Georgia – Supports the sovereignty of the US by upholding the laws that our HOMELAND security creates policies AGAINST


Georgia is the second state, South Carolina was the first, to enact such a ban.

And Bravo to them.  I wish that Texas would do the same, but Perry is all talk.  He’s about as liberal a globalist as you can get and he’s an outright LIAR.  He lied about getting rid of the the Texas Trans Corridor.   He says that “the people spoke and we heard ’em,” but the truth is that the project is still there under a different name.  He heard nothing.

This ban takes effect next fall and applies to the University of Georgia, the Georgia Institute of Technology and three other colleges.


The schools that don’t check and admit students that are foreign nationals are committing, literally, Sedition.   They are providing AID (in some cases paid tuition) to educate a person of another country and sometimes for free.  This UNDERMINES our own country.  There things don’t make us better, these types of things ruin a country.  They make a country weak on many levels.  They plant the seeds of insurrection by creating comfortable areas for treason to fester.

These Illegals should be given 3 options after being found out:  1. go to the military for 4 years.  2. go to school on your own dime and pay a penalty (10,000/ over 6 years – like a car loan) or 3. return to country of birth, origin or the country the PARENT came from.  All this is providing that they don’t have any criminal record ANYWHERE and have a means of self support.  Self support can be proven by having a job or someone vouching for them.  I don’t think that those are unreasonable demands.


To give in to screams of discrimination is stupid.  When illegals violate our rights, then they are the one who are discriminating.  They are the ones breaking the laws.  They are the ones putting THEMSELVES above ME.  And who are THEY?  Discriminating?  We should be.  Discriminating against LAWLESS behavior.  Discriminating against those who discriminate against the LAWS and the RIGHT way to do things.  But don’t call me a racist, when they (Hispanic’s) have groups called La RAZA and call white people or black people names.  THEY are the RACIST’s!



I’m an immigrant!

I served my country!


Illegal Aliens and tolerance for such Lawlessness harms ME.  Tolerance of the intolerant is the promotion of INTOLERANCE.  People who have no laws have no ALLEGIANCE.



Georgia Colleges Close Doors On Illegal Immigrants:

October 22, 2010 by Personal Liberty News Desk


Five public colleges in Georgia have announced a new ban that will prevent illegal immigrants from being admitted into their schools. The state’s 30 other public institutions will adopt a policy that doesn’t allow undocumented students to be accepted into colleges or universities ahead of legal residents.

According to media reports, illegal immigrants will no longer be accepted to the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia State University in Atlanta and Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville. The list of schools may change over time.

The State Board of Regents states that only 501 of the 310,000 students within the university system are undocumented, and they currently pay out-of-state tuition. The new policies, which go into effect in the fall of 2011, will benefit academically qualified students with legal status who may have been rejected due to space constraints under old rules.

“Not enough Georgians graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education,” said regents spokesman John Millsaps, quoted by CNN. “We need more [state residents] to pursue higher education.”

Last month, the U.S. Senate halted legislation that would have helped undocumented students gain citizenship. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act would have allowed certain immigrants to become citizens if they met specific requirements, which included attending college or enrolling in the military.

<I would be ok with the ones who joined the military AND those who go to College paying their own way.  Providing that the were thoroughly investigated and were not criminals and if

they paid their way or went to the military and served at least 3 years, then that would be acceptable to me.  >



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    Love– very informative and lots to consider!

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