Delaware – Republican Mike Castle, direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin, on Barack H. Obama Birthcertificate – Ben is turning in his grave at the pathetic lineage he left.

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This guy is a lawyer and is steeped in WASHINGTON DC politics.  He has NO idea what reality is.  Ben Franklin was an inventor, this guy can’t even THINK for himself.

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on the seventeenth day of January, 1706. His father was a true Puritan, and emigrated hither from England, in 1682. He soon afterward married Miss Folger, a native of Boston. Being neither a mechanic nor farmer, he turned his attention to the business of a soap-boilder, and tallow-chandler, which was his occupation for lifeThe parents of Benjamin wished him to be a minster of the gospel, and they began to educate him with that end in view, but their slender means were not adequate for the object, and the intention was abandoned. He was kept at a common school for a few years, and then taken into the service of his father. The business did not please the boy… At length the harmony between himself and brother was interrupted, and he left his service and went on board a vessel in the harbor, bound for New York. In that city he could not obtain employment, and he proceeded on foot to Philadelphia, where he arrived on a Sabbath morning. He was then but seventeen years old, friendless and alone, with but a single dollar in his pocket… It is said that his first appearance in Philadelphia attracted considerable attention in the streets. When his spare clothing in his pcoket, and a loaf of bread under each arm, he wandered about until he came to a Quaker meeting, where he entered, sat down, went to sleep, and slept soundly until worship was closed. He was then awakened by one of the congregation, and he sought some other place of rest.

He and his family have been in WASHINGTON DC too long.  They have USED the legacy of their parentage just like decendants of KINGS and QUEENS.  It’s time that they find real jobs and become real people.  These kings and queens need to GO!

Following his admission to the bar, Castle returned to Wilmington and joined Connolly, Bove and Lodge, working as an associate (1964-1973) and later partner (1973-1975). A Republican, he served as Deputy Attorney Generalof Delaware from 1965 to 1966, and was elected to the Delaware House of Representatives in 1966. He served as a state representative for two years before winning a seat in the Delaware Senate, where he remained for eight years. He also served as minority leader from 1975 to 1976.

In 1976, Castle left the state legislature and returned to the full-time practice of law, founding his own firm with Carl Schnee (who was later nominated as U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware by PresidentBill Clinton in 1999). He returned to politics in 1980, when he was recruited to run for Lieutenant Governor of Delaware by GovernorPete du Pont. He defeated Democratic state senator Thomas B. Sharp, with 59% to 40% of the vote. He served from 1981 to 1985, and headed panels on education and drunken driving.

What does he know about Education?  He isn’t even a real person and his family has not EVER led REAL lives.  What do they know about what type of knowledge people in the REAL world NEED to survive.





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