President Obama on Zakat

Did Obama Inadvertently Support Jihad in His Egyptian Speech?

Thanks goes out to another one of our supporters for sending this one in. In Cairo, President Obama promised to ensure Muslims could fulfil “ZAKAT.” What is “ZAKAT”? And what are the implications of this promise? Does Barrack Obama know what he is saying when he gives his speeches?Eight categories of individuals may receive the zakat:1. The needy (Muslims) – Fuqara’2. Extremely poor (Muslims) – Al-Masakin3. Those employed to collect – Aamileen4. Those whose hearts are to be won – Muallafatul Quloob5. To free the captives – Ar-Riqaab6. Those in debt (Muslims only) – Al Ghaarimeen7. In the way of Allah Fi sabil Allah – aka jihad or holy war8. Wayfarer (Muslims)- Ibnus-Sabeel


Vodpod videos no longer available.

President Obama on Zakat, posted with vodpod

Pass State Laws Making SHARIAH LAW illegal.


Video below is a discussion about Sharia




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