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None of these mouth pieces of THIS government need to be getting Public funding.

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Dear Irina,

Regardless of whether one listens to NPR or not, or likes NPR or not, there’s one thing we should all be able to agree on: NPR’s sacking last week of Juan Williams was an egregious offense to our First Amendment. It was all the more egregious because NPR receives a portion of its funding from us—the taxpayers.

As we noted in our Friday email, NPR’s action goes beyond political correctness. It is a capitulation to the demands of sharia law that no critique or criticism of Islam or Mohammed be allowed.

NPR’s claim that it doesn’t allow the expression of “opinions” by its commentators rings hollow. Of course it does—so long as they toe a certain politically correct line.

Several Members of Congress have publicly proclaimed that it’s time to stop the taxpayer funding of NPR. We agree. Therefore, we are urging you to click here to read our one-page “Open Letter to Congress,” calling for an end to taxpayer funding of NPR.

Please sign this letter today and forward this email to everyone you know. Let’s send a loud and clear message that NPR’s politically correct kowtowing to sharia law will not be tolerated by the American people!

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