Texas – Muslims talk about Zakat and Shariah – open Treason discussion




Muslims use the weapon of political correctness and start calling anyone who disagrees with them racists.

The Muslims talking don’t understand that Christians and Jews HAVE Religious LAWS  also.  Those laws don’t change.  However, they don’t understand that by living in a society that allows many religions to live together there are LAWS that these Religions have to adhere to – NOT TRY “THE BEST WE CAN” to adhere to, but rather, ADHERE to.  These Muslims get confused with our society, because they can’t reconcile that there are laws of the land and there are laws of Religion.  It’s ONE and the SAME to them.  SHARIAH IS A LAW.  In every political sense.  Not unlike the Constitution.  By them saying that they want to install Shariah, that becomes a assault, a Seditious ACT, to this country.  Two LAWS can not exist together.  They are NOT literally saying that they want to replace the Constitution, but everything that they describe MEANS just that.  So, when they are accused of using taqiyyah (Taqiyah lie, taqiyya, takiyah, takiyya, takiya – all different spellings), the accusation is, indeed, correct.   By donating money and support to the advocation of Shariah installment or progression, is providing material support to TREASON.


3 Responses to Texas – Muslims talk about Zakat and Shariah – open Treason discussion

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