Canada – Airline Security breeched by 20 year old male from Hong Kong


Canada’s vulnerability will not go unnoticed by the Nazi’s in it’s security nor by the Terrorists who want to infiltrate her

Combination photo shows a man in custody with and without his disguise in this handout image released to Reuters on November 5, 2010. REUTERS/Canada Border Services/Handout

Combination photo shows a man in custody with and without his disguise in this handout image released to Reuters on November 5, 2010. Credit: Reuters/Canada Border Services/Handout


The problem with the WEST is that Lying is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

The propaganda  about profiling and that it would not help, but hinder is completely a LIE.

The Truth is that that is the only way to know your enemy.

If you don’t know your enemy —— AND TERRORISTS ARE ENEMIES—- they are NOT disenfranchised “youths” — Terrorists are MUSLIMS and the Muslims know YOUR SCARED

The MODERATE MUSLIMS preach about destroying you and your way of life.  All of you, not just me, the Jewish girl over there.  No.  They are preaching your western way of life is to be DESTROYED.

This little boy is not that smart.  He is a TEST.  The test being conducted may not be what you think either.  My suspicion is that this is done by the government itself.  Yet, I don’t discount that it’s a terrorist probe to see how soft the target is.  These are the two things that this can be.  It’s NOT a simple case of ASYLUM seeking.



Young Canada asylum-seeker was disguised as old man:



(Reuters) – Canadian authorities were trying to determine on Friday how a man believed to be in his 20s was able to board a flight in Hong Kong to Vancouver having disguised himself as an elderly passenger.

The young man, who was arrested when he arrived in Canada, boarded an Air Canada flight on October 29 wearing a realistic silicon head and neck mask that made him appear elderly, according to media reports and photographs.

A spokesman for Canada’s public safety minister confirmed the incident but declined further comment. The man requested asylum in Canada when he arrived, which prevents officials from disclosing his name or where he is from. He is now being held in custody.

The man was able to board the flight apparently without a passport or any other documents with a picture or date of birth. He carried the boarding pass of a U.S. citizen who was booked on the flight.

Although the young man is of Asian origin, the intricate disguise made him look like a very elderly Caucasian.

“It is believed that the subject and the actual United States citizen passenger, whose date of birth is 1955, performed a boarding pass swap,” according to a Canadian Border Services Agency security alert obtained by CNN.

An Air Canada spokesman said the issue was under investigation by Canadian authorities, but said there are multiple identification checks for passengers in Hong Kong – including one by the Chinese government.

Transport Canada is investigating if screening regulations were broken. It is the responsibility of airlines to verify the identity of passengers who appear to be 18 years or older before they are allowed on the aircraft.

“That means air carriers are supposed to look at a passenger’s entire face to determine if they appear to be over 18 and if so, compare their physical appearance with their travel documents,” said John Babcock, a spokesman for Transport Minister Chuck Strahl.

The man went into the airplane toilet midway through the flight and removed his disguise, according to the CBSA alert which noted the impostor did not attempt to disguise the age of his hands.

A search of the man’s luggage uncovered gloves and a “disguise kit,” according to the alert.

(Reporting Allan Dowd; editing by Rob Wilson)


3 Responses to Canada – Airline Security breeched by 20 year old male from Hong Kong

  1. angel5starr says:

    This is only the beginning or certainly not the last. It amazing what satan will put into man’s mind,ONLY if welcomed there. I need to fly to PA, but I am not so sure about that. Going for a long drive anyone?? I try to keep this all in prayer everyday.

  2. txlady706 says:

    I love parts of PA. Have you ever been to Valley Forge?
    Washington’s Chapel is so nice. It rivals the Georgetown Cathedral.
    Have a good trip. Have fun.

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