England – Islam in London’s Tower Hamlets – UPDATE

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and he will have a budget of more than $1 billion a year to work with, Melanie Phillips reports in The Spectator(UK).  An excerpt:


“People like myself who have warned for some years now about the steady Islamisation of Britain receive a torrent of scorn and abuse from the so-called custodians of our culture. Terms such as ‘scare-mongering’, exaggeration’ or ‘alarmism’ tumble out alongside the inevitable ‘Islamophobia’.

Now we can see what these cultural kamikazes are helping bring about. In the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, a man with reported links to radical Islamism, Lutfur Rahman, has been elected Mayor of the borough, giving him control of a billion-pound budget and thus the apparent installation of a platform for the progressive intimidation and silencing of British Muslims who do not want to live under sharia law, let alone the non-Muslim majority in the area.”

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I wonder how many of those votes were from ILLEGAL Aliens?

Does London have as much of a problem with voter fraud as we do in the US?

I’m not sure how much power the Queen may have, but she is a Globalist and send emesaries to the Bilderberg conventions:

UK experts abdicate sovereignty saying – “there’s only so much government can do to protect the public ,” against MUSLIM TERRORISM

Shariah being illegitimized and made illegal, should be the focus in England.  That would begin to reverse the trend

Like Michael Savage would say– “Borders, Language, Culture. ”

Labour: London borough becomes ‘Islamic republic’

By Andrew Gilligan Politics Last updated: October 22nd, 2010

Islamic republic? Tower Hamlets, east London (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)Islamic republic? Tower Hamlets, east London (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

Outside the Wellington Way polling station in Tower Hamlets yesterday, as at many other polling stations in the borough, people had to run a gauntlet of Lutfur Rahman supporters to reach the ballot box. As one Bengali woman voter went past them, we heard one of the Rahman army scolding her for her “immodest dress.”

That incident is perhaps a tiny taste of the future for Britain’s poorest borough now it has elected Mr Rahman as its first executive mayor, with almost total power over its £1 billion budget. At the count last night, one very senior figure in the Tower Hamlets Labour Party said: “It really is Britain’s Islamic republic now.”

For the last eight months – without complaint or challenge from Mr Rahman – this blog and newspaper have laid out his close links with agroup of powerful local businessmen and with a Muslim supremacist body, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) – which believes, in its own words, in transforming the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed… from ignorance to Islam.” Mr Rahman has refused to deny these claims.

We have told how the borough’s change from a conventional council leader to a mayoral system came about as a result of a campaign led and financed by these two groups – and how the IFE, in its words, wanted to “get one of our brothers” into the position.

We have described in detail, again without complaint or challenge by Mr Rahman, his deeply problematic two years as council leader until he was removed from that post six months ago, partly as a result of our investigations. After he secured the leadership with the help of the IFE, millions of pounds were channelled to front organisations of the IFE, a man with close links to the IFE was appointed as assistant chief executive of the council despite being unqualified for the position and the secular, white chief executive was forced out. Various efforts were made to “Islamicise” the borough. Extremist literature was stocked in Tower Hamlets’ public libraries.

We have described, once more without complaint or challenge from Mr Rahman, how he signed up entire families of sham “paper” Labour members to win the party’s mayoral nomination – acts which caused him to be sacked as the Labour candidate by the party’s National Executive Committee.

Now, however, Mr Rahman has won as an independent – getting more than double the number of votes of the Labour candidate imposed in his place, Helal Abbas. As mayor, he will have far more power than he had as a council leader. And unlike a council leader, no-one can sack him, except the voters in four years’ time.

We should be clear what this result was, and was not. It was a decisive victory. But it was not much of an endorsement by the borough’s people. Turnout, at 25.6%, was astonishingly low, with most voters (particularly the white majority, and they still are a majority) unaware of, indifferent to or turned off by the process. Lutfur’s 23,000-odd votes are only about 13 per cent of Tower Hamlets’ electorate.

It was not a victory for any sort of democracy. It was the execution of a careful and sophisticated plan by a small, well-financed and highly-organised cabal to seize control of a London borough. It deployed not just volunteers from the IFE and other bodies but also people paid to campaign by Lutfur’s business backers. Someone also paid for tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of copies of the most pernicious literature ever seen in a British election, in which Mr Abbas was falsely smeared as a wife-beater, a bankrupt, a racist and and an insulter of Islam.

Yet even this would probably not have worked without a series of astonishing unforced errors by the Labour Party. Something else this was not, or not really, was Lutfur’s win; it was Labour’s own goal. For the last nine years, there have been deep concerns about IFE and other infiltration, and membership fraud generally, in Tower Hamlets (the Bethnal Green and Bow constituency Labour party more than doubled in size between 2006 and 2008, at a time when Labour membership nationally was sharply falling. Many of the new members have the same names as people we can link to the IFE.)

As a result, Tower Hamlets Labour members are not allowed to select their councillor candidates: it is done centrally, by the London regional office. Yet this safeguard was torn up for the far more important mayoral selection, despite the warnings on this blog and elsewhere that Lutfur’s vote bank would see him selected, as he indeed was.

Having then bravely crossed the Rubicon of sacking Lutfur as their candidate, Labour failed to follow through. Its campaign was slow out of the stocks, allowing him to present himself as a victim, with all the emotional advantage that brought. Above all, Labour seemed afraid clearly to explain why he had been sacked.

<OUT of POLITICAL correctness, I’m sure.  England does have defamation laws that are easily manipulated into anything anyone wants>

I knew the election was lost for Abbas when I saw him on the BBC last week, three times refusing to say why Lutfur had been ditched. The reporter, quite understandably, along with a lot of the Bengali and white electorate, ended up concluding that it was little more than a personality clash between the two men. Most Bengali voters didn’t back Lutfur because they support the IFE – they don’t – but because they believed he had been unfairly treated.

If Labour had spelt out to people the reasons why Lutfur’s sacking was entirely justified; told voters that this election was actually about the continued health of democracy and secularism in Tower Hamlets; and said that it was about the interests of the whole diverse borough versus the interests of Lutfur’s puppetmasters, it might have galvanised enough of those elusive white and Bengali secularist voters to outweigh Lutfur’s block. It wouldn’t have needed many – a few thousand would have done it.

Again and again, Labour people asked me why this story was not playing bigger in the media. I said it was simple: they weren’t giving the media anything to play with. I am confident in writing what I have done about Lutfur because I’ve been working on this story for more than a year. Most journalists, however, aren’t allowed the time to do in-depth research; they have to go with what people are prepared to say in front of their TV cameras or at their press conferences. But though senior figures in Tower Hamlets Labour were happy to speak on background, virtually none would ever go on the record.

The saving grace of last night is as follows. Now that Labour is in opposition on Tower Hamlets, it has at least been given the chance to oppose. The one gain for the party is that it can dissociate itself from, and campaign against, the slow-motion car-crash which Lutfur’s mayoralty is likely to become. Lutfur may well be the Derek Hatton of the 2010s, but unlike Hatton he is no longer Labour’s responsibility. Any thought of making up with Lutfur needs to be resisted – there’s only pain, not gain, there.

Finally, something else which Tower Hamlets is not. Some of my commenters are fond of saying that the borough is an example of “Third World” politics in the UK. There are indeed similarities – but actually the claim is an insult to the Third World. Bangladesh has got to grips with Islamism; the IFE’s Bangladeshi parent, Jamaat-e-Islami, gets about two per cent of the vote in elections there. No Islamist sympathiser in Bangladesh has unfettered control over a £1 billion budget. Bangladesh, in short, has less of a problem with Islamic radicals than Tower Hamlets.

<WOW!  That’s eye opening>


<via –http://www.jihadwatch.org/2010/10/london-borough-becomes-islamic-republic.html>

I would like to share some frustrated quotes in a thread:

We have a serious multi-ethnic problem in the UK, the full extent of which hasn’t been fully exposed yet. After a visit to a primary school nowhere near Tower Hamlets, I found in one class of 12-year-olds one third were from immigrant families. Of these half were from the third world. Two children who said they were from Italy and Germany respectively were of African descent. It is blatantly clear that we cannot continue to educate the world’s children on our meagre local government budget. Education standards are beginning to fall as classwork slows to accommodate the weakest pupil. Special treatment is given to Muslims much to the disgust of the other children who have been lectured endlessly that we are all equal now and we must give way to them. The present situation is a ticking time-bomb which has been ignored by government, acknowledged by teachers but who are prevented from speaking out by political correctness and the threat of being sacked, and by parents who are intensely frustrated with what is happening but don’t have a voice to combat it without appearing racist. One day soon the shit is definitely going to hit the fan.


4 hours ago
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The same thing was said when I first came to the UK in 1973. We have a big racial problem, got attacked and abused on a daily basis.

Our school provided speciall classes to help us improve our English. All these played a role in our development and integration.

For centuries English people went and violently displaced people, killed them in their millions and took ver their lands, causingthe biggest genocide in human history in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Muslims have come to the UK as a result of invitation and most of their countries of origin were once rules and savagely exploited by the British.

Britian and countries across the globe are connected intimately for four centuries and the world is becoming a global village.

3 hours ago
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there is a sizeable Muslim minority in my town which doesn;t show any interest in integrating. And it little matters what English people did in past centuries – we patently do NOT deserve to be placed by our cowardly government in the position we are vis a vis Islamic supremacism.

And your implication that our past history has led to our deserving this is the last vestige of a scoundrel.

I didn’t invite second wives of dole claimants into this country, nor their families nor all rabbit’s friends and relations, nor did I give my permission as a citizen to allow an alternative legal system to make their treatment of their women “acceptable” and so that they could impose their will on us.

Nor did I give permission to the lunatic Archbishop of Canterbury to accept the inevitability of sharia.

I hope I make myself clear. I doubt that I speak only for myself.

3 hours ago
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Even if any of that anti English rant were true, so what? There’s no reason that we should stand back and allow this country to be flooded with third worlder just because of what you say happened during the time of the Empire. The Indians fought us and lost, that’s their problem.

3 hours ago
Its not anti English rant. Its a fact of history that the English caused the biggest genocides around the world in human history. You seems to have a mentally of a bygone age and hope you can join us in the 21st Century.

2 hours ago
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3 hours ago
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You are in the 21st century???

You, who wants us to make nice with Islamist maniacs whose mentality is rooted in the Dark Ages?

What are you smoking?


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