Hispanic immigrants – Weary of illegal aliens and the stigma that they create for lawful Hispanics.

Most Hispanics are in the closet on this.  But some who don’t live afraid come right out and say that they are angry at their former countrymen, because they make it much worse for them to be seen as legitimate citizens, especially when people here the accents.  The question is in the back of peoples minds.

An illegal, is a thief.  I don’t care how they got here.  They jumped the line ahead of someone trying to do things the “right” way – The legal way.  They are thieves that practice grand larceny, because they get special schooling (pre k – a whole year before ANYONE else starts school, the hispanics start school for free.  Anyone else has to PAY, because pre- K is not for the PUBLIC) , they get free healthcare (flood our ER’s, and those who are legal, but may be destitute can’t get treated, but the Hispanic is afforded a TRANSLATOR.  There is a nurse shortage, but the translator is there by policy,)  they get free housing and in some states, they can apply for State Aid (Welfare,) and now they may even get to VOTE.

The privilege of being an American is no longer a privilege.  It’s a demand.  America has become the whore of the world and it’s because she has not behaved with modesty and discretion.  She is being HELD to the esteem of a used piece to toilet tissue.

This country that welcomes all and doesn’t ask for many requirements has been treated with the worst of respect over the world, because she doesn’t DEMAND it.  The PEOPLE have been demoralized by the Globalist propaganda tactics.  The people need to STAND up.  Demand to be treated in a matter befitting a SUPPER POWER and not a Fourth class seat in the back of a hay wagon.

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Illegal aliens are breaking the law.  The politicians helping them are committing seditious acts, and the policies being created by the legislators are acts of TREASON.  Sovereignty is not CHEEP and to give it away through trickery is VILE.  America is being TRICKED by the Communists and Globalists.  They have teemed up with the Muslims and are using them to obtain total global control.  Once that is done, they believe that they will be able to control the Muslim. They are mistaken.  Islam is not what they think it is.  Islam will never be appeased, nor subdued.  The Globalist are narcissists.  They can’t see anything but their own beauty.  The WAR will being in truth when America is no longer a country.  Then, the end game will begin.


Hispanics in U.S. more divided over illegal immigrants:


Hispanics are growing more divided about how they view illegal immigration, and native-born Hispanics aren’t as convinced of the contributions of illegal immigrants as they used to be, according to a study released today.

Hispanics are split when asked to assess the effect of illegal immigration on Hispanics living in the United States: 29% say they’ve had a positive impact, 31% negative and 30% believe it made no difference, according to the study from the non-partisan Pew Hispanic Center. That is a sharp decline from a 2007 survey, when 50% of Hispanics said illegal immigrants were having a positive impact.



The study also finds a split between Hispanics who were born in the United States and those who came from another country. When asked if immigrants are a strength, 69% of native-born Hispanics agreed, compared with 85% of new arrivals.

Bob Dane, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which advocates lower levels of legal and illegal immigration, said he is disturbed by what he calls a contradiction in the findings.

While more Hispanics are viewing illegal immigration as a burden on Americans, he said, there is still a collective opposition to limit immigration. The study found that 53% of Hispanics believe illegal immigrants should pay a small fine but not be deported, and 28% say illegal immigrants should not face any punishment. Only 13% of Hispanics believe illegal immigrants should be deported.

The entitlement attitude that the illegals have produces the type of “ART” as the below film.  Hispanics that are here legally should be ashamed for their racist (la raza) organizations that have trampled on their sovereign soil.  As immigrants (legal), this country embraced them and has made them it’s own.  They proclaimed their allegiance and she took them in and made them her own.  This land is their land too, so it’s a dark day when these legal immigrants don’t defend the idea of sovereignty of THEIR chosen way of life.  They are willing to cede it to an invading army.  Illegal immigrants are coming in droves.  HISPANICS are not going to be the majority illegal in the next 10 years.  So, I hope that they understand that their superior numbers are not going to be superior for long and that the flood of Muslim illegals are increasing faster than they can imagine.  The policies that are created for the Hispanics, would also apply to the Muslims.  I’m not sure that the Hispanics see that tidal wave, yet, but they will.  Very shortly.
Texas – Austin – Machete – The film and now the “MUSICAL?” – This violent film about the rising up of Hispanics to overthrow the US government is now a —–Musical.



A large majority of Hispanics, 79%, oppose Arizona’s immigration law, which would require police officers to determine the immigration status of suspects stopped for another offense if there was “reasonable suspicion” they were in the country illegally. The law is on hold because of a legal challenge.

Dane said that attitude stems from Hispanic organizations trying to “blur the line” between legal and illegal immigration and painting efforts to curtail illegal immigration as “discriminatory and draconian.”

“Over time, I think we will see a narrowing of that gap between their recognition of the problem and their opposition to the solution,” Dane said.

Mark Lopez, associate director of the center and co-author of the report, says the apparent disconnect between Hispanics who view illegal immigration as having a negative impact while still opposing some anti-immigration efforts simply mirrors the complicated opinions that all Americans have over immigration.

He says polls have shown that a majority of Americans support Arizona’s immigration law, but also favor providing illegal immigrants with some way to become legal. The same goes for Hispanics, who he said largely oppose worksite immigration raids and building a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, but support placing more U.S. customs officers on the border.

“On different policy questions, Latinos have different points of view,” Lopez says. “But you see that nationwide.”

The findings are from a national survey of 1,375 Hispanic adults conducted in English and Spanish Aug. 17 to Sept. 19. The margin of error is +/— 3.3 percentage points.





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