The final antichrist has no come to Jerusalem to enter into God`s temple.

The next Pope might be this powerful fellow, in whose footsteps will follow miracles and signs. People who can call down fire from Heaven, will exalt them self and the followers of signs and wonders will exalt him.

2 Thessalonians 2:4

«He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God».

How do we know that you are not a false prophet?

Only God knows. Time will tell. My job was to give you some in-sight, so you will not so easily start to walk into deception.

Read more about then man of miracles and wonders that is soon to come: Click here



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One Response to GENEVA – Muslims and Christians meet in Geneva to build a common future

  1. Gulam Mohd Qadri says:

    Bismillah hirahman nir rahim
    Allah hold five women as most holier and nearer to him they are 1) Sarah 2) Hajra 3)Mariam 4)Ashia wife of Phaoro 5)Fatima daughter of Prophet Mohammad. They hold the love of god in their heart and love for all that god has created.

    Adam is the father of all mankind including Prophets, sage and saints we are all descendend of each other and biologically we are brotbers . The earth one which was one a single land piece was broken into many lands and we were divided into nation, race , tribe so as we know the bird of the same feather flock together as such people of same nation, race , tribe stood together and made others their allien or even enemy but the truth is that one nation or one tribe or race are not one but entire world is one which we had never reconized because each one were threat to another for various reason.

    God has made the universe with three forces the positive force the negative force and the neurtal , In atom we have positive charge, negative charge and the neurtral charge which give law to the entire universe , similarly there are three type of people of who are evil , one who is holy and the other he is partly good and partly bad as such the holy people invite him toward good while the evil invite them toward bad the evil people are reinforce by the power of devil while the good are protected and help by god there is tug or war those who follow the good would be rewarded and those who follow evil would be punished from time to time to prevent the world from becoming entirely corrupt the evil people are overthrown by good people. It is the evil people who prevent all good people uniting together.

    Civilized people should now understand that religion mean to love and not to hate to be good and not bad to love god and his creature . One thing is certain there is two thing either god is there or god is not thier the religion says god is there than there is only one God and he is unlike any one of us and is power is unlike any one so one can come together as one brotherhood if they except only one god formless and pure .

    Riots in which one religion kill the innocent of another religion when he exibit the most barbaric behavior , even angel would run away from such people
    It is time to live peacefully together neither abusing neither hurting each other , Let all of us bring peace among ourselves in our world , freedom to religion which one like to follow , neither superiority neither inferiority .


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